Friday, October 9, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.09 Joint Duty Log - LtJg/Ens ASCi (X2) Chloe Hesse and Renko Arkady - "Nobodies Home"

=/\= Deck 8 - Science Labs, USS Charon =/\=

Chloe (NPC) was sitting at her station going over some last minuet reports concerning research in all the fields. Chloe was a scientist first but she also took on the responsibilities to monitor all science experiments and keep the Chief informed. Just then a ASci officer walked into the labs looking up she recognized him to be Ens Arkady (NPC) one of the Stellar Cartographers.

"Lt have you heard from Ens Doyle recently?" Renko asked not sounding concerned just confused on why they haven't sent a message on the progress of checking out the sensor pod.

"No I haven't Ensign." Chloe said looking down at her chronometer, "hmmm it has been over 6 hours since they headed to the sensor pod." Chloe said, "have you tried contacting them?" She asked not sounding concerned but more confused like Arkady.

"Yes but they didn't answer so I checked with the computer on where they are and they're still in the sensor pod sections." Arkady said, "I was about to go up there and see what's going on." Arkady asked.

"Alright that sounds like a good idea mind if I tag along?" Chloe asked thinking that a nice walk would be good and also she needed to speak with the Chief anyways about some things.

"Sure it'll be nice to have the company." Arkady said taking a step back to allow Chloe to stand up they then headed out of the labs and to the turbolift. "Computer Deck C." Arkady said as they entered the turbolift it took a minuet or so but then the turbolift doors opened up and as they stepped off they realized that they might be on the same deck.

"Computer where are we?" Chloe asked.

"Deck 8." The computer said.

"That doesn't make any sense." Chloe said, "lets try one more time." Chloe said stepping back onto the turbolift with Arkady aboard Chloe asked for deck 8 but the same thing happened again. "What's going on." Chloe said stepping off the turbolift, "we need to contact engineering and security." Chloe said looking at Arkady.

"Agreed I'll go contact engineering and you contact security." Arkady said he then went and contacted engineering while Chloe did the same but with Security.

<<OOC - I was thinking we could do a 3-Way JL with Science, Engineering and Security I'll get that starter out tomorrow or tonight sometime.>>

Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe Hesse (NPC)
Assistant Scientist 
USS Charon (apb Aza)


Ensign Arkady Renko (NPC)
Assistant Scientist
USS Charon (apb Aza) 

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