Monday, October 5, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.06 || Duty BackLog || "Cyclicar Physics" CSci, Ensign Doyle

==/\== Deck C - USS Charon ==/\== SD240909.22 [12:00]

Nathanial didn't wait for everyone to head off, he picked up his tricorder, his shoulder pack and headed to the turbo lift.
The doors opened and he entered. "Deck B" he said.
The trip was short, and whent he doors opened he was confronted with the main corridor in Deck B. It was quite dark so he reached into his shoulder pack and grabbed a standard issue torch. He attached it to his left wrist and switched it on. He switched on the tricorder and turned it towards himself. 'Might as well check its working' he thought to himself.
The tricorder made a beeping noises and he turned it around to view the results. The tricorder displayed that he was indeed a carbon based life form, and that everything was in check. Confident that the tricorder was working correctly he began his scans of the deck. He headed to the aft probe launcher bay first, scanning up and down as he walked through the corridor. It was quiet for the Charon, sure there was the sound of the core, and the environmentals, but Nathanial was used to hearing the noises of distant crew. The lack of this created an eerie feeling that reinforced that he was all alone.
He approached the door to the Aft probe launcher bay but stopped when they didn't open automatically for him. He reached over to the pad and pressed the open button.
The door still didn't open, he looked at the console and noted flashing on the console the words 'Security access only'. He entered his security code into the pad and the door opened with a long drawn out hiss.
He entered the bay, and scanned the room. The scans came up with nothing abnormal, and he headed back out and towards the rest of deck B.

It had taken just under four hours to scan the majority of Deck B and other than a very slight discrepancy in the artificial gravity at the Communication Buoy Magazine, the scans had come up with nothing.
He headed back to the Turbo Lifts and waited for it to open. Five minutes later and still the doors had not opened. He tapped his comm. badge and asked Rufo, Sutek and Shenn if they were in the Turbo Lifts. All three came back with a "no". He was a little concerned but his mind was set on scanning deck A first. He headed for one of the Jefferies tubes that would lead him down to Deck A.
Ten minutes later he was standing on Deck A. The tube had brought him out right in front of the turbo lift, and he noticed right away that it was open. He headed over and ran some scans, nothing unusual came back. Just as he was about to step into the Turbo lift, it shut and he could hear it zooming away. Shaking his head he turned and began his scans of Deck A.

He headed towards the Dorsal Sensor Array scanning as he went, the first hour turned up nothing of interest. He was nearly done, heading to the For section of deck A when he stopped. His tricorder started to flash in an erratic pattern. He looked at the results it was showing on its screen. They were coming up all jumbled, almost... out of order? He took a step back and the tricorder returned to its natural state. He stepped forward again, and the tricorder again began to play up, he took another step forward and noticed that the tricorder returned to normal.
"Intriguing" he said out loud. He began to scan the area that caused this anomaly, it took ten minutes of changing scan types and frequencies, but finally he got a reading. it seemed to be slowly moving. He got his bearings, it seemed to be moving up, from below deck A, and coming from the main section of the Charon.

Ensign Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon