Sunday, October 24, 2010

[USS Charon] Sd. 241010.24 // Backlog // Medical Officer // LtJG Anderson - "Smell of Death"

<< Takes place during Tav's logs.. There will be a prequel to this log out too!! >>


… BEGIN LOG (Sickbay – Uss Charon) ..


Auden fell to the floor as a nearby console erupted into a furry of sparks and smoke. He cringed as he hit the deck-plates and bit his lip. It took only moments for the taste receptors in his mouth to recognize the bitter metallic taste of blood. "Doctor Anderson! Are you okay?" The young doctor picked himself back up and waved off the concern of the nearby nurse.


He quickly made his way over to a nearby wall which had a set of environmental controls. Tapping furiously he managed to clear out the smoke in the damaged sickbay. It was clear Charon was in the heat of battle. Most of the beds were full of injured crew members. Auden sighed deeply as the doors to sickbay opened and more injured crew flocked in, some being practically drug by the more able bodied.


It took all of his strength to keep himself together. The very events that led him onboard Charon and to this sickbay still made his stomach turn in on itself. "Doctor Anderson!" Auden shook his head and broke away from his moment of rumination. "Coming!" He ran over to a biobed where a female engineer had been placed, the nurse holding her down as her body convulsed violently.


Auden looked her over for only moment, taking note of a severe cranial injury on her left side. All along her body were burns; purulent exudates were oozing from many of the partial thickness burns and the smell was almost too much to bear. He knew the intracranial pressure caused from the blow to her head had caused some sort of haemorrhaging in her left frontal cortex and that this was the reason for her being in some sort of seizure. It was apparent from her pale complexion that there had been severe blood loss too.


"Doctor Anderson! I need your help!" Auden looked to his right and saw another Nurse frantically working to stabilize a patient. He could from a distance see that his injuries were of less severity but still critical and that the chances of saving his life were far greater. He grabbed a hold of a nearby medical tricorder and quickly scanned the young women in front of him. He sighed as the scan revealed a massive subdual hematoma and severe internal bleeding and damage of various organs. "Nurse. Administer a heavy dose of kayolene and free up the bed for another patient."


The young nurse looked at Auden horrified. "Look. We have a room full of injured. This patient has severe cranial trauma, would required a massive amount of blood transfusion and extensive surgery. Sedate this patient and clear her off" He looked down at the woman in front of him, how could he be making a call like this? "You have your orders." Auden looked at the Nurse once more; his eyes were emotionless at this point. He had no choice but to shut down. He was still a young doctor and had seen very little death in his practice but finally knew how doctors made these decisions everyday.


As he was making his way over to the other biobed the ship shook violently once more. He grabbed onto a locked cart and managed to avoid falling for a second time. A few people in the room were thrown to the floor and many consoles flickered on and off. He heard a flat-line tone come from his left and made eye contact briefly with a fellow doctor who just lowered his head, absorbing the impact of another loss of life.


Auden finally made it over to the nurse who had called him over. He opened his tricorder and scanned the man from head to toe. "Thirty cc's of Inaprovaline!" The nurse prepared the medication quickly and passed the hyposrapy to Auden who administered it quickly. He looked at the monitor above the head of the patient. He heart beat stabilized some. "His creatine and blood nitrogen levels are through the roof. His right kidney has been damaged and is not functioning. His left kidney is having trouble compensating. Prepare an entry dose of Bumetanide to help with the fluid imbalance and prep him for surgery. His injuries are bad but he'll make it!"


…. A couple hours later …


Auden looked around Sickbay. Much of the carpet was soaked in blood, consoles were burnt out and the room had a certain grungy feel to it. Patients filled both the biobeds and cots on the floor. He finished typing up on a PADD every procedure and order he could remember giving for documentation purposes. He took a deep breath and set the PADD down. He had little to no idea what had transpired outside the confides of this room, all he knew is that a heavy price had been paid with lives of young and old alike.


The emotionless barrier that had protected him these past few hours was wearing thin. He felt heaviness in his chest and his eyes swelled. Auden made his way into a more quiet compartment of sickbay and into one of the small empty offices. Crouching down against the wall, he brought his legs close to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. He let the tears flow freely in that moment as he lowered his head.




Lieutenant Junior Grade

Auden Anderson, MD

Medical Officer

Uss Charon