Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.07 - Joint Log Part II - Lieutenant Aubrey Robberts & Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax

[USS Charon, Deck 7, Chief Counselor's Office]
Comfortable with standing, especially in the Lt's non formal pose, as non formal as a Vulcan could be. "From my point of view and being fairly new here, it's hard to understand the situation completely. Not that I am not able to understand." She said leaning against her desk. "But honestly I can't see it on only the Klingon's side. It just happens that they tend to be the ones with the temper and the body strength behind it." She said, giving great thought over it. "A new liaison might help...." She suggested. "You mentioned that after the death of the last these outbreaks had gotten worse. Not to mention that the Klingons are trying to pin it on the Romulans..."
"Thankfully, Lieutenant, Mr Foster is still very much alive," the dark haired young Vulcan stated levelly.  "However, he is still recovering and it will be some time before he can return to active duty."
The counselor was not precisely in an enviable position, having been handed a ship that to some might feel like a disaster waiting to happen. Sakarra could not decide whether the fact that the woman had not been here to see the issues unfold would hinder her in analyzing the situation or provide her with a helpful, 'out of the box' position.
"As for the attempt to 'pin' anything, the evidence did indeed suggest Rihannsu involvement, although Commander Marcus is convinced said evidence was falsified. Understandably, the Klingons are less than convinced and feel - how did Mr Kulg'Rek put it? - the petaQ cannot be trusted. He used some more colorful metaphors which were rather innovative but I believe I need not reiterate."
Sakarra briefly studied the young human's reaction and noticed that despite a small and slender frame, she did indeed carry herself in a quite assertive manner. Interesting, if not fascinating.
"Currently, the objective is simply to keep this latest incident from causing any more harm. My experience with Klingons is limited, however I doubt that an appeal to Kulg'Rek to remain calm after the erie'Arrain has effectively thrown one of his warriors across engineering will have any effect."
Actually, Sakarra wouldn't be at all surprised if the Klingons weren't already sharpening their Bat'leths.
"I think it would help if we could choose one of the Romulans and one of the Klingons to represent each side... not to fight mind you. But to be liaisons to each group to help sooth out the misunderstandings. One from each side that we can be confident that they will listen to. Or the liaison doesn't necessarily have to be Klingon or Romulan. Just someone who they will be able to talk to and confide in as well as be reassured, and someone they can trust. Someone who can keep a calm on things."
Aubrey said as she now stood in the front of her desk, half sitting on it. She seemed relaxed but also had an air about her that she would be able to jump up in a moment.
"Indeed this would seem a reasonable approach counselor." Sakarra nodded slightly in agreement.
"Unfortunatley the only one our Klingon detachment was prepared to listen to was Lieutenant Commander Foster and I should not like to impede his recovery by asking him to deal with a situation which might easily become.. physical. "
A thought occurred to the young Vulcan and she tilted her head thoughtfully.
"Lieutenant, it is my understanding that although Klingon females are not allowed in council or leading their houses, their value as warriors is not disputed. As such, would it be possible that the Klingons might accept Ch'Tan Foster's mate to speak in his stead? At least, until his condition allows for him to return to duty."
That of course left Sakarra with the minor issue of the other side. One step at a time…
"Indeed." Aubrey said nodding her head. "If he's unable to do something because of an illness, or some other reason that he cannot control, it is often the mate of the leader who will take his place until he is able to resume." She knew this well. "They deem this acceptable because what he wants is normally the same opinion of their mates."
"Then I shall see if Lieutenant Xavier is available for this temporary assignment."
Diversity was a wonder and joy, most of the time. But every so often it proved to be the source of some major headaches. Once more Sakarra found herself appreciating the straightforward simplicity which ruled Vulcan social life. Or Betazoid's, for that matter. A flash of humor briefly showed in her calm black eyes when she imagined how Lady Lhorexa might have dealt with a situation such as this. While the grand Betazoid woman might not have done much to defuse anything, she certainly would have put an end to behavior she deemed improper. In most interesting ways.
"I appreciate you taking the time, counselor." The young Vulcan woman gave a brief, courteous nod and half turned to leave before another thought occurred "And welcome to Charon, Lieutenant Robberts. I am certain you will find it an interesting assignment."
"Oh I already am finding it an interesting assignment." She said with smile. "And if there's anything you need, feel free to come by, if I'm on or off duty." She said with a nod.
"Very well, counselor." Sakarra had an inkling she just might have to take the woman up on her offer sooner or later. Deep in thought, her long legged stride took her out into the corridor. "Computer, locate Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier."

[End Log]
Lt. Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm Officer
Lieutenant Aubrey Robberts
Chief Counselor
USS Charon