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[USS Charon] SD:240910.03 || JL || Csec. Cmdr Dylan Marcus, ASEC Lt. Runo Dlya, Lt. Acel'a, MCpt. Harry Tatlock,. Farien M'Narth Pt 2

=/\=Security Office=/\=

M'Narth followed what Commander Marcus was saying before he looked at the Commander and spoke.
"Commander with all do respect I would like to see the personal files on these two officers if I could as my mandate requires that I agree and train all personnel assigned to this detail with me. I understand these officers are Starfleet Security and Starfleet Marines but I would still like them to go thought Rei'Krannsu training with me leading them as we are meant to give our lives for our duty. I am not saying that either one of these officers would not fully understand their duties, but if they are to just guard the children that is one thing but if they are to with me to protect the Ael'Riov then we have to some understanding of what is required of them and of my orders from Rei'Krannsu Central Command." M'Narth pauses for a moment before going on. "I mean no disrespect to these two officers, it's just that I was not told that I would have to form my protection detail using Starfleet Personnel and I was understanding that my orders had been cleared by Starfleet Security on Earth, but as we spoke before they had not and that is why I am the only Rei'Krannsu Officer on the ship. I am also hoping that you have talked with the crew and my being armed at all times, as I have had a few problems with your non-commissioned officers and enlisted Security personnel about my being armed a Starfleet Starship as it is not regulation to have an Armed Foreign Officer on the vessel. I hope my being a member of this fine crew will not stop me from doing my duty and bring honor to my family and to the Empire that I serve?"
Acel'a stepped up to Dylan and whispered.
"He just made it nearly impossible for us to work with him! He has made it quite clear, he will never fully trust us. I cannot work with someone who distrusts me at every turn!" she stated flatly, then stepped back. Right now, Acel'a didn't care if this got her demoted and/or transferred. She was simply tired of being foisted off on distrusting people. She had enough of that, as a cop in the 21st Century and beyond. 

Dylan stood silent for a moment. He barely acknowledged Acel'a's concern, though he understood her reasons.

 "Acel'a. I assigned you to this post because 'I' trust you. The children should be fine with you. Lord knows they have been through enough on this ship already. " He said trying to ease her concerns about the assignment.

 "As for your request Farien. I agreed to let you meet the officers involved. you have. If you wish to review their public records then you are free to do so. I will agree to the joint training, as long as I am there as well. " He paused to collect his thoughts and to calm himself. " As for the chain of command, I am placing these two officers to work with you as equals. While I appreaciate that you have your orders, This is a starfleet ship and ALL security orders go through me. Is that clear Farien?"

"Commander, as I said I mean no disrespect to your people but they have not been trained and are not held to the same standards as I am. If I fail in this mission then I am to take my life for the dishonor of failing. I am not sure if your people understand that. I just want things to go with the best way and if things don't then I want people who are going to be able to step up with myself and  take blame of the mistake, Commander."

"These two are two of my top officers. If you question them, then you question me. I understand that the chain of command and loyalty to duty and one's commander is important to Romulan culture is it not? Then I expect you to treat each member of this department with the same respect and honor you would have them treat you."  

"Commander the chain of command, loyalty, duty and honor are important to the Romulan people. I also want to have people that understand this about my people and that I am not going to be disobeying my orders from my senior officers and I understand that this a Starfleet Ship and I will treat them with respect but they must understand that they are not going to be allowed any slack in this duty, Commander. I hope you all understand everyone?"

=/\=End Log=/\=

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon

Lieutenant Runo Dlya
Asst Security Officer
Uss Charon

Lieutenant Acel'a
Asst Security Officer
USS Charon

Marine Captain
Harry Tatlock
Asst Security Officer
USS Charon

Farien M'Narth
Body Guard
USS Charon.


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