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[USS Charon] [USS Charon] SD 240910.09 | Joint Log | EnA Rhiana t'Khellian|Lt Audrey Bridge‏

[USS Charon, Outside the Councilor's quarters]
Rhiana moved through the corridors toward the Councilor's office truely dispiseing the notion of being forced to do this before she could be released back to active duty. She was Romulan they did not go to some wishy washy want to be officer to tell their problems to, they were warriors they delt with their troubles on their own. But she had little choice as both the Romulan Surgon and the Cheif Medical officer insisted, and now things were worse since it wasn't going to be Commander Becker whom she had met and had a slight repore with.
The beautiful Romulan EnArrian stopped outside the office door and rang the chime then folded her arms behind her back and waited for the responce, If she was lucky the Councilor would not be in.
Unlucky for the EnArrian, Aubrey was indeed in her office. She had heard that an EnArrian t'Khellian might pay her a visit, but she didn't know when. She didn't know who had chimed her door, but she had a good guess it might be the EnArrian she had been expecting. "Come in." Audrey said softly.
"Fvadt!" she swore as she heard the answer and stepped foward as the doors parted she brushed down her sash and made sure her hair was regulation and dispite the pain and dizziness that were still present but getting better by the minute she made sure she bustled in with compleat self-confidence and her normal arrogent presence.
"EnArrian t'Khellian reported as...Ordered as you can see madam I am fully in charge of my faculaties so if you would be so kind as to say I can return to work I will not take much of your time." she said in a dull mildly annoyed voice, she still thought the p ostion of Councilor was a pointless waste of time. 
Audrey shook her head. "Your tone suggests that I might acutally be helpful to you, you just don't want to admit it." She said standing up from her desk, moving to the door where t'Khellian stood. "And me taking to you for a few moments and saying your fine for duty isn't how it works." She said with a raised eyebrow. "Takes take a seat, and you can explane to me why you were 'ordered' here." Audrey requested from her as she sat down where in the corner of her bigger than normal office where there were several chairs as well as couches. She wasn't demanding that Rhiana talk to her, but Audrey wasn't going to send in an approval for her to return to duty untill she did.
Her experssion soured for a breif few moments but she got her emotions under control and moved to the most spartian of the prooffered chairs and took a seat back straight up hands on her knees making herself erect as possiable, she had been laying down to long.
"Apperently if you are in a coma for several months your doctors think you require counciling." she stated flatly and shook her head at the thought.
"Because it's tramadic." She told her, "No matter what race your from." She told the woman. "Do you think you need me?" Audrey asked as she leaned back in one of her chairs. She had a feeling that this was going to turn into a on going case.
"With all do respect Councilor, I'm uncertian for your need in general, a warrior deals with their own troubles as the filithy Klingons are apt to say, It is the only thing they got right. So no I don't believe I need your services." She said back with candor to the woman whos name she wasnt even sure of.
"To me, your sounding very bitter." Audrey said calmly- she was sure that the woman didn't know that Audrey herself had been raised Klingon, and her comment had struck a nerve. "How was your coma induced?" She asked, tring to get a better feel for why the woman seemed so bitter. She worked on board with Klingons, she wanted to know why she seemed to have a such a problem with them. Being new to the ship, she didn't know much.
"In the line of duty, During the crisis with the Marines which i'm sure you've heard about I was at the OPS station when a Subspace rupture formed beside the ship and damged the EPS relays in my console exploding it in my face, That was my last memory until eariler when I awoke in sickbay."she said in response to the question and then stated.
"I am diffinately not bitter about it Councilor, A Bit dissapointed that I couldn't deal with the traitors personally dispite my personal feelings of the commadore."she said with a smirk.
"Your making your own problems." Audrey wasn't going to be around the bush with this woman, instead saying it how things were. "That's why your not on duty- your personal feelings, even if you say they arent, are going to interfer with duty." Audrey's voice was calm, as always. "YOu need to let go of your anger, and move on."
She raised an eyebrow at that, "Councilor I am not angry about missing the oppertunity to kill the marines who attempted to destroy this ships commander. They have been delt with and I am perfectly content with that fact. As to the other thing my personal feelings about the Commodore, That is between two Romulans and it has never interfeared with my duties, Perosnal feelings are not the same as Duty." She said softly with a slight smile at the girl.
Audrey was starting to realise that the woman was more -arogant- rather than having major issues. The woman seemed to have been threw a lot during her life, and her recent coma didn't give her much of an attitude adjustement. "This is what Im going to do for you...." Audrey started out easily. "Im going to order you back for *light* duty. That means only 5 hours max a day, but a norm should be only three." She said with thought. "However, you must see me once a week. If you fail do to so, I will withdraw my opinion that you should be on duty at all." She said, laing down -ground rules-. "Your opinion?"
"And what will these meetings consist of Councilor?" she asked wearily, Of course the Councilor was giving her little choice in the matter. "Five hours only? Leutient that is hardly a workshift, can we agree to eight hours?"
"Six." Audrey said, the tone of her voice and the look on her face said she wasn't going to compromise anymore. "And the sessions will consist of getting your aggitation out. Your attitude is less than becoming." Audrey wasn't going to soft tone the woman, seeing that doing so wouldn't get her anywhere. She knew that some people needed differnt types of styles.
"I agree to your terms Councilor however I can't say that I have any aggitation to get out." she said with a girn to her and stood up."So you will tell the Captian that I am allowed to return to duty?" she asked feeling a bit better now that she could finely get back to work.
"I will." Audrey said with a nod, standing up as well.
Rhiana nodded and straightened her uniform, "Then I will report back here in one week Leutient Jolan'tru." she said and moved out of the office downing another of the small vials of painkillers for her head.
/\ END LOG /\
EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Cheif of Communications
USS Charon.
Lt. Audrey Bridge
USS Charon.

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