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[USS Charon] SD240910.09 - Joint BackLog | Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax & Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier

<<Takes place before the "Getting Underway" Mission Log>>
[USS Charon, Deck 8, Main Engineering]

It was quite obvious that the Chief Engineer was back on duty. The sound of Charon's engines had returned to their most pleasant hum and Sakarra nodded approvingly as she navigated her way past the warp core.
A few people turned to look after the young Vulcan with the tightly braided and coiled raven-black hair, but she assumed it was simple curiosity over the helmsman's unannounced visit and gave no outward sign of noticing.
Well, she could not quite ignore the young male in Galae uniform dropping a hyperspanner almost directly on her foot.
Looking up from her PADD, Sakarra found herself face to face with - she searched her memory for a name - Lhaerrh i-Mhiessan, apparently.
"Thlhom veherr'a, Lieutenant."
Aside from the fact that the young Erien did not look overly apologetic, he seemed rather disinclined to pick up his tool as well. And he was still just standing there, studying her face with quite intense dark blue eyes.
Sakarra briefly considered to simply step around him and move on, but a spark of mischief flared and won by a small margin. In one swift, fluent movement, she retrieved the hyperspanner and held it under the Rihannsu engineer's nose.
"Since you missed by 3.64 centimeters, an apology is unnecessary. Unless of course you wish to try again."
She placed the tool in the engineer's unresisting hands, quirking an inquisitive brow before she saw a tall engineer with a magnificent mane of chestnut hair access one of the environmental control consoles.
"Very well then, Erien. Carry on."
With this, she was off again, pointedly ignoring the chuckle her sensitive ears picked up over the noise in engineering, as well as some Rihannsu words she could not quite identify.
Walking up to the half Klingon woman whose collar sported an engineer's gold, she gave a polite nod of greeting.
"Lieutenant Xavier. Might I request your assistance?"

D'Vana was going over the information needed to tell her what damage had been done to the decks 2-3 that she would be helping to repair along with the other engineers.
D'Vana stood and blinked brown eyes at the helms officer, "You might, I'm sorry but I did not catch your name." D'Vana said softly then frowned realizing the other woman knew her own name though and was quite curious considering she had just arrived on the ship.
"My apologies." the young Vulcan briefly inclined her head again as she introduced herself "Lieutenant Sakarra, Charon's chief helm and second officer."
She made yet another mental note that other species could not be expected to have eidetic memories and that engineers in particular tended to memorize their new ships rather than study crew files. Not an entirely illogical approach, all things considered.
"I do not intend to interrupt your duties for longer than necessary, Lieutenant, although the Chief Engineer has agreed to let me 'borrow' you so to speak. You are aware of the recent incident which occurred in engineering, involving G'joth Sogh and erie'Arrain t'Leinarrh?"
"I'm afraid I'm not yet up to date on everything that's happened. Maybe a brief update would be in order Lt Sakarra." D'Vana added she didn't like it when people asked her things and she didn't have all the information to go with it. though that's what happens when you join a ship in the middle of current events…
"I see."
The dark haired young Vulcan nodded slightly, obviously the engineer had not been present when the fight had occurred. Although one might have expected this to be the main topic of conversation.
"Very well, Lieutenant, let me recapitulate then. The group of Klingons which you may have noticed serving with security on board are in fact survivors of the crashed vessel IKS Tabor.  To be brief, both the vessel and crew were displaced in time and our guests still tend to display some rather … outdated attitudes. Thanks to Lieutenant Commander Foster the transition has been eased considerably, although there have been numerous incidents, notably with our Romulan contingent. The latest of which occurred only 2.4 hours ago in main engineering."
A brief growl emanated from the imposing figure of the young engineer and Sakarra could not help but notice that the pitch was one she had heard from Ch'Tan Foster before. Quite fascinating.
 "Our new counselor suggested that while one should certainly address the issue from both sides, it might be helpful to involve someone whom the Klingons will be prepared to trust."
"I see." She said refraining from growling. it wasn't something she did often being raised by her human father her mother a complete mystery to her other then, the uncle she visited between semesters along with her Klingon grandparents...
"And you think I can help?" She asked curiously, "What kind of time displacement are we talking about?" She then asked curiously. a lock of chestnut hair fell in front of her brown eyes and she reached to run her hand through her thick hair to get it out of her face... she hated headbands but figured she might need one...
"Roughly 107.8 years, Lieutenant." Sakarra stated in her low, melodious voice. "And yes, it is quite possible that you may be able to aid in this situation. I am aware that this is a deeply personal matter, however it is my understanding that you and Lieutenant Commander Foster have … requested shared quarters? As a trusted … companion of the one person Kulg'Rek has been willing to work with, one can assume he might at least be prepared to hear what you have to say."
D'Vana managed to no gag on her surprise at the time difference, however she did know exactly what the Vulcan meant when she said that this Kulg'Rek might talk with her since she was Ch'Tan's mate, "Yes Ch'Tan and I have requested shared quarters, this Klug'Rek must consider Ch'Tan a leader if he would be willing to listen to me as well." D'Vana stated rather then asked.
"I would have to talk with Ch'Tan find out what I can about what he's already gone through with them." barely able to contain the growl that tried to follow her words...
"Certainly." Sakarra nodded. "However, I would advise a certain expediency in doing so, as the situation appears to be deteriorating rather rapidly. If you agree to assist in this issue, consider this taking priority over your current engineering duties."
Then all there was left to do was inform the Chief Engineer that one of his people would be temporarily unavailable and then of course she would get to deal with an unhappy Rihanha and her irritated friends.
Not that a mildly disgruntled (but damned if she'd admit it) half-Vulcan was the best choice for such a job.
D'Vana nodded understanding. "I'll talk with Ch'Tan when we're done here and That should not take long to get me caught up on the situation. where should I find you when I'm done talking with Ch'Tan?" She asked to be polite.
"It might be best if you were to contact me via the comm system, Lieutenant. And your help is greatly appreciated."
With another polite nod, the young Vulcan pivoted around and headed towards the turbo lift.
Undoubtedly the original combatants had regained consciousness by now and while Security would keep them under surveillance, there was a high probability their associates would wish to finish the fight in their stead.
Sakarra's problem now was to figure out precisely who that might be and to get to them before more fists went flying. Or worse.
To put it with aunt Lwanissa's words - it was going to be one of THOSE days.
D'Vana watched her go wondering what she had gotten herself into...

[End Log]

Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm Officer
Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer
USS Charon