Friday, October 2, 2009

[USS Charon] [Backlog] SD240906.15 | Joint Log | Dr. D. King & LT A. Roberts | Part 2

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Location: Deep Space Nine, Bajoran Sector

Timeline: Six weeks prior to arrival on USS Charon


"We're not a family..." Aubrey corrected him. She was starting to feel as David fit into her life like that, but wasn't ready to call him that yet. "We need our own guest quarters, please." Aubrey asked him very formally, even if she knew that much of their time on the station would be spent in one or the other.


Doing his best not to be stung by how Aubrey had worded her response, David just stood and waited for the young officer to assign their billets. After a moment the young man nodded, "Very well, Lieutenant. I've got two on Level Twenty-Two."


"Thank you." she said with a nod as they got their guest quarter assignments. After getting the necessary information they needed on a PADD for each of them, Aubrey looked to David before they headed out of the quartermaster's office. "You understand, David?" She had noticed that he had given a small reaction when she said they weren't a family.


"Of course I do," he replied, offering a slight smile in her direction. And he did. "I know that living together is a very major step, and we spend enough time together as it is. When it's time to take that step we will."


Heading back into the same lift that they had gotten off of, Aubrey gave some thoughts to his words. He seemed very serious about their relationship. She liked that in many ways- but it scared her too. This was a major thing in her life.


"Let's go get settled in our guest quarters... I want to change out of my uniform since there isn't much of a reason to be wearing it until I have a new assignment." She told him as the lift started to take them to their deck level. "I would like to explore the promenade." She told him, honestly wanting to go there.


"Alright," agreed David with a nod. "How about we meet at Quark's in about an hour? That should give you plenty of time to change."


"I'm guessing you will be there much early than me." She said amused as the lift stopped and they left it. "It will give you something to do instead of waiting for me in one of our quarters." She said as she slid one of her hands into his.


"You will get an assignment that's too your liking sooner or later." She said, "Hopefully sooner than the later." She lightly repositioned her duffle bag on her shoulder.


David chuckled as he nodded in agreement, "Hopefully sooner rather than later." He spared a glance in her direction as he added, "I'd like to settle down at some point."


"I know...." She mumbled. This wasn't the first time he had made comments like that. And she had noticed the reaction of his when she had said they weren't a family- it was small, but enough for her to notice. Soon they arrived at her quarters first, his was only a few doors down and across the hall. "I will actually try to be there on time, or even early?" She mused to him.


With a nod he gave her another smile, "I'll be there waiting on you."


"I don't like having you wait on me." She said as she gave him a soft kiss on his cheek. "I will try to be prudent."


"It shouldn't be too hard to beat your record," he replied jokingly. When she moved back from kissing his cheek he grinned and tugged on her arm, pulling her in close for a 'real' kiss. The corridor was empty, with no one around to see them. And he personally couldn't care less if they had.


Aubrey let her duffle drop to the floor near her door, her body pushing into his body. She had really started to get into the kiss, and then remembered that they were in a very public place. Jabbing him in the gut, she teased him. "If you distract me, it's going to take me even longer!" She said, having no problem filling time with moments like that.


David's reply was simple and to the point, "I don't mind those kinds of distractions. Those are the fun kind."


"Of course," she said, with a sparkle in her eye. "But later; I want to go down to the bar and have a few *real* drinks." She said as she shoved him away lightly, playfully. "Let me get ready and I will meet you down there."


Taking a couple steps backwards down the corridor he continued to watch her as he nodded, "Alright. You best hurry. The clock's ticking."


"I'm going, I'm going!" She said with a smile on her face as she went into her quarters to get ready.


=/-\= To Be Continued… =/-\=


Commander David King, M.D.

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Lieutenant Aubrey Roberts

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