Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.07 Backlog - Cmdr Eithne Katris

=/\= SD240910.07 - USS Charon =/\=

Eithne took note of the Captains orders for her to replicate her a set of Captains uniforms and have them sent to her quarters. It was a small task, so it did not take her long to complete the order that was given to her.

Once the uniform was sent to it's destination she went to the bridge to check on things. Another quick task as the ship was in fair condition but for the decks that were still being repaired. From when the report said they were coming along nicely, she liked what she saw.

Her hands moved to her temples and she massaged them a bit as she felt a bit of a headache coming on. She would have to meet with the Chief Medical officer to see if her implant was calibrated correctly. She should not be getting headaches this frequently, she did not want to have a recurrence of what had happened on the Warrior. That was the last she needed at this point in her life.

Finally, the pain passed and she was able to open her eyes again and settle them on the viewscreen before her, the view was impeccable, there was noting on Earth or Betazed that could compare to such a view. It made her glade she returned to duty when Enor asked her to take the position on the Charon as he Executive Officer. If she had not, she would probably still be living in the big empty house on her estate, such a boring lifestyle.

A sign eminated from her as she stood up and gave command over to the next Officer who was due for duty and headed for the lift. She was due for a good sleep, perhaps that was why she got the headache. She gave a friend nod to the crew member coming off the lift as she stepped on and called for her deck. The vibrating lift nearly lulled her to sleep before it came to an abrupt stop at her destination.

Down the hall and to the left and she was home. As much as a home as she would ever have.

It was not long before she was changed and plopped herself down onto her bed, she completely skipped dinner as she was far to tired to worry about eating, she would make up for that in the morning.

=/\= End=/\=

Commander Eithne Katris
Executive Officer

" Live each day as if it were your last..Don't do anything you will regret later...Let it happen...It was meant to be...Don't fight it..It's your destiny"