Saturday, October 3, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.03 - Mission Log - Captain Shiarrael Rehu

[USS Charon]

 "Did you hear what she did to Commander Jennings?!"

Shiarrael heard the words just before she rounded the corner to wait for the turbolift.  Stopping in her tracks she lowered her PADD and listened intently to conversation occurring just around the corner.

"No?  What happened?"

"Oh my god!  She actually pushed him out of the ready room.  Ensign Pauline who was running the auxiliary ops station told me that she dressed him down in front of the entire bridge and then yelled at the on duty bridge personnel who were watching the entire scene.  As if they could when she was making such a commotion!"

"Wow.  No wonder they're calling her the tyrant of Charon."

Smirking at that line Shiarrael rounded the corner startling the two young women "Ensign."   She said looking at Ensign Dunlap having easily recognized the gossip's voice "what did you say?"

"Nothing Commodore-" Dunlap nervously said taking a step back.

"Captain."  Shiarrael corrected "and I assure you I heard every word of your conversation.  I hate liars Ensign but I will overlook it this one instance."  Her eyes narrowed at the woman "now what did you say?"

"No wonder they're calling you the tyrant of Charon."  Dunlap said wincing.  Her cheeks flushed a slight tint of rose as she looked away "I'm sorry Captain…I didn't mean to offend."

"Offend?"  Shiarrael laughed startling the pair again "no, you have not offended me.  I love it."  She slid the PADD into her pocket and clapped her hands together "I truly love it.  The Tyrant of Charon!  Not the most eloquent title but it will do nicely.  Thank you."  She casually patted Dunlap on the back and entered the turbo lift as it arrived.  Waiting inside she looked curiously at the pair of women "not coming?"  She asked.

Dunlap weakly waved the gesture off "thank you Captain but we'll take the next one."

As the doors closed Shiarrael chuckled to herself.


Stepping out of the lift Shiarrael was wearing a grin- the crew gave her a moment's glance but quickly returned their attention to their business.  That caused her grin to grow as she approached the Charon's command throne.  Dismissing Shrishnar from the center chair she sat down and activated the ship wide comm. 

"Greetings my precious crew, we will be departing this solar system in two hours to continue on course to the nebula.  All personnel are to be aboard thirty minutes before the time of departure.   Any who return late will be forced to spend two nights in the brig."  Shiarrael paused as someone on the bridge coughed.  "There is something else I must say.  It seems certain crewmembers do not realize their place on this ship- my ship.  I am the Captain of this ship and I have the complete power aboard.   Never forget this, because I will use it.  The tyrant of Charon will not tolerate insubordination."  A wicked smile dispelled her grin.  Some of the bridge personnel turned to look at her with concerned expressions, no doubt wondering about her sanity.

"Now that the issue has been addressed I expect no further problems.  They will be dealt with quite harshly.   All senior crewmembers are to gather in cargo bay one thirty minutes prior to departure for pre mission briefing.  That is all."   Shiarrael stood up "mister Shrishnar you have the bridge until Lieutenant Tyrax returns.  I have some business on the planet I must attend to before we leave.  I will be taking a shuttle."


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon