Saturday, October 3, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.03 - Personal Log | CHO - Sakarra Tyrax

[USS Charon, deck 3]
Well, talk about Deja-vu.
Sakarra stood at the entrance of her new quarters, her gaze resting on her belongings which had been transported up here only 57.5 minutes ago.
But where her former domain had been just large enough to fit the two large wooden chests and a few extra items, this one was, well, extraordinarily spacious.
At first she had contemplated asking whether she could not simply keep her old quarters, after all they served their purpose quite adequately.
But the first look at this place had revealed two beautiful windows, spanning almost the entire length of the living area. Facing away from Lyrilla, the view encompassed a myriad of stars set against the endless night of space.
And if that hadn't sold her to the idea of moving (well, it had, actually. Not that she'd ever have admitted it), the large work desk with a magnificent view of said windows certainly had.
Nodding silently to herself, the young Vulcan set about putting away her clothes before tending to the finer details.
A shower, a change into a comfortable robe and some rearranging of furniture later, the door chime interrupted her ruminations of where to put her collection of books.
Sakarra tilted her head at he the two males smiling at her from the entrance, not sure what was more puzzling: their presence or that of the large Muktok plant in a dark red pot.
"Mr Tisdale, Mr Grax. May I help you?"
"Not unless you're hiding some Scotch somewhere in here, Lieutenant." Robert smiled, nudging his half Betazoid friend forward. "Got something for ya, a house-warming gift."
"A beautiful old earth tradition." the Commander nodded. "Stop standing there like a bambi in the spotlight and give her the damn shrub, Merl."
The Muktok chimed soothingly as the young Betazoid held out the pot to a now completely bemused Sakarra.
"Thank you?"
"We didn't mean to intrude, Miss Tyrax." Merl said with a brief sideways glance towards Robert who was already ambling towards the corner where the young Vulcan had set up her meditation pillows.
"But we wanted to bring you a little thank you for not getting mad at us the other day and for putting up with Robert and.. Hey, you don't live here Rob. Will you leave the lady's books alone."
"Sun Tsu? Tao Te Ching? King Lear? Don't remember seeing those before."
"Mr Tisdale."
"Dammit, Robert."
"Yea, sorry. You were saying?"
"Well Hadley heard you were moving and Vara figured out it's got to be your…"
"Thank you Mr Grax."
".. right about today. Or close, anyways. Happy…"
"Mr Tisdale. What are you doing?"
"Getting the bubbles, what else?"
Sakarra had heard quite enough, apparently privacy was at a premium on any starship and she just had the good fortune of having caught the attention of some really resourceful individuals on top of that. Splendid.
She took the pot from the Betazoid's unresisting hands and took a moment to appreciate the pleasant scent before a glass of champagne was thrust under her nose by a smiling Commander Tisdale.
"Don't worry, we're not gonna sing. Don't wanna hurt them ears. But if you're up for it, Eris deck is up and running thanks to someone lightin' a fire under people's behinds and I could get the band together for a little impromptu concert."
"That will not be necessary, Commander."
It was getting quite difficult to hold back that exasperated sigh.
Sakarra selected a spot under one of the windows for her new plant - Betazoid Deities knew how they had come by a 30 year old Muktok - and turned back towards her guests.
It would be terribly rude to ask them to leave after they had brought a gift, but she really wanted to get finished here and then read her family's letters in peace and quiet.
"I got a better idea." Merl said with a friendly smile
"Why don't we help you unpack the rest of your stuff - not like Robert hasn't already poked his nose into everything - and then leave you be if you promise to join us in the lounge, say, tomorrow?"
"Some people might consider that an attempt at extortion, Mr Grax."
"Not at all, Miss Tyrax. Just a deal between fr… colleagues. Do we have one? Deal, I mean."
"Hey, got your Rommie knife over the desk again I see. Any significance to that or you just wanna keep it handy? You going to drink that?"
"I am not, Commander, however I do appreciate the sentiment."
"Okies, spice tea comin' up."
Four Deities have mercy…
So, your … wow, is that a longbow? Sorry, didn't mean to pry Miss Tyrax I just haven't seen it last time."
"Yes. This will remain in the chest, Mr Grax. However since you seem intent on staying, you may assist me in moving this towards the wall."
"My pleasure. On three?"
It was going to be a long evening…

[End Log]
Lt. Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm Officer
USS Charon