Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241010.06 Plot Log - Memento Mori Plot Log "Vedi Vidi Vici"

=/\= USS-Charon, Transporter Room =/\=

Brent had heard the orders and what was going on.  He immediately switched to the communication frequency for his men and gave them the low down.  He told them that he was sorry, that he knew that he was letting his feelings get in the way of things but he could not abandon Commander Tyrax to someone else to save.  The men and women under his command only encouraged him and told him that they would be fine without him.  Brent sent a message to Colonel Falcon, stating that he was placing his men under her control, before he turned and walked over to the Captain.

"Captain.  I need to speak with you," The Lieutenant said letting his visor slid up so that he could look down into her eyes.  "I need to go with you personally.  To retrieve the Commander."

"I know you have a relationship with Commander Tyrax."  Shiarrael said breaking her gaze from him as she tightened her Starfleet flak jacket "however I require you to lead your men.  We will get her back- do not worry Lieutenant."

"Captain I inisit.  My men are already under Colonel Falcon's command.  From what I've heard they will be in good hands.  I had assumed that you were going to give her command of the Marines once I heard of her arrival," looking down at the Captain.  "I can't leave this to others.  I need to go find her with you."

Shiarrael looked up frowning at the Marine- he was too involved.  Love was irrational and chaotic, if she brought him with them it could prove a disaster "you are too involved.  I need people who can think clearly- not someone who will be blinded by passion."  She knew firsthand..."you are the only leader your men have known.  At this critical juncture are you content to leave them with a stranger?"

"A stranger who has more combat experience as a leader and who is a actual officer and not someone who was just given a commission and the command of men because of a nervous breakdown?  Yes ma'am I feel that is the best course of action," Brent replied.  "You took actions to save your children.  I have protected them as best I could in the past.

If I thought that I could have taken them away from their captives I would have.  I looked in on them countless times and nearly took action once, but feared that the guards would execute them if they saw me.  All I ask of you now is to let me go and do what I should have done before she was taken."

He gave the Captain a hard long stare.  "And if you don't.  As one of the few ranking officers here I'll have to remind you about Starfleet regulations that insist that Captain's stay behind and work through their officers, not rush head long into Romuland warbirds.  Neither of us are on the right side of Starfleet regulations here Captain.  And I don't think either of us are going to back down.  Are we?"

The mention of her children caused her to wince- "Very well Lieutenant but I will not remind you of where you stand here.  Once we step off this ship if you get in the way of the mission I will not hesitate to kill you-" Shiarrael un-holstered her disruptor pistol and pointed the thing at the Lieutenant before firing over his shoulder into the wall "and while I owe you much for what you have done for me- my debt to this entire crew is greater."  She slipped the weapon back into its holster temporarily and looked at Aria "you will lead both groups."

The Colonel's hand was on her own pistol, ready to draw it.  Her bias was hard to shake, but even without it she would have drawn on a Fleeter firing at a marine.  Institutionalization was about as tough as a racial bias to shake.  "As you wish, Captain."  Her voice was tired but confident.  She looked forward to getting back to doing what she did best.

It was hard not to notice the colonel's reaction but Shiarrael purposefully disregarded it and instead activated a small holographic display in her hand.  A diagram of the D'Dherex formed above her "you will lead the Marines into the bowels of the Endless Sky- here you will find the weapon manufacturing and loading mechanisms.  The Memento Mori device will be kept somewhere nearby.

If not in the loading mechanism then in one of the fabrication bays nearby.  You will need to find the device and destroy it but to do so you will need to look for the Memento Mori DNA signature. As such it is important that one of your men has the ability to use a tricorder."  She held up the preprogrammed device for one of Aria's men to take "once you have destroyed all traces of the Memento Mori then you will need to travel two decks below to the shield generators and destroy them- otherwise we will be permanent guests."

 Aria rolled her eyes at the tricorder comment and busied herself in relishing the chance to board the warbird.  Her rampage through the station airlock hadn't come even close to sating her desire.  It was sick, she knew, but it worked for her.  Zazz would love the chance to smash things.  Xantho would probably complain about the loss of the weapon.  She nodded at the captains instruction.  "Break the big boy toy, then smash the shields.  Check.  So time is a factor here, are we going to move this along?"

"Noted," Brent said as he double checked his own weapons, going over his PPPe first, making sure it was on stun.  Then moving on to his commandeered Romulan disruptor pistol, then finally his kinetic gun.  "Rugged guns the Gai'Shian use.  Gotta give them credit.  I bet I could dunk this in quicksand and it would still work."

He looked back to the Captain.  "Where will we be heading first Captain.  To the Bridge itself or to his quarters?"

"We will take the bridge and go from there."  Shiarrael stated pressing her commbadge "begin."  She ordered and suddenly the Charon rocked violently.  The lights flickered for several moments and then there was a calm "prepare yourselves" she ordered and pulled out her weapon just  as she heard the gentle hum of the transporters enveloping her.

Captain Shiarrel t'Rehu
Commanding Officer


Colonel Aria Falcon
Marine Commander
USS-Quantum Fury


Brevet First Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander