Friday, October 2, 2009

[USS Charon] [Backlog] SD240906.15 | Joint Log | Dr. D. King & LT A. Roberts | Part 3

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Location: Deep Space Nine, Bajoran Sector

Timeline: Six weeks prior to arrival on USS Charon


Of course it had taken Aubrey longer than the time given to her by David. Running a little over an hour, Aubrey appeared in the archway of Quark's Bar. She was wearing her favorite color, a dress that fit her very well. It was something a bit fancier than she normally wore, but she didn't think she would have a chance to do again for awhile.


David, on the other hand, was still in his teal-necked duty uniform, and was sitting at the bar nursing a glass full of something such a bright hue of blue that it almost appeared to glow. He didn't notice her arrive, as his attention had been directed at a well-known Lurian patron who often visited the bar.


Aubrey made her way through the bar, a few eyes on her, but she ignored them. She saw David at the bar, appearing to be talking to someone that he might or might not have known. "I managed in decent time, didn't I?" Aubrey asked as she lightly touched his arm, standing next to him.


Turning around on his stool he smiled at her, and immediately found himself speechless. For several moments he sat there at watched her. It seemed the Lurian found the silence a bit awkward and removed himself from his own seat, moving to leave the bar.


Aubrey's face seemed to brighten at his reaction, pleased by it in a way. She knew that physically, he liked what he saw. But she knew out of experience it wasn't just a physical level he was looking. "I'm guessing the little extra time was worth it?" She asked him softly, so only he could hear as she moved close to him. After he had spun around in his barstool, Aubrey took the chance to position herself so her hips were between his knees as she stood in front of him.


Placing his hands on either side of her waist, he nodded his head and smiled up here, "You look fantastic." He knew she was drawing attention from the crowd in the bar, and nothing could have made him feel luckier than knowing that her heart belonged to him.


Aubrey did her best to not pay any of her attention to the others looking upon her, which was easy for her. Ever since she had met David, it was something easy for her to do- ignoring the presence of other's... not completely, but on a subconscious way. "You would say that if I was covered in dirt too."


With a facetious grin on his face he leaned in and whispered, "But that's because I've seen that you -do- look wonderful covered in nothing but dirt."


She gave a soft laugh, remembering that he indeed had seen her covered in dirt, and not much else besides that. "That's beside the point, you know what I meant." Her voice was soft with amusement. She seemed in a pleasant mood, being off the Warrior and having this down time. It didn't seem to bother her much to be in between assignments.


"Maybe," he replied, moving his left hand back to the bar to retrieve his glass before taking a drink. "Doesn't make it any less true, though."


"What are you drinking?" She asked curious, finding it ironic that the color of his drink seemed to almost match her dress perfectly.


With a shrug David replied, "No clue." He pointed at an empty glass in front of the recently vacated seat and added, "It's what Morn was having and I couldn't make up my mind."


The bartender had noticed that she had arrived; of course it had taken him several moments to actually remind himself to stop gawking and actually ask her what she wanted. "What can I do for you, ma'am?" the Ferengi asked her.


Turning to look at the barkeep, but keeping her body facing David, she gave a smile. She almost always got the same thing. Bloodwine, or a tropical dream. She decided for bloodwine, betting this would be the last place she would be able to get it for awhile. "Bloodwine, if you have it." She said with a charming smile.


As the Ferengi moved off to get her drink for her, David eyed her suspiciously, "Now Lieutenant, you're not planning on getting me intoxicated and taking advantage of me tonight, are you? That's not very becoming of an officer."


"I ordered it for myself, not for you." She said with a smile, knowing very well that he couldn't handle bloodwine. Her on the other hand, could. It was other drinks that a person would normally think she could handle if she could handle bloodwine, but would set her off instead. "Not that I wouldn't mind..." She whispered in his ear. "Commander, I would never take advantage of you."


He grinned as he took another small drink, "Oh, I'm sure it's below you." Breaking his gaze from hers, he turned his head to look around the bar, "So, how would you like to spend your evening?"


"Besides taking advantage of you?" She said, giving a nod to the barkeep as he set her drink next to them on the bar. She took a slow drink before she looked to David again. "I'm not so interested in gambling." She said looking at a few of the Dabo tables. "What about you, you've said you've been here before several times."


Shaking his head, David explained, "I was here on business. I never really had an opportunity to delve into what the station offers as entertainment. So your guess is as good as mine."


=/-\= To Be Continued… =/-\=


Commander David King, M.D.

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Lieutenant Aubrey Roberts

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