Friday, October 9, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.09 || Joint Duty Backlog || "Cyclicar Physics" Ens Doyle, Ens Rufo, Cdt Clipper

[USS Charon, sensor pod]   SD240909.22

Nathanial looked at the time, it had been over just under six hours since he had sent everyone off to work out what was going on. He had not been idle either, spending the better part of the time with his tricorder scouting Decks A, B & C.
He decided it was time for a group report and headed to the Sensor Control Station, where he expected Ensign Rufo to be. As he approached its doors, he tapped on his comm badge "Specialist Shenn and Cadet Clipper, please report to the sensor control station."
The Andorian was in what Ria would have called 'One of those moods' when his comm badge chirped. Go check this. Go check that. Report here. Report there. Talk about running in circles for the heck of it.
Shouldering his way out of the hatch that his upper body had been stuck in for the past twenty minutes, Shenn muttered some curses in his native language before tapping his badge to respond.
"Yea, Shenn here, sir. Will be down in a few but if you don't mind, I think I'm on to something here. Would be nice to get at least a few more lights and heat working if you get my drift."
Somehow this whole mess was not limited to just turbolifts and the comm system, but it would be a damn shame if any other system crashed before they'd have a chance to figure out what caused the problem in the first place. But somehow this bucket was starting to spring more leaks than even Shenn could seal and it was going downhill. All of it.
On the bright side, at least it was nice and cool here now. Helped with the thinking

Galen was still looking over the diagnostics that he ran slamming his fist onto the console he started cursing under his breath if there was something wrong with the pod they would need to actually go inside and look at it. He then re-ran a level 1 diagnostic while that was running he walked over to the wall screen and looked over the level 3 diagnostic that he ran for the COMM systems same thing as the sensors nothing came up wrong. Growling he started a level 1 diagnostic as Doyle walked in heading back to the main console he started reading the first few lines of the diagnostic so far nothing amiss.

Panting heavily he was exhausted, it was caused as much by the physical work he had undertaken as well as the fact we was becoming mentally distressed. Sitting in the Jefferies tubes his back to one of its walls. His legs up to his chest, elbows resting on his knees and his forehead resting in his palms. It was more than being unfamiliar with the layout oh the ship, the plans on the PADD currently sitting next to him were an adequate guide to the layout. Not only that it was simple orientation, deck one was below him, he had started on deck c, it was going to be quite a climb down, however as long as he went down it should have been all that mattered.
But no, spatial physics was on lunch, or at least hanging out anywhere other than between the sensor pod and the rest of the vessel. He had judged that he had now climbed 28 levels lower than he actually was, it meant he should be outside looking up upon the ship, it was fortunate it wasn't the case as the standard Starfleet uniform provided poor protection against space.
He received the call from the ensign and replied between his breaths. "Clipper to Doyle, I'm on the way." Once the channel closed he Mused aloud "Well fortunately I don't have to climb back up." Looking up at the ladder that he had just climbed down from the same deck he was also now standing on. Distortions to space had their upsides at least. Finding his way out of the tubes he came out next to the bag he had left near the lifts. Taking out the bottle of water he got his breath back while taking a drink. Then made his way bottle in hand to where he was told to go. He wiped the sweat from his brow, possibilities of what was going on churning away in the back of his mind… the misaligned sensors were a symptom of a far more serious problem.

 Galen was only half listening to the responses from the other two he was busy trying to solve the problem not complain about it. But in reality he was doing the complaining in his head. The two diagnostics that he had running still had about 80% to go but so far nothing was showing amiss which was a good sign or a bad sign at this point it was bad seeing that they couldn't get away from the sensor pod.

"Well, isn't this just fun." Shenn grumbled as he finally came up to his fellow 'Stuck in a sensor pod' crewmates.
"Here's the deal, sir." addressing the Science bigwig, the Andorian wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, leaving a smudge of something dark and oily on his temple and snow white hair.
"Power's doing whatever it bloody well wants to but the issue sure isn't electrical. As for the comm system, the parts themselves are just fine. It's what they're doing that makes no damn sense."
Matter of fact, Shenn had a few theories about their predicament but if an engineer would start telling these oh so brainy types what he was thinking… nah. 
Nathanial recounted the tale of what he had encountered on Deck A. "It seam's that there is a 'bubble' of some kind, the readings inside it and outside are both different and when in the actual field of the edge of this 'bubble' well lets just say the scans came up with nothing but erratic information."
Nathanial turned to Thomas. "I gather you were unable to get to Deck 1?"

