Thursday, October 1, 2009

[USS Charon] SD:240910.01 || Joint Duty Log || CSEC Cmdr Dylan Marcus & CHELM, Lt. Sakarra Tyrax

=/\=Deck 3=/\=
The temperature was finally dropping below those of a crisp, cool morning on Vulcan and rapidly approaching the chill that was more comfortable to the majority of Charon's species. With the gravity issues finally solved, the only problem that remained was that of the flickering lights and the rather odd tendency of the replicators to, well, replicate. Without stopping.
After a young crewman from the ops department had proudly announced his success in bringing the replicators back online, he had ordered a cup of coffee - both as a test and to celebrate the occasion.
About 8.6 minutes later, every person on the deck found him- or herself equipped with coffee and still new cups continued materializing on the PADD until the chuckling crewman cut power again.
Sakarra was not quite sure what was so amusing until she saw what the Trill's frantic attempts to fix the coffee-fountain had produced: Multi-colored articles of clothing, most of which seemed to serve no purpose the half-Vulcan could identify, were spilling off the PADD and piled up on the floor. 
"What seems to be the problem, crewman?" she tilted her head and before the frantically waving Trill could intervene, picked up an item made solely of red lace.
"Just a little hiccup from rebooting the entire system, Ma'am, will have that straightened out in no.. ah, you can give me that…"
"Indeed. What…" she subjected the -thing- to a bemused look "is this, if I may inquire?"
"I think it's called a garter, Ma'am."
Just as Sakarra turned he thing over in her hand, attempting to figure out it's function or purpose and the color of the Trill's face began to approach that of the lace, she heard familiar footsteps and saw the tall and imposing stature of Charon's security chief round the corner.
"Good afternoon, Commander. Would you care for some coffee?"
Commander Marcus stopped just in front of Sakarra. He looked to her and then to the garter in her hand, seeing the puzzled look on her face. "It's a piece of lingerie." He smirked. "Women use them to Hold up stockings." He made an effort to hold a straight face at the look on the Trill at the predicament. "As for the Coffee, Yes I would love a cup; but I prefer mine minus the deckplate."
He looked down at the tool kit he held in his hand and motioned to the access panel just behind her. "I am nearly done with the repairs to Alice's command circuits, the power fluctuations really did a number on her sub processors." he said.
"Stockings?" the dark haired Vulcan subjected the garter to another quizzical look. "Hm."
One of these days she might have to figure out the mechanics involved in such an endeavor. Handing the red lace back to a coughing Trill, Sakarra moved towards the small table that still held twelve cups of steaming hot coffee and selected one that had no flowers or other odd decorations.
"You are ahead of schedule, Commander. I am certain the residents of this deck will appreciate being able to return to their quarters earlier than estimated. That is," she tilted her head at the crewman from operations again "if this last 'hick up' can be resolved."
Sakarra walked back over to the tall, blue eyed human who was already looking over the circuits inside the panel and held out the coffee mug. 

Dylan took the mug and smiled. "Thank you." he said as he took a sip. It was surprisingly good. He set the mug down and pulled out a Tricorder. Scanning the junction He smiled. Several Control chips were blown out.
"I think that a certain Helm Officer would be glad to have their own quarters back a little sooner to am I right?" he asked smiling at her. Not that he could blame her. The man He had assigned to her quarters was not the easiest to deal with.
"Indeed." the young woman nodded, in a way that was almost enthusiastic for a Vulcan. Retrieving another cup of coffee for herself, she quickly scanned over the contents of the PADD in her hand and then accessed another wall console.
According to the diagnostics, everything on the deck was in working order. Except…
The young Trill poked his head out the door and grinned at Sakarra "I think I found the problem. People requested stuff but never got it because of the malfunctions. Now we got everything back online but the system thinks there was an emergency…"
"The short version please, crewman."
"Oldest trick in the book should do it. Power down, wipe memory and reboot."
Another brief diagnostic confirmed that individual environmental controls had stopped from resetting themselves randomly and three engineering teams were moving on towards deck two.
"And I am certain you will be pleased to know your quarters are currently in the process of regaining gravity and temperatures have reached four degrees Celsius, climbing steadily. "
Sakarra looked up at the Commander again "We might wish to alert the crewmembers currently not on duty that they will be able to return to this deck shortly."
Dylan Nodded. He had just finished replacing the last of the damaged components to Alice's Avatar systems. He pulled his tricorder out again and scanned the junction. No sign of damage appeared any more and the pathways looked to be intact. "Alice, re initialize your Command subprocessors on deck three." he called out, knowing the AI would hear him.
{Re initializing Commander.} she replied as the holographic woman appeared next to Sakarra, her strawberry blond hair off setting her green eyes. {Good Evening Lieutenant Tyrax. } she greeted the woman as she took a sip of her coffee.
"Alice, would you do the honors of advising all off duty personnel to stand by, they should be able to return to their quarters shortly." he said with a glance to Sakarra. He swore he could see the faintest hint of relief on her face, but he made no mention of it.
Sakarra gracefully acknowledged the AI's greeting and then a triumphant shout from the crewman inside the quarters announced that apparently, the replicator was finally cooperating. That left only a few small issues on deck two to clear up.
The young Vulcan initiated one final diagnostic on the panel and then wrapped her fingers around the soothingly warm coffee mug.
Aware of the quizzical look on the tall human's face, she tilted her head just a little to the side and quirked a mildly amused brow. It was quite obvious that the security chief was familiar with the subtleties of Vulcan body language.

"That leaves us with deck two, Commander. I assume you will be gratified to have access to your personal items again, although the gravity issues may have created some disorder."
She finished her coffee and set the now empty mug down on the makeshift table in the corridor before nodding to the two teams from the ops department to finalize their diagnostics.
"Shall we proceed?"
Dylan smiled and placed his mug on the table. He motioned toward the turbo lift. "After you Lieutenant." he replied.
=/\=End Log=/\=
Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon.
Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm / 2nd Officer
USS Charon 


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