Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[USS Charon] [Backlock ] SD240907.08 | Joint Log | D. King & A. Roberts

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=


Location: USS Quantum Fury

Timeline: One week after leaving SB Versailles (3 weeks out from Charon)


Aubrey sat in her quarters of the Quantum Fury. She was sprawled out on the couch, a book propped open on her lap. She was already starting to feel cooped up on this ship-it was driving her up the walls.


It had been a week since they had left Starbase Versailles, three weeks since they had departed Deep Space Nine, and every passing day brought David more and more excitement. The prospect of serving on a ship under a commander such as Commodore Rehu (despite the rumors and her rather colorful record) was a great opportunity for his career (both of them).


But now that they were under way, and Aubrey was still following him out there, everything seemed to sink in. There was nothing that could have made him any happier as he walked up to the door to her quarters and tapped the chime.


"Come in!" Aubrey hollered, giving a stretch then setting her book down in her lap. She wasn't surprised to see that it was David who walked into her quarters.


"Hey you," he said as he stepped further into the room towards her. It was later in the afternoon, past lunch but not quite time for dinner. He had kept himself busy for most of the day by reading crew reports and medical files on the senior staff.


"God David, I feel so cooped up here. I need to get to our new posting." The last week or so she had started to really feel it.


Moving to sit down beside her shrugged, "I know it's a long trip out there; it's easily the longest conveyance I've ever needed. But once we get to Charon do you think you'll feel better?"


The last few days she had a dull ache in her stomach, but she had passed it off of being antsy to arrive at their new post. "Yes, I think it will help by giving me a focus."


"Then you just need to hold on for another three weeks," he said, leaning forward to give her a kiss on the forehead. "Once we're there I'm sure they'll find good use for you."


When he sat on the couch next to her, she had moved her legs to make room for him setting her book on the coffee table. "I'm sure since it's a deep space ship."


"And they've got a very demanding commanding officer," he added to her statement. "Which I'm sure has caused frustrations among the crew."

"I don't care what gives me a focus there, as long as I have one." She told him, giving a nod. She had indeed heard of their new commanding officer several times from David and wondered if the woman would live up to the expectations she now had of her.


Reaching out he took her hand and smiled at her, "Hey, it'll all work out, I'm sure. I trust the Admiral. He wouldn't put me in a bad situation."


"That doesn't mean he wouldn't give you a ride of your life." She said amused.


"Maybe," David said with another shrug. "But the Admiral knows me better than most. We go...way back. He knows better than to put me in a difficult situation."


"I'm still surprised that he managed to find a place for the both of us." She said as her stomach gave a light growl saying she was hungry -yet again.- That seemed to bother her some by the expression on her face.


"Like I said," David replied, raising her hand to gently kiss it. "The Admiral's a good friend. I knew he could help us."


"Do you mind if we get something to eat, or at least do you mind if I do?" She asked. This wasn't her body just burning calories fast like normal, but for the last week or so she had been having even more of a need for food.


With a nod and a smile he answered, "Sure, beautiful. Go ahead."


"Aren't you hungry?" She hadn't realized that they had only eaten a little while ago.


"I'm okay for now," he replied, shaking his head lightly. "I'll be good until dinner time."


Aubrey kissed his cheek before she moved off the couch to go to the replicator. She took her time about finally figuring out what she wanted to eat.  Finally finding something to her suiting, she sat down with her food as well as a glass of ginger ale, hoping that would calm her stomach some.


"But you're right," David said, watching her return. "Think about the crew of this vessel. Four weeks out, and then four weeks back to Versailles. On a ship so small."


"I pity some ships that go on deep space, or even any ships that don't have at least one person like me." She said between bites.


David sighed as he nodded, "Or a holodeck."
=/-\= To Be Continued =/-\=
Commander David King, M.D.
Replacement Officer
USS Charon
Lieutenant Aubrey Roberts
Replacement Officer
USS Charon