"I couldn't get past deck A." Thomas meekly confirmed although elaborated "I have climbed down well over 20 decks of Jefferies tubes. I started at deck C and climbed down to deck A without any problems but I couldn't go any further." Pausing he considered how he was going to put into words what he didn't quite believe himself. "No matter where I started or how far I climbed down I made no headway no matter what I did I could come out no lower than deck A, or should I say whenever I climbed below deck A I still came out on deck A regardless."
"All oh so interesting and oh so NOT helpful." Shenn was growing really impatient with the officers who seemed so absorbed in this newest little mystery they had stumbled over, they were completely forgetting that they were stuck in a sensor pod. As if that wasn't bad enough, they were stuck with an Andorian who got very cranky indeed when he missed lunch.
"Not meaning to be outta line here sirs. But if an enlisted engineer's allowed to make a suggestion, how about we get to the bottom of what makes that bubble tick so we can bust it? I'm sure you can toy around with all your fancy readings and stuff to find out where it came from and whathaveyou, after we actually got something working."
Galen was starting to get really annoyed with this Andorian all it had done since getting here was complain with out turning around Galen spoke, "Blue Skin you better watch what you say. We may be the only ones who may be able to get us out of here." Galen said continuing to read the diagnostic reports. Galen knew that the Andorians were aggressive like he was but Galen was sure he could take this blue skin in a fight.
"Oh how nice to see you don't need engineers to solve this mess, Mr grey skin." Shenn muttered sarcastically. "I'll just go and pull the plug on my repairs then, shall I? Minus twelve Celsius is NICE in my book."
Nathanial could see this turning out to be less than pretty, but he also was getting frustrated, time to get everyone focused.
"Are we sure this bubble is the cause? Galen, do you reckon you can hook up one of the probes and do a scan of Deck's A to C from outside? Shenn, you mentioned the comm system was making no sense, can you make it make sense? and Thomas, have you thought about maybe trying to get to the main part of the ship via another method? I will see what I can get further from the 'bubble'. "
Nathanial knew that he needed to keep everyone focused, he also wondered if anyone on the ship had noticed his team had gone missing?
"Give me an hour and so and I I'll have something." Galen said wanting to deck the Andorian but he knew that they needed to get out there would be a time and place and this was neither. He then got to work on the task assigned to him by Doyle who right now seems to be the best man for the CSci job Galen was still deciding whether or not the Commodore made the right decision.

Thomas felt the Cardassian and Andorian looked about ready to have at each other, he hoped that it was the feeling of cabin fever emanating through the pod rather than how they normally conducted themselves. Before the situation dived further Nathanial did what he felt the lead officer should do; Get them back on task.
If those words would be enough to stop the other two having at each other was yet to be seen, well time would tell.

As for the Cadets orders well unless this place was equipped with a shuttle bay or transporter he was fresh out of ideas on how to transport themselves out of here. If 6 hours of checking Jefferies tubes and Turbolifts didn't cut it well he wasn't sure what would. However now was not the time to argue the point. Besides a bit lateral thinking couldn't hurt.
"Bit of a coincidence if our little bubble was NOT the cause."
Not that Shenn wasn't ready to give the annoying little Cardassian a piece of his mind, but humans were a bit squeamish when it came to settling disputes the Andorian way. Besides, he had bigger things to worry about.
"If it'll make you happy I'll tinker with the transceiver assembly, sir. But I doubt it'll do any good.  Matter of fact…."
A very thoughtful look appeared on the blue skinned engineers face and his antennae performed a little sideways move.
"Got an idea I think. Talk to you later."
Grabbing his toolkit, Shenn marched off towards where last time he looked the pod's subspace transceiver had been located. Then a thought occurred and he stuck his head back out of the hatch he had just climbed into.
"If you don't hear from me within the next two hours or so don't come looking. Just yell. Might be safer. Sir."
[To be continued]
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