Thursday, October 1, 2009

[USS Charon] [Backlog] SD240906.15 | Joint Log | Dr. D. King & LT A. Roberts | Part 1

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=


Location: Deep Space Nine, Bajoran Sector

Timeline: Six weeks prior to arrival on USS Charon


Audrey had a duffle bag over her shoulder. She had managed to pack all of her things up again, putting all that she didn't really need into boxes to be stored in a cargo bay while she looked for a new assignment. Her last assignment was not exactly to her taste. It also helped that David was also leaving. All the things she would really need were packed in her duffle as she walked through the airlock onto Deep Space Nine.


Deep Space Nine was a place that David King had spent a great deal of time over the years. As a center of commerce and the central hub for an entire sector, it was a perfect place for meeting contacts, finding sources, and chartering passage on less-than-friendly vessels. However, for the first time in years, there wasn't any darker intent behind his visit. For once he could just sit back and enjoy what the station had to offer its guests.


So as he followed Aubrey through the airlock, taking his last steps off of the Starship Warrior, he could not help but grin from the excitement. The Commander had no idea where he was going to go from here, or what was going to happen over the next few days. The only thing that mattered at the moment was the fact that he had Aubrey with him in his uncertainty.


"Let's go to the quartermaster." She told him as they walked through the airlock. As they moved onto the Promenade, the rush of people made Aubrey frown some. She had a "personal bubble" that tended to be a little bigger than others'. It was the culture that she had grown up in, then not trusting people that moved to close to her when she didn't know them as a learned caution.


"We'll want to go up to level two, then" David replied as they squeezed through the crowd. Being taller than the average human, it was easy for him to see over most people and he quickly spotted a lift. He took her hand and pulled her towards it, "This way."


She let him take her hand, softly clasping her hand with his. Aubrey allowed her fingers to intertwine with his as they moved toward the lift. She was a bit on the shorter side, so it helped that he was able to spot where they needed to go through the wide area of people milling about. "Are you sure?" she asked, not remembering if he had time to look that up earlier.


"Without a doubt," he replied, pushing between a pair of Pakled traders to arrive at the open-fronted lift car. He allowed her to enter before him and took a place standing beside her. "Level two," he called out before turning to look here. "I've spent some time hanging around this place before."


As the lift started to move, Aubrey moved her body to rest against his. She gave a sigh now that they were out of the mess of people moving about. "It's hectic." She mentioned, hoping that the mess of people would calm down later in the evening.


David smiled softly and moved his hand to rest against her back, "Welcome to the economical center of this side of the Alpha Quadrant. The only time it's not like this is when the Bajorans are celebrating one spiritual holiday or another."


"I've heard of some of how spiritual they are." She said as the lift moved. "That they even have an orb of their prophets here." It was something she was interested in, but never really got much time to investigate into it. The culture she had been raised in, with Klingons, had killed their gods, so that the Bajorans were so connected to theirs intrigued her.


"Spirituality has never been one of my things," David admitted as the lift continued to rise up. "I've always believed in the power of a person over their own life."


 "That's one reason the Klingons killed their gods." She said amused as the lift stopped at the level they needed to be at.


Allowing her to exit the lift first, as usual, David shrugged from behind her, "I've really got no use for gods at all, dead or alive."


The Klingon gods had some importance in her life, but this wasn't the place or time to get into this discussion with him. "Left or right?" She asked as they stepped off the lift.


"Left. It's just down this corridor," he said, pointing down the dim corridor. Cardassian architecture had never been one of his favorites, though he did enjoy their favor of low lighting.


Aubrey gave a nod as they moved to the left. Seeing it on the right had side of the corridor she felt more confident as they walked toward the quartermaster. Turning into the office, she walked up to the desk that was there.


Moving to stand next to her at the desk, David cleared his throat, "Excuse me. We need some guest quarters assigned."


The young man behind the desk looked up from his work and glanced between the two standing in front of him, "Yes, sir, Commander. I think I've got a family unit available for the next couple of weeks."


=/-\= To Be Continued… =/-\=


Commander David King, M.D.

Unassigned Officer


Lieutenant Aubrey Roberts

Unassigned Officer