Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241010.19 || Medical Officer Duty Log || Lt Paul Stafford

"Jason B." <jbchemguy@gmail.com> wrote to charon@ucip.org:

=/\= Director, T'Pas Medical Institute =/\=

Paul stood at the doorway to the director's office and waited
patiently, for the chime to permit him to enter. He straightened his
Starfleet uniform and checked his overall physical appearance to make
sure he at least looked orderly before going to meet the hospital

Soon the chime sounded and he walked into the room, standing before
the hospital director's office, assuming a position of attention as
best a medical officer might be expected to perform.

"Ah, yes, the human Doctor. Please sit." The director requested,
pointing to one of the 2 chair opposite his own desk.

Paul sat down and the hospital director spoke: "I am Doctor Torek of
the T'Pas Medical Institute. Your appearance obviously indicates that
you are a Starfleet Officer. I have also been informed that you are a
medical doctor. Is this correct?"

"Yes, it is, sir." Paul replied.

"I see. Where were you trained, exactly?"

"I was trained in medicine at Starfleet Academy, with a residency on
the Titan. I then joined the Titan until most recently, where I've
been placed on detached service, pending Starfleet Medical's decision
where to transfer me."

Torek nodded: "As your Starfleet profile indicated. I believe you will
be a satisfactory member of the staff. Now I must ask an additional
task of you."

"Oh?" Paul replied.

"We have been informed that we will be receiving a patient with a
communicable virus that is deadly for Vulcans. Starfleet has provided
us limited information so far on this virus and I won't allow any ship
to beam any patient into this hospital until I know more information.
I need you to check the Starfleet files and bring me a report in 24
hours regarding the Memento Mori virus, as well as known treatment
protocols and risk assessments. Do you think you can accomplish this

Paul nodded: "Memento Mori, is it?"

"Yes, I understand that the words come from a language on Ancient
Earth and it means "Remember death." It is an irrational name for a
virus, naturally and the name strongly suggests the corruptible
influence of unnecessary emotion, but perhaps we should discuss that
at a later time."

Paul gave a final nod: "Understood. I will begin at once."

"Thank you." The director replied, and he soon returned to working at
his desk, giving Stafford his queue to leave. Stafford did so, walking
out the door to head to a subspace terminal to begin his work.

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Lt Paul Stafford
Medical Officer
USS Charon