Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241010.27 - Captain's Log "The Watcher" - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu

<<OOC: Okay- for the first week or so there will be major repairs going on.  Most of the crew will be located on Vulcan- or may go to their respective homes to visit with familes.  There will an investigation into the incident so feel free to be interviewed by someone...also I look forward to some interesting subplots.  So get to it!>>

The badly bruised and beaten husk of the Charon slumped between the metallic girdles that held it fastened to the space-facility.  Dark ominous blotches covered the silver exterior- beneath them charred webs of framework jetted out from the shaven superstructure of the ship's outer hull.  A dizzying collection of work bees buzzed around the battered ship assessing the scope of damage as shuttles arrived to ferry survivors to Vulcan.

[USS Charon]

Shiarrael's hands were pressed heavily into the window frame.  She leaned forward, piercing eyes peering over the window's edge like bird of prey on its perch, as she casually watched the assortment of activity budding  in the space surrounding Charon.  Beyond the long rectangular coils of the Vulcan space station which held her ship in its embrace Shiarrael could see the dusty hazel marble that composed Vulcan's third planet, t'Khut.  "The watcher" Shiarrael intoned the meaning of the planet's name while noting the raw irony.  She heaved a restless sigh into the window and took a step back turning around to look at her ready room.  Or what remained of it.  Her desk had been thrown about like some child's throw toy during the tumult and was now splintered into three separate pieces while the holo-paintings she had pinned to the walls had long been shattered and grinded into gravel by the rolling desk.  Dents and dimples covered the walls and ceilings- it would certainly take some to repair the damaged office.  But there are more pressing concerns, she thought, this is a mere scratch.

She shook her head and carefully placed her feet between the piles of debris making her way to the door.  It opened halfway before jamming from a large dent she surmised the desk had inflicted during the chaos of Charon's  foray into the Vulcan atmosphere.  Sliding a hand into the crevice she pulled the door fully open and stepped onto the bridge which had fared no better than her ready room.  Only one console remained functional and at least four Vulcan technicians crowded around the operations console.  Other then the Vulcans there was no one else on the ship save for a few stragglers.  She had given the order to vacate the ship.  The damage was significant and with the possibility of life support failing at any moment it was only practical.  The Charon had survived- equipment and systems could be replaced...lives could not.

"Captain."  A cool sterile voice echoed through the hollow bridge.  Shiarrael's head twisted up to find a slender blonde headed woman leaning against the far wall next to the turbo lift controls.  Her sapphire eyes accentuated the burgundy that lined her collar.  Gold trim sparkled along the edges of her jacket as the two square  golden pips announced her position among the Starfleet's flaccid admiralty "welcome back to Federation space.  You seem to have brought several friends with you."  A sharp smile creased through her lips and Shiarrel wondered about this person.  She pushed herself off the wall and approached Shiarrael holding out her hand "Rear Admiral Natalia Tarasova, I will be investigating you."

Investigating?  Shiarrael stared at the woman while keeping her hands next to her.  Finally she lifted her right hand and casually brushed the woman's hand out of her way "investigate as much as you damn well please Admiral."  Her tone held an edge to it as she stared at the woman, no, at her enemy.  These people were as foolish as the Galae's own  "I have nothing to hide."  She brushed past the woman as she walked towards the turbolift.

"We will be seeing each other again Captain."  The woman smiled and Shiarrael could see it in a reflection on the polished obsidian wall consoles.  It might as well have been a sneer. 

"I look forward to it."  She answered tersely and stepped into the lift.


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon