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[Trek Universe] SD241010.19 J/L BFCO LGen Liconie & BFDCO Capt Munroe

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=/\= USS Thunderchild, Observation Lounge =/\=

John sat at the head of the observation lounge table looking out at the
retreating stars. They'd left Earth a few hours before, having been
momentarily delayed for a meeting about some refugees that ended up not
panning out. He was glad to be back in space, something about being
back on Earth had made him feel funny after logging only a few hours to
a day at a time on any one planet. Liconie had called for Munroe for a
briefing on the Fleet, deciding that it was time for a quick catch up
while they were en rout to Versailles.

Captain Munroe made his way quickly through the corridors of the
Thunderchild. He was carrying a rather large amount of PADDs with him,
enough to get looks of pity from officers he was passing. His new
position within Beta Fleet was less than grandeur in comparison to his
days commanding starships. All things considered he was happy though. A
few minutes later he reached the entry way of the Observation Lounge,
where he was requested to meet Liconie. He took a deep breath before
entering and made his way over to the General. Munroe smiled as he
dropped his load of PADDS on the table in front of him. "Good Morning Sir."

"Morning, Captain," John greeted with a simile and motioned to a chair
and a coffee pot, "the coffee's the real thing, I snagged a cargobay
full before we left Sol," he added with a smirk.

"Beautiful." The Captain poured himself a mug full and brought it up to
his mouth. He inhaled the strong scent before taking a large gulp and
feeling satisfied he sat down. "A rare treat for me these days. Thank
you" He took another gulp and then set the mug back down. He glanced at
the PADDs and then at the General. "You really neglected to tell me just
the amount of paperwork this job entails there General."

Liconie chuckled and leaned forward on the table, "I haven't neglected
it, you'd be surprised how quickly you can get buried when it's only one
person," he replied with a wink.

"I bet those were fun times." The Captain leaned back some and made
himself a bit more comfortable. "So General. How have things been with
you? Did you manage to get some you time back on Earth?" Andrew knew all
too well how frustrating it could be to be planet side but not have time
to relax and enjoy yourself, it had happened to him many times before.

"Heh," the General let out then shook his head, "not really, between
Fleet matters and my ex-wife coming back from the dead I was at
Starfleet Command most of the time, I even only got to see my fiance in
passing glimpses when her and my duties lined up briefly," he replied
and took a breath, glad he and Aliyra were able to keep a friendship,
even with as hard as it might be, "how about you, Captain?"

"I always make time for me." Andrew smiled. "Spend a year being tortured
by the Breen and you learn to do that." He took another gulp of coffee,
he knew the General was well aware his captivity and intelligence
operations during the War. "I believe the fleet is doing well overall
though. How long will we be staying at Versailles?"

"Aye, Admiral Cerywyn move the Fleet HQ there while she was the Fleet
Commander so I thought it'd be counter-productive to move it back," he
replied, "it's still the best place designed for diplomacy and already
has a good representation of Federation Ambassadors aboard.

"Enterprise has left Earth, their on their way back to the Delta
Quadrant using Slipstream at last report. Admiral Valor, who has been
watching over Enterprises Task Force, reports things are calm in the
Quadrant, almost to calm," he added, "we'll need to have Commodore
Archer give us a better report. What about the Vindicator?"

"I know they're in pursuit of the creators of a virus of sorts and that
they've recently averted a sabotage to their internal security systems."
Andrew smiled. He figured Liconie would be testing him to see if he knew
specific highlights from recent activity reports. "Never a dull moment."

The Marine laughed, "I'd love a dull moment," he replied with a grin,
"how much information have they gotten on this virus? The information
they gave me a little bit ago was pretty basic."

"Nothing specific. There are intelligence reports on its creator but
Vindicator is still dealing with the matter. Hopefully soon the creator
will be put to justice. Biologic-warfare is something to not be taken

"Alright, schedule them for a check in too...now, my favorite subject,
the Archer," he said as he made more notes then looked up, "how is
Mister Korath taking his new assignment?"

"In all honesty General. That is something I have yet to catch up on.
The situation itself took place before my appointment. I do hope
tensions with the Klingon's do not build up too much as a result
however. Politics were never my strong-point General. My mother on the
other hand." He smiled and took a sip of his coffee. "I know. I know.
I've tarnished my perfect response record to your line of questioning."

The General grinned, "I think I can let it fly this this time. Archers
just departing Earth with Ambassador Jothee. Tensions are still high
but Commander Sahal seems to have things well in hand. How about the

"Now that I can tell you about. I spent most of my career as a
Scientist." Andrew smiled widely. "They're taking up position onboard
the new Destiny class vessel. Any scientists dream vessel if you ask me.
A beauty." He got carried away in his train of thought for a moment.
Clearing his throat he smiled at the General.

John smirked, "good. Maybe we can get Captain Savvik to stop by and let
you get a quick tour of the ship," he replied with a wink, though he had
to admit, he wouldn't mind seeing it himself, "and I'll give you a quick
update on Versailles. All is pretty quiet for now, the MEU has taken
over the boarder defense force and there's not to much going on just now."

"Hopefully it stays that way when we get there. Seems to me we have
enough on our plate as it is. Tensions with the Klingons. Aggression
from the Romulans. Biological-warfare. I wonder if there will truly be
peace within the galaxy sometimes...." It was something he always hoped
for, part of the reason why he wanted to be in Starfleet. He wondered if
it was something that one lost along the way in this organization. Was
is the fact that one could see so many of his friends and colleagues
killed in war, the very attempt at maintaining peace itself? It was a
question for philosophers to answer, the Captain's mind was far to acute
to resolve such things.

"I do too, it'd be nice not to have a need for Marines, First Force or
Intelligence ops," Liconie replied, "unfortunately that's pretty far
off, but I can see it eventually happening," he added, "have you heard
anything about the Charon?"

Andrew nodded. "I've never been to the station before. I'm looking
forward to work there." The Captain nodded. "I have been keeping up
through reports. Quite the situation." He knew summing it up quite like
that didn't do it justice. The Charon and Quantum Furry had managed to
save the day but the political repercussions would be felt fleet wide.
The Romulan's had managed to do a number on the city of Shir'Kah on
Vulcan. "A lot of lives lost."

"Awwweeesome," John replied sarcastically, "nice to know the Romulans
tried to catch us while they thought we had our pants down with the
Fleet Command changes. Contact Commander Kanryth and Captain Rehu and
get a full report, find out if we'll need to start repositioning the
Fleet after this little...'incident,'" he said, making quotes with his
fingers and making a note to check over the tactical data. John rubbed
his face, an attack directly on Vulcan was not going to sit well,
especially with everything done since Utopia was blown up.

"Here's hoping. Any other fleet business we should cover there General?"
He wasn't trying to rush the meeting, he was just wondering if the
formal talk could be done and over with.

John shook his head, "nothing I can think of right now, unless you have
anything?" he asked.

The Captain shook his head and took one last gulp of his coffee.
"Nothing on my part General. I take it we'll be having a mass fleet
staff meeting once we're in and settled on Versailles?"

"Aye, we'll need-"

"General, incoming message from Starfleet Command, priority One," a
voice broke in.

Liconie sighed, "and here come the questions about Vulcan, put it on
screen in here," he ordered and motioned for Munroe to stay.

The Captain remained in his position and watched as the screen
activated. He was certain the events involving Vulcan had caused quite
the stir with Starfleet Command and answers would be wanted quickly.


Lieutenant General John "Razor" Liconie
Fleet Commander
Beta Fleet


Captain Andrew Munroe
Deputy Fleet Commander
Beta Fleet