Monday, October 5, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.06 || Joint Duty Backlog || "Cyclicar Physics" Ens Doyle, Ens Rufo, Cdt Clipp

==/\== CSO Office - USS Charon ==/\== SD240909.21

Nathanial tapped his comm badge "Specialist Shenn, Ensign Rufo and Cadet Clipper, please report to my office"

"Clipper to Ensign Doyle, I'm on the way." Thomas began clearing up what was left of his meal. He hadn't finished yet however if he really needed more the replicator could always come back to the Mess and dial up something fresh when he was finished with His Chief. He didn't sense any rush in the Ensigns words, but while his interactions with the CSci had been a bit curt he had yet to disturb or waste his time just because he could and he felt inclined to return the same curtsey.

Galen was where he usually was the astrophysics lab working over some of the scans from the probes he still trust that it was that easy to shut a rift in time and space but so far it seemed to closed. As far the planet it was staying in its orbit and it seems that the rift on that side was also closed and staying close. Sighing Galen ordered one of the other Ensigns to keep an eye on the scans and to inform him if something changed he then headed out of the lab and to the CSci office.

"Yea, would be helpful if I knew who's callin' and what you want." the Andorian grumbled. 'Doyle to Shenn' was a nice hint but really, what was the point of crawling his way back out the Jefferies tube if all the Science Officer (probably the science guy, Shenn couldn't think of another Doyle right now) wanted was a tweaking for some scans that some of his minions could do just as well. Ah damn.
He carefully put the phase compensator down and then wriggled a bit in the narrow crawlspace before tapping his badge to reply "Shenn here. Be up in a minute." Or two. Depending on whether he'd fixed the blasted … never mind. Make that five.
In the pitch black Jefferies tube, a flashlight sprang to life and Andorian curses echoed all the way to the access hatch.

Nathanial looked at the three men standing before him, it was only a routine scanner recalibration, but to Nathanial it would be more, it would be his first 'mission' to use the world liberally, where he took command of a group on the Charon.
"Right, we have a task to perform, I would like to have it done cleanly and smoothly. The sensor pod is malfunctioning, it is giving incorrect readings. This has been verified against scans from the standard sensor array as well as a shuttle's sensor array." Nathanial handed each of them a PADD with the scans.

Galen took the PADD and he couldn't help but a grin appeared onto his face when he remembered Nathanial asking him why this ship was different from the rest of the other science variant ships. But he quickly hid it by faking a cough looking through the PADD.

Looking at the results the inconsistencies were clear and that was a bad thing, especially so considering the role of the ship. The sensor pod on this ship was enormous considering the ships size, and it wasn't that way for no reason, those sensors as far has he was aware were some of the most sophisticated instruments attached to a set of warp engines. Prying deeper into the data, to Thomas the thing that begun racking his mind was that apart from the location there was no clear culprit to the problem, hopefully a physical investigation would shed more light than the information on the PADD before him.

"Cleanly and smoothly, huh?" Shenn's curiosity was sparked, but he wasn't quite sure the guy knew what he was asking. Charon's sensor pod was about as sophisticated a piece of technology - LOTS of pieces of technology - as it came and if that baby had a sneeze, there was nothing clean and sure as hell nothing smooth about it.
Judging from the information on the PADD, this wasn't just the sniffles but a bloody flu. Just great.

"As you can see, its not just certain aspects of the scans that are coming up incorrect, instead it is every aspect. Specialist Shenn, I would like you to check out the auxiliary power generator, Ensign Rufo, I would like you to do a full diagnostic of the sensor computer core, and Cadet Clipper, I would like you to do a deck by deck tricorder scan, and see if anything comes up. We will meet back here at 09:00 hours tomorrow, and head up to the Sensor Pod, I need not remind you all to bring whatever tools needed before we head out.

Learning that the sensor pod was malfunctioning irritated the hell out of him mainly because all of the sensor data he had been working with could be wrong. Which means when they get the correct data he's going need to spend hours on hours going over everything he has done to correct it or double checking everything.

"Yes Sir." Thomas also nodded his head as acknowledgement before taking his leave. He didn't have a particularly large checklist for tomorrow, himself a tricorder, possibly a few PADDs. He would however spend a bit of time harassing the computer this evening regarding the sensor pods layout, if he was going to go prying through the place he should at least know his way around it.

"Right you are, sir." Shenn muttered before turning on his heel and marching out of the office. Auxiliary power generator? Whatever tools needed? Yea, how about half of the engineering department? Unless that generator had been affected by whatever was causing mayhem on Charon right now, fat chance they'd find the problem there. And if it had, they were still trying to get power back to decks two and three. Well, power that worked when you wanted it to. So how were they supposed to… ah, let the bigwigs worry about that. He was happy he'd get a chance to tinker with the sensor pod. Marvelous thing, really.

==^== Deck 9 ==^== SD240909.22

"Rise and shine Mr happy go lucky Andorian!"
"Nils, have I ever told you that you're a pain in the antennae?"
"Every day Shenn, every day."
"I want another bunkmate."
"Go cuddle up with Ria then. I'd love to have the place to myself."
"Should've become an officer if you want your own place. Where's my toolkit?"
"The man's not even out of bed and wants his hyper spanner. Engineer to the bone, eh?"
"Shut up and move or your boss is going to go medieval on me. Meaning I'll have to pass on the unhappiness."
Shrugging, Nils picked up his uniform jacket and made for the door and breakfast. Wasn't really fair Shenn was getting to work on the sensor pod but he suspected the gruffy Andorian would enjoy every second of it.

