Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.07 - Joint Log Part I - Lieutenant Aubrey Robberts & Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax

[USS Charon, Deck 7, main sickbay]
"Your call said urgent, doctor. How may I assist?"
The tall Vulcan with the teal collar looked down at the dark eyed young woman and gave a brief nod of greeting.
"Indeed, Lieutenant. It would appear a situation which has developed for quite some time has become volatile. Hardly unexpected, however I am not qualified to judge or correct …'
Shouting and the sound of heavy objects crashing against bulkheads interrupted the doctor's thus far rather cryptic explanation. Quirking a bemused brow, Sakarra tilted her head at the healer.
"I assume this noise is related to the issue in question?"
"So it is." The doctor's face was perfectly unmoved but the young woman's sharp eyes detected telltale signs of mild exasperation nonetheless.
"One of our Klingon .. guests … has found it necessary to answer a perceived insult by a Romulan crewmember with a fist-fight which has left both combatants in rather unfavorable conditions."
"I see." Sakarra found herself sympathizing with the beleaguered healer. It had to be rather difficult to maintain composure under these circumstances. "Am I assuming correctly that both are not pleased about having been separated?"
"Quite so, Lieutenant. Unfortunately, Sogh G'joth has suffered substantial injuries and refuses to be treated unless he is allowed to… well judging from the expletives he used I must assume his intentions are violent in the extreme."
"Understood. Will you be able to treat the other … combatant?"
"I was able to sedate erie'Arrain t'Leinarrh when she attempted to break my arm. Fortunately, it was not the one holding the hypospray."
[Deck 7, In front of the Counselor's Office]
It had only taken an Andorian nurse to hold the Klingon, a small human with very fast reflexes and a stern voice from the ship's second officer, but finally the young and indeed very angry Klingon was slumbering peacefully while the Vulcan doctor was looking after his bloodied face and numerous bruises. The question now was how to proceed from here.
Truly, out of all the illogical…
Stifling a small sigh, Sakarra pressed the chime to the Counselor's office, hoping to meet the new head of the department herself. She certainly could use the woman's expertise.
Aubrey sat at her desk, her attention on her computer's screen when she heard the chime on her door. She looked at a PADD that had a schedule of when she was expecting different members of the crew to come to her, but she wasn't expecting anyone for a good long while. Deactivating the screen that held profiles of the crew she looked to the door. "Enter." She called, a smile on her face. Seeing who it was, she gave a nod. "How can I be of assistance, Lt?" She was curious why a Vulcan would come to her... it was odd she thought.
"Good afternoon, Counselor." Sakarra returned the greeting with a polite nod of her own and came to a halt in front of the human woman's desk.
"My apologies for interrupting, however if you can spare a few moments of your time, I would require assistance with a somewhat… volatile situation. It is my understanding you have a unique insight into Klingon culture, yes?"
"I have plenty of time to spare." She said with a nod, giving her full attention to the Vulcan. "And I suppose 'an unique insight' would be an interesting way to describe it. I was raised by a Klingon family from a few months after my birth." She said standing up from her desk. "I'm not sure how that can help you...?" She looked slightly confused why this Vulcan would want to know this.
Sakarra nodded slightly in acknowledgement. Hands loosely clasped behind her back, the young Vulcan with the night-black eyes studied the slender woman who seemed mildly bemused by her inquiry.
"You are aware the Charon currently has a number of Klingons on board whose background is… rather unusual as well? This far the inevitable turbulences have been manageable, however we seem to have reached an impasse."
Sakarra exhaled slowly, wondering how to convey the situation in words the counselor might be able to relate to.
"Essentially, Lieutenant, I am asking for advice on how to stop Klingons from being - excessively Klingon. Although considering the circumstances I would be willing to settle for a 'cease-fire' so to speak."
Aubrey gave a smile, she knew very well about the temperaments of Klingons. "There isn't a certain- logic - about dealing with them." Aubrey explained. "However, there are 'tricks' to working with them for lack of a better way to put it. For example- someone might work with a Vulcan's temperament differently than they might a human's." She thought a moment, although this woman looked only half Vulcan, she certainly acted completely Vulcan, and that suited her example. "Would you care for a seat? Or is there a particular incident I may be of use to?" She asked curious.

Sakarra politely declined the offered seat with a small gesture of her hand and then returned to her usual pose, hands folded behind her back and head tilted just a little to the side as she focused her attention on the counselor.
"A particular incident, yes. Although this may be merely the 'tip of the iceberg' if I used the phrase correctly. Essentially, tensions between our Klingon and Romulan crewmembers have increased steadily to the point where two of them now had to be taken to sickbay. Logic suggests that this incident will be followed by others, possibly increasing in violence, unless a solution is implemented soon."
Never mind the minor frictions that had existed among Charon's so diverse crew from the very beginning. Astonishing that the counseling department had been able to 'keep the lid' on it this long.
"The assassination attempt on Lieutenant Commander Ch'Tan Foster seems to have added to the severity of the situation, since not only did the Klingons see him as their 'liaison' but apparently believe the Romulans are responsible. Frankly, counselor, I am at a loss how to explain to Klingons from a long past era that fighting a private war on a Federation Starship is simply unacceptable."
Short of grabbing the squabbling parties one by one and banging their heads together. Not an entirely unappealing thought although of course it would not help the matter and was therefore quite illogical.
[To be continued]
Lt. Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm Officer
Lieutenant Aubrey Robberts
Chief Counselor
USS Charon