Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.07 Duty log Mcapt Harry Tatlock

=/\=Tatlock's quarters=/\=
Harry was in his quarters, he had finally managed to get all his belongings unpacked, he was now in the process of polishing his uniform up , as he was assigned to be a bodyguard, he had also been issued with what looked like a 20th century sheriff's badge, this had the word body guard in many different lauguages, It was believed that if many of the races could read this then they would respect the authority and understand the importance of the wearers mission.
Harry had also been issued with a black shiney belt and holster with a brand new weapon, Harry put the belt and side arm on, he just needed a 19th century cowboy hat and spurrs then he could be the sheriff he grinned.
Harry thought that the badge and accutremonts did look smart. He eyed his other new aquisition, a civillian suit, the orders came down that body guards were to get a civillian suit aswell.
Tatlock had picked his from a 20th century design called a three peice pin stripe, he tried the suit on, he looked very smart in the suit.
Harry had instructions to report to the firing range to check out on his new weapons, a few minutes later he was at the range and was blasting away at targets, The officer liked this new weapon , it was very smooth and lightweight. after the range Harry had to report to the quartemaster to be issued with his body armour, he had heard they had some new types that were very lightweight and could pretty much be phaser proof, this would be good if they had to fight off any would be enemies.
With all the appointments done for the day, Harry went back to his room and found that some PADDS had been delivered, one from home and one from each of his brothers.
He sat back and read the messages.
From The Tatlocks:)

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