Friday, October 2, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.02 || Personal BackLog "A Match for a Match" Part XII - Ens Nathanial Doyle

 ==/\== Down Town- San Francisco ==/\== SD240401.24 [14:42]

Nathanial turned the corner. 'this is it'' he said to himself. He parked his car and jumped out of his car.. He was in the warehouse district, the street lived up to the name and was just one warehouse after another. He grabbed the PADD with the address, committed it to memory and left it in the car.
It didn't take long to find the plain metal door that signified the location that Khzarr had given him, it was attached to  large concrete building. It was nondescript. "So I end up at a nondescript warehouse in the warehouse district, if that's not a cliché I don't know what is!" He said to himself chuckling.
He reached for the door pad, but instead was confronted with an old door handle and key setup. 'Well thats different!' he thought to himself, he looked around quickly, the street was empty. He grabbed the handle and tried to turn it. It wasn't locked! He opened the door carefully and stepped inside.
Once inside he closed the door slowly and took a look at his surroundings, he was in a dimly lit hallway, it headed off directly in front of him for five or so meters before making a ninety degree turn to the right. The ceiling was also quite low, he had expected the door to lead into a warehouse, not a corridor, after all from outside it seemed to be at least two stories tall.
He carefully proceeded down the corridor, attempting to make as little noise as possible, he turned the corner and was confronted with five steps leading down to a metallic platform, the platform was situated a story or so higher than the rest of the warehouse, giving a vantage point to look down into the warehouse proper.
The other end of the platform had stairs leading down to the warehouse floor. The warehouse itself was L shaped or so Nathanial presumed, as the L part of the warehouse was hidden around a corner.
He stepped onto the metal platform and had a look into the warehouse. It was cluttered, boxes everywhere, there were also some large containers and barrels against the walls, and a large table in the middle. Sitting at the table was a man, Nathanial could not make out who he was as he had his back to Nathanial and the metal platform.
Nathanial moved slowly towards the stairs at the end of the platform, about half way across he lost his footing and stumbled, he reached out for the railing grabbing it to stop himself from falling. The man turned to see what the commotion was and locked eye's with Nathanial.
A flash of recognition came across both thier faces.
"Oh seriously Nate, can't you keep your stinking nose out of other people's business?" Josh said loudly.
Nathanial looked at Josh, 'what was he doing here? What was so important that he missed the meeting to be here?' he was about to speak when Josh continued. "You think your so smart don't you? Little Mr.. wanna be detective! Yet how many DEAD ends do you keep coming to, huh?"
Nathanial ignored the comment and asked "What are you doing here Josh?"
Josh laughed. "You have no firkin idea do you? I would have though you could of at least have worked THIS out, But you have no idea at all, do you?"
"Josh man, what's got into you, why the lip?" Nathanial was concerned, something was way off, Josh was off the rector scale, 'was he on drugs?'
"Lip? LIP? You take for granted so much around you don't you, its all about Nate this and Nate that, when is it ever about Josh?"
Nathanial began to reply but was cut off by Josh "I haven't finished talking, you were probably going to go into some rant about yourself weren't you? See I know what's going on, you know I am smarter than you, and as such you have been pushing me down, well its not going to happen anymore, you hear Nate!"
"Dude? What's happened? Don't you remember me helping you through the astrophysics exam, or helping you get the dorm room you really wanted? You know as well as I do, that your important to me."
"That's what you want me to believe, its all part of your "games" you think you know so-oo-oo much about people, yet look at you know, lost..."
"Josh whatever is up, talk to me, you know I will do anything I can to help you."
Of course YOU will do anything YOU can, see, its all about YOU Nate, oh well Nate, I would really love to continue this conversation, I really would, but..."
"But?" Nathanial asked.
It was then he felt it, the air whoosh past his ear, a split second later an explosion of pain errupted throughout his head, the pain was too much and he slipped into unconsciousness.
The last thing Nathanial saw before everything turned back a laughing Josh holding something small and shiny in his hand...