Friday, October 9, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.08 | Duty Log | Dr. D. King | CMO

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=


Location: Sickbay

Timeline: Shortly before Rehu's Cargo Bay log.


A career as a doctor, real or not, meant that one would spend an incredible amount of time within medical bays. Whether on starships or the more massive starbases, there really were not a lot of differences when it came to the medical facilities provided. Of course, a starbase had more room and more personnel to provide to the department, so they often had a number of research labs and such that a starship was just unable to maintain, but within the practical functions there was often little difference.


Being well aware of this, Doctor David King was completely fascinated by all that he had found within his new sickbay on the Charon. Not only had she been equipped with the most up-to-date technologies from Starfleet, but there were also a number of Romulan components he was eager to get acquainted with. And being a long-range research vessel, there were several research labs located around the medical bay; they were nothing like those found on larger installations, but they would prove to be useful, he was sure.


"Welcome to sickbay, Doctor King," a light voice called from beside him as he stood just within the entrance from the corridor.


Turning to find the source, he discovered a young human woman (probably in her early to mid-twenties) approaching from the aft-end of the medical bay. She was wearing the teal-necked uniform of a medical officer, and had her bright auburn hair pulled up into a bun, and her facial features (while softer than he would have expected) harkened to a European ancestry.


"Thank you, Lieutenant," David offered the young woman as he noticed the Junior-Grade pips on her collar.


"Kathryn Nova," she said, offering her hand out to him, the other clutching several PADDs to her chest. "I'll be serving as your Head Nurse here, doctor."


Offering the best smile he could muster the doctor accepted her hand and replied, "A pleasure, Lieutenant." As she obviously knew who he was, he decided very quickly that introducing himself would only serve to waste his time. "


"Is there anything I can do to help you get settled in, Doctor?" she asked, moving her hands (including the PADDs) behind her back.


"No, thank you, Lieutenant," he replied with a soft shake of his head. "I'll see to everything I need. Though you may wish to notify the staff I plan on holding briefings for each of the shifts. And I want all departmental personnel there."


She gave a slight nod at his command, though he couldn't tell if he had offended her or not. Not that it really mattered. "I'll see to it, Doctor."


Without any further discussion she moved further back into the medical bay, taking her PADDs and passing them out to several of the on-duty staff present. Figuring everything was under control, and there still being a little bit of time before the crew was supposed to gather in the cargo bay, David shrugged and made his way for the small office located at the aft-end of sickbay.


There had been offices before. On every starship or starbase on which he had ever served. It was a place a Chief Medical Officer could go to unwind and relax for a few minutes, as well as to give them an out-of-the-way place to do their paperwork but still be close enough to help the on-duty staff. In function it was quite like a captain's ready room, though not near as large or well furnished.


In this office there was a small desk and chair, some small cabinets, and a shelf along the back wall. The room was deeper than it was wide, and there were no windows looking anywhere; just three solid walls. There was little room for personalization other than adding personal artifacts around the room.


No matter how small it was, it would sure beat the hell out of working from the back-end of a shabby, run-down building on Tavarious Prime. Assassinating Syndicate leaders was always an enjoyable, but nothing could beat the sterile quietness of working from an office.


David's medical officer cover was his favorite pick of the bunch. He had been a political figure once, and even a pilot; however, working on a Starfleet vessel, piddling around a sickbay and actually doing some positive work on a personal level always felt more…gratifying. Of course, everything he had done had been for the benefit of the Federation, but seeing those he helped made a world of difference.


Not to mention he was good at it.


Finally, with a sigh, he turned from the empty office and moved towards the exit. Best get to the cargo bay before it got too filled…
=/-\= End Log =/-\=
Commander David King, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Charon NCC-80111