Friday, October 9, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.09 || Personal Log || Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster, CTac

=/\= Sickbay, Deck Seven, USS Charon =/\=

There was a loud grunt from the bed as Ch'tan flipped himself over onto his other side and tried to get comfortable, he had been the same for the past few hours, no matter what he did, he could not stand being stuck in sickbay any longer.

"Computer, is holodeck two free for the next hour?" he asked quickly as he swung his legs off the bed and pulled on a pair of uniform pants he had by the side of his bed.

[Holodeck Two is free] came the reply quickly.

"Book the space for Lieutenant Commander Foster, effective immediatly," he said as he steadied himself on the bed, his legs were still a bit sore but at least they were supporting his weight now.

Slowly and shakily he made his way out of sickbay, it was relatively quiet and his room was close to the main doors, he stepped out onto the corridor and turned towards the turbolift, {I should stop by my quarters first} he thought to himself as he walked down the corridor.

The recovering Klingon stepped into the turbolift and leant against the railing, "Deck Two," he said, as soon as he said it he felt the lift speed up the few decks to where his quarters were located, luckily they weren't far from the turbolift.

=/\= Foster & Xavier Quarters, Deck Two, USS Charon =/\=

As he got in through the doors of his quarters he could see that D'Vana's things had already been transferred but that wasnt his aim at the moment, slowly he made his way to his sleeping quarters and banged on the drawers which made one of them pop open, he selected a pair of shorts and a tight fitting vest which he slipped into quickly.

Back in the main area of the quarters, the young Klingon reached over to his shelf and picked up his weapon belt, attaching it around his waist he clipped the bat'leth belt over his shoulder and looked at himself in the mirror, he looked thin and weak, nothing like he had been before the attack.

Reaching out he laid his hand on the bat'leth on its stand and closed his eyes for a second, grasping its handle the swung it around a few times and nearly lopped the corner of the table off, he placed it carefully on the belt and clipped it in before reaching for the paired mek'leth that his father had left him.

"I wont be caught off guard again father," he growled as he picked them up and slid them into the sheathes on his belt, they fit perfectly and felt about the right weight for his size.

=/\= A few minutes later, Holodeck Two, Deck Six, USS Charon =/\=

"Computer, recall and run program Foster Alpha Six One, Difficultly Five," Ch'tan grunted as he walked up to the doors of the holodeck, it was a lower difficulty than he normally used, but he knew that he was weak and knew he wouldnt be able to handle the higher levels.

[Program ready, enter when ready]

Slowly he stepped through the doors and was greeted by the familiar sight of his training arena, it was uneven, battle scarred and covered in places where one combatant could quite easilly gain an advantage.

As he stepped up into the central area there was a scream of rage from his left and a pair of Klingon warriors stepped out and challenged him to a fight to the death, the younger Klingon simply nodded and took up a fighting stance, his hands reached down and grasped the handles of the mek'leth as the two holographic warriors charged him.

Shortly before they were on him, he drew the blades and parried their initial attacks before forcing each of them back with a block and a kick to the chest, it stunned them but not for long and soon they were trying to press home the advantage of numbers, looking around quickly, Ch'tan could see some way he could easilly gain an advantage of his own, he parried them again and warded them off with a few attacks of his own before climbing ontop of some fallen rubble.

His opponents weren't fazed and continued their attacks, all the while, trying to dislodge the flesh and blood Klingon from his higher ground.

Ch'tan roared with laughter as he parried another attack and turned it into a decapitating swing with the other sword, he spun around and looked to the other Klingon who gave a quick look to his fallen companion and charged at Ch'tan again.

The sheer ferocity caught Ch'tan off guard and he lost his footing on the rubble, falling to the ground on the other side, the Klingon was soon ontop of him and Ch'tan thought he was going to have to stop the program as the warrior raised his bat'leth for the killing blow.

But none came, because as Ch'tan stared into the eyes of the warrior another bat'leth cleaved his head in two and the hologram faded, leaving the figure of Kulg'Rek standing there smiling at the former XO lying on his back in the dust.

"Your eager, i'll give you that Ch'tan, but you need to take it one step at a time, one you can handle, two, not so much," he chuckled as he held his hand out to Ch'tan to help him up.

"Your right, I still have alot to learn," Ch'tan replied as he accepted the hand and pulled himself to his feet, "Now, what is this that theyre telling me about your men fighting with the Romulans?"

(To Be Continued...)

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Charon

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