Friday, October 2, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.02 || Personal BackLog "A Match for a Match" Part XIII - Ens Nathanial Doyle

As everything went black Nathanial heard the computer speak out the words [Holodeck safety protocols initiated].
Everything turned white and he was standing back in the middle of the holo-deck.
"Damn it! I swear I thought I would get past that bit this time!" He said cursing himself.
He shook his head and headed for the door, he didn't want to be late for his next shift!
<Only joking!!! Now back to the real story :)  >
He could hear raised voices, they seemed distant. he couldn't see anything, either that, or everything was black. He tried  to concentrate on the voices, with him centring on them, they seemed to get louder, clearer. It was then he realized that his eyes were shut. 'I must have been unconscious' he thought to himself. The voices seemed to be arguing, finally he could make out what they were saying.
"....aren't you?"
"I don't see why you are so worried" Nathanial recognized the voice, it was Josh's!
"Do you ever think?" jumped in the other voice.
"I..I.. I do" replied Josh.
The other voice sighed. "This is what happens when you act without thinking, god I don't know sometimes why you were... oh look! it stir's"
Nathanial noticed the voice talk his way, he opened his eyes, standing in front of him was a tall man, he had dark short hair and small sideburns, Nathanial knew immediately who it was, he recognized him from the pictures of people who had come up with high matches on the Arianna videos.
Nathanial replied "...Dennis"
"Ah, well identified Nathanial, I guess you really do have a head on your shoulders."
"Though I bet it hurts, doesn't it Nate?" Laughed Josh
Nathanial tried to touch his head but found his hands were bound behind him.
"Ha! You ain't going anywhere Nate"
"Oh do shut up Josh" Dennis said, waving his hand at him. Josh seemed to withdraw away from Dennis with that gesture. "You surprise me Nate, can I call you Nate?"
Nathanial's head was pounding, he was having a hard time processing all the information, the images of Sara and Arianna flashed in his head and blurted out "Where are they?"
"And here I thought you were perceptive, poor Nate, that hit on the head must have knocked some of those smarts out of you!" Dennis leaned over and picked up a small steel pipe off the table. Nathanial noticed some red splotches on the pipe, Dennis spotted Nathanial looking at the blood and smiled, he lifted the steel pipe and began to lick the blood. "You definitely have an intresting taste Nate!"
"Freeze! Police!" came a shout from the metal platform. Nathanial shifted his head and saw the cheif inspector standing there, phaser in hand. Josh  started to panick and began to move towards a pile of boxes nearby, the inspector seeing this pointed the phaser his way "Don't move another inch or I will fire!"
In that distracting moment Dennis pulled out a phaser and fired it at the inspector, it narrowly missed him. The inspector ducted back up the stairs and fired back, phaser fire continued between the two for a few minutes, then all of a sudden Dennis stopped firing. Dennis cursed.
Nathanial noticed Dennis making some kind of knocking gesture to the phaser, as if it had malfunctioned. Noticing an opening the inspector started to make his way to the end of the platform. It was then Nathanial noticed the grin on Dennis's face. Nathanial tried to shout out a warning, but it was too late, Dennis turned and fired, the phaser blast connecting with the inspector on his upper left torso. The Inspector crumbled to the floor.
"Now this is an interesting turn of events" Dennis said to himself more than to anyone in particular, "But I believe we can make this work." He turned to Josh "Grab a PADD, I need you to hack in and leave a note from Nate." Upon saying his name he turned and walked over to Nathanial. "It seems dear Nate, that you have just killed the Chief Inspector, and riddled with remorse, you decide to kill yourself!"
Nathanial knew he had to act, it was now or never, he pushed up with all his might crashing himself into Dennis. They both tumbled to the floor, knocking the phaser out of Dennis's hand.
Dennis laughed and punched Nathanial square in the face, Nathanial returned the hit with a head butt of his own, another punch connected with Nathanial's head, this one aimed at the already sensitive wound he had gotten earlier. Nathanial screamed out in pain.
"Yeah you like that don't you?" Dennis sadistically yelled
Nathanial was in allot of pain, he knew that if he gave into it he would slip into unconsciousness again, he concentrated on Sara and Arianna and shifted his weight again throwing himself at Dennis.
Dennis laughed, and raised a knee into Nathanial's gut, Nathanial retaliated with another head butt, this time connecting with Dennis's nose, a loud crack emanated from it.
"My nose, you filthy excuse for a human" Dennis grabbed Nathanial and pushed him with enough force to fling Nathanial off him and onto the floor.
"The phaser!" Dennis ordered Josh.
Josh had scampered over and retrieved the phaser during the fight, he now proceeded to hand it over to Dennis.
"It was entertaining Nate, But now... YOU DIE"
Dennis lifted the phaser and pointed it at Nathanial.