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[USS Charon] SD:240910.03 || JL || Csec. Cmdr Dylan Marcus, ASEC Lt. Runo Dlya, Lt. Acel'a, MCpt. Harry Tatlock,. Farien M'Narth Pt 1

=/\= Security Office=/\=
    Commander Marcus sat behind his desk. He was swamped with reports and crew transfers lists. His desk was a disaster zone of 'paperwork' that he wanted to get filed as soon as possible. First on his list was the fact that Security was a madhouse with the addition of having to evacuate the residents of decks two and three. With the added issue of having to now re-order his department to accommodate the Captain's new personal guard, he had decided to hold a meeting.
    "Computer, send a memo to all Security Officers. I want to have a meeting here in 10 minutes." He called out. The computer chirmed in acknowledgement.
    Tatlock's pager buzzed and the message came through for him to report to the security office.
    He set off and arrived there within a few minutes.
    "Captain Tatlock reporting" The marine said and awaited an invitation to be at ease.
    Lt Acel'a was just about to round a corner when her PADD chimed with a message, Reading it, she saw that it was a call for a meeting in the Security Office. Minutes later, Acel'a ambled in and stood at attention.
    "Lieutenant Acel'a reporting," said the Human/Thalaxian hybrid, glancing at the new Marine. ~ Did not know we had Marines aboard, ~ she thought.

    Runo glanced up from his meal in the holodeck and sighed as the computer began to chime. He picked up the napkin from his lap, placed it on the table and stood up before strolling over to a pillar where a small panel could be seen. He read over the message, glanced at the chrono and mumbled a muttered curse. He stood there a moment, debating on what to do. Indi started at him with a questioning gaze, not too curious but shy enough not to ask. Eventually his training won and he sighed again.
    "Indi... I'm afraid that I am going to have to cut this one a little short. The commander has called a meeting, its urgent." He was supremely disappointed that he had to leave but duty called.
    Marcus stood in the main lobby of the Security Office and nodded to the Marine Captain and Acel'a.
    "At ease." he said.  He stood nearly as tall as Acel'a and smiled at the two early arrivals. "We should get started soon, but first....," he turned to Harry.  "Marine Captain, This is Lt. Acel'a; Acel'a, Harry Tatlock. Since our marines are no longer here, he will be helping us out in security.
    Tatlock offered his hand " pleased to meet you LT"
    "Same here. I am sure we will work well together," said Acel'a grasping the man's hand and shaking it firmly.
    Dylan nodded to Runo. He knew that he let him off early for a dinner engagment.
    "Runo, I'm sorry I had to pull you away from your evening. " He said apologetically. He understood He would have rather stayed with Indira. Marcus couldn't blame him, He wouldn't have wanted to work over dinner either.
    Acel'a smiled, with sympathy, knowing many an interruption of dinners.   

          M'Narth had just walked into the security office, after making sure that the security details involving the Ael'Riov had been taken care of and passed on to Rei'Krannsu High Command and that they knew about the conversation that Commander Marcus and M'Narth about the protection of the Ael'Riov and her family. He also noticed that he was the only one in the room that was armed and was not sure how that was going to go over with the rest of this Starfleet Security Department on the Charon.
    Tatlock noticed the silence and made an attempt to start conversation "I understand there was some nasty stuff with the last marines aboard?"
    As soon as everyone was present, Dylan stood up to the head of the group.
    "I'd like to thank everyone for coming on short notice. As most of you know, We have been short handed since the Marines have been gone. The recent attempts on the Captian's life have also caused significant problems, as such; we have gained a new member of our staff. Farien M'Narth has been assigned as the Captian's new personal Body guard. " Dylan paused to let everyone a chance to take in the information.
    He turned to Lt. Dlya. "Runo, I would like to take your initiative with your training programs and make your training programs required training for the entire department.  I'm also officially making you assistant Chief of security."
    "Harry and Acel'a , I would like both of you to work closley with M'Narth I want the three of you to be responsible for the saftey of the Captain and her children. Lt. Acel'a, I am making you personally in charge of the starfleet security detail guarding the children."
    "While I am fine with Securing the Captain, I am concerned the children might find me too frightening, due to my height and 'appendage', namely my pantograph, especially if ever a situation requires me to raise it," Acel'a.

=/\= To Be Continued =/\=

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon

Lieutenant Runo Dlya
Asst Security Officer
Uss Charon

Lieutenant Acel'a
Asst Security Officer
USS Charon

Marine Captain
Harry Tatlock
Asst Security Officer
USS Charon

Farien M'Narth
Body Guard
USS Charon.

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