Friday, October 9, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.09 | Joint Log | EnA Rhiana t'Khellian & Dr. D. King

[USS Charon, personal quaters]
After returning to her quarters which had not been used in many months the beautiful young EnArrian took a rejuvenating bath and slid into her duty uniform glad to be rid of the medical gown. She still felt quite weak from her long months in a coma and the dizziness was beginning to become quite annoying so she decided to take the nurse's advice and look up this Doctor King she had been told about and left her quarter's to find him. The logical assumption would be to check Sickbay so that is where she headed every so often she had to balance herself on the hallway's wall, she could only hope that this Human was efficient.
After the meeting in the cargo bay had been dismissed, David had returned to sickbay with the hopes to finish setting up his personnel and equipment. There was so much to do and such little time to get it done.This evening he hoped to finally round up his senior doctors for a departmental meeting, but that could wait. Fully aware of the day's events, the Doctor was expecting a visitor at any time.
Rhiana stepped into the sickbay as the doors slid open and looked around the bustling place and noticed the man working on setting up equipment and stepped up to him. Knowing that being surly to a medical professional would be counter productive she put her normal arrogance out of her voice at least until she was fully healed.
"Excuse me, I am looking for Doctor King, You wouldn't know which one of these people he is?" she asked politely. Her head was still throbbing and she leaned up slightly against his desk.
Turning his around, it took David only a moment to recognize the woman. A practiced smile crossed his face as he turned completely around to face her, "Well, good morning, Miss t'Khellian." Extending a to rest on her arm he continued as he attempted to guide her towards a chair, "Why don't you relax for a moment."
Blinked as she was grabbed without much preamble but remembered doctors could sometimes be quite absentminded. She allowed herself to be lead toward the proffered chair and slid down into it, fixing her house sash over her legs of her dark Romulan Uniform. In reality she was grateful for the seat but she didn't let it show on her face. "I take it then you would be Doctor King?" she asked as she leaned back in the examination chair.
Nodding slowly, David answered, "A very astute observation, Miss t'Khellian." Reaching down to his waist he pulled out his tricorder, but refrained from opening it as he crossed his arms across his chest, "So, how are we feeling? Rested, I hope?"
She smirked at that and shook her head, "Rested is not the word I would choose Commander King, Woosy and tired for long periods of inactivity. My balance seems to be off and I am perpetually thirsty, though your surgeon had cleared me to return to duty it would be most inconvenient to pass out over the OPS station. Perhaps you could help me with this mild inconvenience?" she said to the man as she looked him over.
"I see," the Doctor said as he finally opened the tricorder and ran a quick scan. After just a few moments he nodded, "You definitely look better than your last chart says you should. I think a small dose of stokaline will help with the fatigue, at least until you feel capable of working some physical exercise back into your routine. It may take some time, but you'll start to feel better as you continue getting up and around."

Closing the tricorder he moved to one of the cabinets and removed a hypospray. As he used the small device to retrieve the medication from a vial, he added, "And this should help with the headache you failed to mention." Scans didn't lie.
She rolled her eyes...Doctors, "I didn't think to mention it, it is only a minor discomfort doctor. And I thank you. However I want you to know I won't be needing Commander Becker's services dispite the surgon's oppion. I'll catch up on events while I am at my station." she said softly and stood up after he admistered the hypo. "By the way commander...welcome aboard since you were not here when I was still awake last time."
"Oh, thank you," David replied as he returned to her side, the hpyo in hand. "And Counselor Becker is no longer on board. And I will be recommending a few sessions with Counselor Roberts." Inwardly he chuckled at the thought of this woman and Aubrey confined to a single room together; he was fairly certain it'd be a fight worth watching.
As he reached out to press the hypospray against the side of her arm he added, "And the Captain will be made aware of my recommendations. As much as I can respect your culture, you can put your pride and stubborness aside." With the hypo emptied he slowly retreated, his arms returning to his chest.
Fixed her dark eyes on the man for a moment but refrianed from saying anything as he was a Commander and there for by strange circumstances outranked her on this awkward mission. "If you feel you truely must Commander, Though I feel no need for 'Counciling'.." she wondered why Commander Becker was no longer on board...She was a intresting person but it was best not to show intrest for now.
"If you will excuse me I must report to the Captain and get back on duty, Obviously I have been loungeing to much already." she said with a slight smile.
"I understand, though I expect you to take it easy. And I'd like to see you again in seventy-two hours for a follow-up," David returned her smile, no matter how true it was. "Oh, and Miss t'Khellian, welcome back to the world of the living."
=/-\= End Log =/-\=
Commander David King, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Charon NCC-80111
EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Chief Communications Officer
USS Charon NCC-80111