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RE: [USS Charon] SD240910.09 - - Joint log - EnA Rhiana t'Khellian, Arn Aehlen tr'Kethry Surgon

[USS Charon, Sickbay]
Rhiana laid peacefully on the sickbay's biobed as she had for nearly the entire mission of the Charon. The beautiful Romulan's face was peaceful as she laid comatose after the faithful accident with the subspace fissure during the situation with Marine Commander Cole and the attempted murder of the Commador and her children. The gentle bleeping of the heart and brainwave monitor skipped a few times as Rhiana's eyes fluttered briefly. Her olive green hands slowly clenched on the edge of the blue Starfleet blanket that covered her dormant body. Slowly her heavy lids slid open and she blinked her dark black Romulan eyes opened to the bright white light of the sickbay for the first time in nearly a year.
She groaned and glanced around not really remembering much of what happened. "Where am I..That is the appropriate response I believe?" she said with a worn out lilt to her normally sultry voice.

One of the nurses noticed the comatose woman finally rise from the land of unconsciousness.  She twisted her head around to find one of the primary doctors but noticed none, savefor the Romulan surgeon that was lurking in a corner carefully scrutinizing a tray of surgical tools "doctor Kethry!"  She beckoned him over.

Aehlen, who was in the process of comparing the laser scalpel to the metallic one he carried around stopped what he was doing and looked at the nurse.  She looked back at him and he just looked at her.  Finally the nurse broke the silence "come over here doctor and take a look!"

Painfully putting the federation surgical instrument back on its tray Aehlen approached the woman who pointed at the Rihannsu female seated on the biobed "she just came out of a coma, what do you think doctor?"

"She came out of coma."

The nurse waited and then blinked "what?"

"You asked me what I think.  I think she has awakened from her coma."  He answered plainly.

"No, doctor, can you examine her?"  The nurse looked frustrated.

"Examine?"  Aehlen frowned and leaned over looking her over "she does not appear in distress."  He said "she may return to duty."  Turning around he headed back to the surgical tray.

"Doctor!"  The nurse shouted.

Rhiana looked up as the Romulan doctor came over and shook her head slowly trying to shake the cobwebs out of her groggy brain and couldn't help but suppress a smirk hearing the interchange between the doctor and the Nurse. "Well...this is new...A nurse yelling at the doctor..." She coughed a bit as her throat was dry from nearly a year in a coma.
She looked up at the doctor walking away and tried to gain her bearings. "Is the ship alright...I breifly detected a subspace anomaly..."

"Oh damnit!"  The nurse sighed and motioned over one of the other "get her a glass of water."  She looked at the Romulan woman "I guess if Doctor Kethry say's your good to go- since he is the Romulan expert aboard I can have you discharged, but I do wish you would wait for one of the other doctors."

Rhiana could help but smirk at that and took the offered water from the other nurse and swallowed in greatfully, she couldn't help but wonder why she was so parched and attempted to raise up on the bed. She struggled a bit sitting up but tried to find her strenght and rubbed her neck.
"If the doctor says I am fit..I am fit..A Romulan never  slacks on their duty madam...If there is a subspace tare threatening the ship I need to be back at my console at OPS...Assumeing Calhoun had his men fix it after it exploded..."

The nurse frowned "I hate to tell you this- but that was several months ago.  The ship is fine now miss Khellian.  Commo…I mean Captain Rehu and the rest of the crew were able to get us out of that mess just fine."

Blinked in obvious shock at that...Months?! how had that happened!, "Months...But it was only a few moments ago...." She said and then blinked again as the other part sunk in. "Captain Rehu? She is a Commodore....Or was...She has been demoted by Star Fleet..?" She couldn't help but feel a sense of confusion and anxiety about her current predicament.

"Please wait a moment."  The nurse grimaced for a moment put then put on a calm expression and stormed towards the surgeon "doctor tr'Kethry, that woman is lost and confused.  How can you honestly release her in such a state?"

Aehlen looked at the woman with a vexing glare "you are a persistent hag."  He held up the metallic scalpel "unless you believe that surgery is required do not pester me.   This ship has counselors, send her to one of them."    

Being a fellow Romulan Rhiana over heard Doctor Aehlen's comment and actually lost her composure for a moment dispite feeling nearly overwhelmed by all that had taken place she broke out laughing. She had to lean up against the Biobed for support not only from the weakness of a long comatose state but from the dizziness of laughing out loud. "Jolan'tru doctor tr'Kethry I believe I do not require surgery at this time."
She pulled herself from the bed and noted her lack of uniform and the strange federation sickbay garments used for patients the bay felt cold on her skin but she managed to stand up right her pride not allowing her to show weakness in front of a kindred spirit.

The nurse sighed exasperatedly "I give up.  Come back and see doctor king when he is in later Miss Khellian."
Rhiana nodded to the Nurse breifly, "I shall do that madam if it is required. But my primary concern is getting back to duty..If I have been asleep for several months I have alot of work to catch up on. I will not have the Commodore say I was slacking on the job." with that she turned and gave a polite nod to the Arrian as he was one of her own kind and headed out back toward her quaters to get ready for duty..and to catch up on everything she had missed.
/\ End Log /\
EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Cheif Comm Officer
USS Charon.
Arrian Aehlen tr'Kethry
USS Charon.

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