Thursday, October 1, 2009

[USS Charon] BACKLOG | SD240908.20 | Dr. D. King & LT A. Roberts

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=
Aubrey finally arrived in the transporter room. She tugged on her uniform some to straighten it out once the doors closed behind her. "I'm not late..." She checked the time- she was definitely late. "Sorry about that."


Offering her a smile he moved to stand on the transporter pad, "Well, better late than never, as they say."


Like David, she was going to have all of her belongings transported aboard after they received their quarter assignments. "I suppose," she said shaking her head as she stepped up on the transporter pad next to him. Looking to the officer operating the transporter, she gave a nod. "We're ready."


"Energize, Chief," David said after averting his attention back to the woman behind the panel. A moment later he felt the familiar, yet still slightly nauseating, tug just behind his navel as the transporter began to dematerialize him.


After they were transported to their new ship, Aubrey took a moment to adjust her eyesight after the transporter completed. Looking to David she asked, "Quartermaster?" She thought that they should get that taken care of before they went to report in.


"Actually," replied David as he stepped down off the pad, "I'd really rather check in with the Commodore first. Rumor has it she's a stickler for the little things." Turning towards Charon's transporter operator David added, "Please coordinate with the Quantum Fury to have our things beamed over into one of the cargo bays. They'll be standing by for to contact them."


Nodding, Aubrey couldn't disagree. She didn't know much about the Commodore, so she trusted his judgment on this. As they headed out of the transporter room, she gave a polite nod to the officer that was there. "I hope she's not too much of a stickler." She said once she and David were alone in the corridor.


He shook his head as they walked down towards what he hoped would turn out to be a turbolift, "Don't get your hopes up too high, beautiful. There's plenty of scuttlebutt out there to support the fact that we've just accepted assignment under one of the most demanding commanding officers in the fleet."


"Don't do that." She said quietly as they walked down the hall, and indeed to a turbolift. She pressed the control panel for the lift, having to wait for the lift to arrive at their level.


Stopping to wait on the lift, David glanced over at her, "Don't do what?"


"Call me pet names while were in places others can over hear. We are somewhere new; I don't want judgments to be passed." She said not really looking at him, and then when she was finished she did look to him.

Looking around he couldn't help but note, "As you wish, though I'm fairly certain there's no one around to hear it." Both directions down the corridor were empty.


"I know, but sometimes habits are hard to break." Over the last 6 weeks, she hadn't minded, but now that they were at their destination, it mattered to her.


Only slightly put off by her statements he shrugged, "Again, Lieutenant, whatever you want."


"I only said the pet names of yours *David*," She told him as they walked into the lift. "Just until things get settled here." She was a little antsy with this new assignment.


"What did I do this time?" he asked, rolling his eyes as he stepped into the lift car.


Giving a sigh, she didn't say anything in response. "Computer, location of the commanding officer?"


"The Commodore Rehu is in the ready room," answered the computer's cool voice.


"Bridge," David called out and very quickly the lift took off upwards. It would only take a few moments to reach the upper-most deck. Turning to look at her he asked, "What's wrong?"


"I'm sorry I was pushy there a few moments ago," she said after some silence. "I just want everything to work out here." She said as the turbolift moved up level by level. "It's something important- I want this to work out. Normally I wouldn't care so much because my assignments were always very short. But I don't want this to be short."


He raised a hand and rested it gently on her arm, knowing they'd be arriving on the bridge at any moment. "Relax, Aubrey. Everything's going to work out just fine. I've got a good feeling about this place."


"I'm glad you do." She wasn't sure how she felt about this place yet, but was reassured by his.


Taking a deep breath he felt the lift begin to slow already, "But I'm giving you fair warning: be prepared for Commodore Rehu. When it comes to social interactions her record isn't exactly…the best."


"Think of my family David, I think I can manage with the 'social interactions' from almost anyone." Aubey said as the turbolift slowed to a complete stop.


David definitely remembered. "But Starfleet regulations rather prohibit you from responding to her as you do your family. ready for it is all I'm saying."


"I know David. I might not have been a Starfleet officer as long as you, but you must be forgetting that I was a diplomat before working with the Federation. I think I can handle her," She said with a smile.


The doors opened as David let out a long sigh. He knew good and well what her background was like, but he also knew he could trust the observations of his contacts and sources. And if they said Rehu was temperamental, then they really meant it.


Raising a hand he motioned for her to lead out, "After you..."



Commander David King, M.D.

Replacment Officer

USS Charon NCC-80111


Lieutenant Aubrey Roberts

Replacment Officer

USS Charon NCC-80111