==/\== Science Department USS Charon ==/\== SD240909.22 [08:55]

Thomas had decided to not worry too much the previous evening regarding the preparation for the expedition having rather made an early start and had spent the last few hours in the science department familiarizing himself with the POD's layout and some of its more prominent equipment, grabbing the pack he intended to bring along it contained nothing more than a handful of PADDs a Tricorder and some fruit and a bottle of water he was going to have for breakfast but had never gotten around to consuming after he replicated it and stuffed it in there.
It was about time to check in and depart.

==/\== CSO Office - USS Charon ==/\== SD240909.22 [09:00]

Nathanial was happy to see that they were all on time 'a good start' he thought to himself. "Alright lets move out"
He stood up and led the group to the turbo lifts. The doors opened and they all stepped in. "Deck C"
The turbo lift activated, and before they knew it the doors opened on Deck C. The corridors were slightly smaller than on the normal decks, as if setup for access and not for comfort, the lighting as well was slightly dimmer than on the rest of the ship.
"Ok all, you know your tasks, head out"

==/\== Deck C - USS Charon ==/\==

Galen pushed passed Thomas and Shenn to get to the console so he could start on running diagnostics he had spent all last night dealing with true sensor scans. "The diagnostic is going to take most of the day." Galen said out loud mainly to Doyle but to anyone who was listening. He ran his hands across the console putting in his access codes so he could start the diagnostic.

Taking his bag off his shoulder Thomas placed it out of the way near the turbo lift taking out two PADD's, one loaded with the data given to him the day before plus what he had added this morning plus a fresh one. he also grabbed his tricorder. For now a sweep through the main corridors and the main equipment across all three decks was going to be his first approach. If that quick preliminary search yielded nothing, then he would need to be far more systematic in his searching.

Coffee in one hand and toolkit in the other, Shenn started the way up to the auxiliary power generator. Antennae perked, he tried to get a 'feel' for this part of the ship, but already something was rubbing him the wrong way.

For Thomas the tricorder yielded nothing of interest on deck C, nothing within the maintenance area, control stations or around the auxiliary power generator was causing any interference.
Transferring the information on the tricorder onto the empty PADD as he walked towards his bag near the turbo lift, taking an apple he decided the scan of deck B would also be an opportune time to have some breakfast he thought as he gave the life the instruction to take him up deck B.
It seemed something was opposed to having his meal as he turned the tricorder back on as he stepped out of the lift, it decided that now was an opportune time to cease operation.
Giving it the ritualistic shake after attempting to turn it back on as well as a time honored belt against his palm and then the arch to the turbo lift he frowned that both methods he knew as engineering practice had both failed, sighing he stepped back into the lift. "Deck C." he muttered as he further examined the tricorder.

Nathanial noticed Thomas approach "Have you completed your scans already?"
"No sir, the tricorder stopped just after I turned it on entering deck B." he replied.
"No problem, did you want to head down to deck 7 and grab another one, and maybe a spare as well."
"Ok sir." Well it wasn't a direct accusation to bring a spare battery, but in reflection he hadn't checked and it was what he was personally considering the cause. Moving back to the lift, he spun to face the doors he just entered before speaking "Deck 7" the doors had shut and the normal slight feeling of motion caught him as the lift began to move.

The doors opened and was greeted where he had begun, deck C. he pursed his lips in frustration before speaking. "Computer I said Deck 7, take the lift to deck 7." Again the doors closed and again the feeling of motion both beginning before coming to a halt and again he was greeted by deck C, this time his brow scrunched in addition to the pursed lips. After 5 minutes he concluded he could still access deck B however all the numbered levels seemed off limits.

Having drawn that conclusion he stepped out of the lift he approached Nathanial and reported. "Sir the turbo lift, it is malfunctioning. It still allows access to the rest of the sensor pod however I cannot use it to access the rest of the ship."

Nathanial tapped his comm badge. "Doyle to Bridge" He waited, but got no response. He tapped his comm badge again. "Doyle to Bridge". Again no response.
"Doyle to Engineering". But again it was silent. He looked to Galen to get him to try.

"Galen to bridge." Galen said and went back to work while he waited after a few minuets without any response he decided to do a ship wide, "Galen to anyone." Galen said again he then looked to Doyle, "looks like no one can hear us." Galen said heading back to work on the diagnostic along with starting a diagnostic on the communication system.

Nathanial tapped his comm badge "Doyle to Shenn".
"Yea, right here."
The Andorian stuffed his equipment back into the tool kit. It sure wasn't the generator, that baby was humming like ice bores on a glacier.

"Report to Deck C, Sensor Control Station" ordered Nathanial.
While waiting for Shenn, Nathanial headed to one of the terminals and attempted to bring up a communication line out of the Sensor Pod and to the bridge, but to no avail.

"Ain't the generator, sir." Shenn stated as he walked up to the others, taking another sip of his now luke-warm coffee. "But I've been getting some other readings that make about as much sense as a Blue Bear sproutin' wings. Sure you science guys will find it interesting, though." He tossed his tricorder to the Cardassian who caught it swiftly and with a really annoyed facial expression.
"Might wanna hook that into one of your fancy little consoles."

Nathanial looked at the three men standing in the Sensor Control Station. "It seems there is an issue we need to investigate further, the turbo lifts are malfunctioning, as well as internal communications out of the Sensor Pod, although they seem to be working fine in the Sensor Pod. Something bigger than a scanner malfunction is happening here, and it seems that we are the only ones that can find out what. We will setup a command post here, Shenn I want you to see if the issue is electrical and see if you can find a way for us to communicate with the main part of the ship, Galen I want you to see if you can find a way to get some scans of the pod, use whatever tools

[To be continued]

Ensign Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon


Ensign Galen Rufo
Stellar Cartographer
USS Charon


Cadet Thomas Clipper
Assistant Science Officer
USS Charon


Specialist Shenn
Basic Engineers Mate
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