Friday, October 9, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.09 | Joint Log | D. King & A. Robberts | Part 1

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=


Location: Eris Deck, USS Charon

Timeline: After various logs with t'Khellian


Aubrey had finished for the day, and took a deep breath as she left her office. "Aubrey Robberts to David King." She said after tapping her combadge. She wanted to spend some time with David relaxing after such a long day. Her stomach and been feeling off the entire day, and she thought she needed some good down time.


David had spent the afternoon after meeting with t'Khellian locked away in sickbay. Tomorrow would begin the reorganizing for the emergency triage teams and the medical response units, but for today he was just about finished. At the sound of Aubrey's voice he reached up and tapped his badge, "King here. Go ahead."


"What's your location?" She asked, not really walking toward anywhere at the moment.


"Sickbay, at the moment," he answered, moving across the medical bay into his office (which was still strikingly bare). "Though I've got just about everything wrapped up."


"Want to meet somewhere?" Audrey asked, pausing to stand next to the turbolift, not sure where she was going to head yet.


With a shrug to himself he called out as he logged off of his office terminal, "I was thinking Eris Deck sounded nice tonight, if you don't have any other ideas."


"It sounds fine to me. Shall I meet you there?" She asked, walking into the turbolift.


"Sure," David replied, moving back across the bay towards the exit. "I'll see you in five."


Arriving at the lounge, Aubrey found a table by the viewport taking a seat to wait for David


After the quick ride up to Deck Two, it took only a few moments to walk down the corridor and into the darkened interior of Eris Deck's more casual lounge. Standing in the doorway, David spent several seconds scanning the various seating areas before spotting Aubrey.


"Hey you," he said, walking up to the table.


"David." She said, a warm glow appearing on her face. Standing up, she kissed his cheek lightly.


Returning the kiss with a light one onto her cheek, he directed her back to her seat as he moved to take one himself, "So how was work today? Getting settled in down there?"


"As best as I can." She said after sitting back down. "I'm glad the duty shift is over."


"You'll see it in my morning report," he said, situating himself in his seat. "But I've referred our recently-wakened Miss t'Khellian to your office. You should hear from her soon."


"Already have. She seemed eager to get herself out of my office." Aubrey said, relaxing even if they talked about duty.


With a slight nod he replied, "Yeah, she was the same way with me." He humphed as he added, "Romulans. They're all alike."


"With an aversion to medical personal... I agree." She said with a smile, her hand taking his from across the table.


David smiled back as he accepted her hand, and leaned forward against the table as he sighed, "It wasn't a bad day tough. Getting a lot accomplished down there."


"I like the feeling of being productive... at least here I have something to do with my... position."


Allowing a knowing smile he nodded, "I'm glad you'll be kept busy. I'd hate for you to get bored."


"Because then I take it out on you." she said with an amused smile.


His smile cracked into a grin as he shrugged, "Well, taking out your boredom on me might not be such a bad thing. I can think of a great many things I'd find more frightening."


"I've yet to see you scared of me, and I doubt that will ever happen." She said, her face aglow with amusement.


 "I don't know," David countered with a chuckle. "You can get rather...aggressive sometimes."


"That's part of the deal of being around me." She said giving him a smile.  "Want to get something to eat?" Again, she seemed to be much more hungry than normal. Even if her stomach hurt, she wanted to try to eat something. She thought that it would help settle her stomach.


With a shrug he raised a hand to wave over a server, "Sure. It's about that time for me as well."


When a server came over, Aubrey looked up with a smile. "I would like steak and potatoes." She said with a smile. "And some ginger ale." She said. She hoped the large amount of food mixed with the ginger ale would help settle her stomach. Normally she would have ordered a glass of wine, but she didn't know if that would just make her stomach cringe more.
=/-\= To Be Continued =/-\=
Commander David King, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Charon NCC-80111
Lieutenant Aubrey Robberts
Head Counselor
USS Charon NCC-80111