Friday, October 2, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.02 - Joint BACK Log - Then Commodore (Now Captain) Shiarrael t'Rehu & Colonel Susan Ivoniva

[USS Charon]

Colonel Susan Ivoniva was always fond of the transporting process. It was the only piece of technology that marveled her every time she had the opportunity to use it. The view of the Uss Quantum Fury's transporter room was replaced with that of the slightly different design of the Uss Charon, her new stomping ground for the next little while.

Now fully materialized, Susan noted the crewman at the controls. It was not as if she had expected a welcoming party but she had hoped for some sort of greeting besides the stunned-shaky look of a young human man.

Her nose curled slightly as she moved off of the transporter pad. "At ease crewman. You may have my stuff sent to my quarters. I have fully memorized the ships specifications and will not need an escort or a tour, please have that noted." Susan looked the crewman over once more before glancing down to make sure her transfer orders had made it through the transport with her.

Crewman Yates stiffened "but colonel…"  His response was cut short by the shouting occurring just outside the door in the corridor.

"Commodore!  Please."  Yeoman Harlow struggled to keep up "I spent two days cleaning up this speech for you!"

Shiarrael stopped just outside the transporter room door "cleaning up?  You have removed my entire speech and replaced it with drivel that is about as inspiring as a block of cement."  She snatched the PADD from his hands and slammed it onto the deck "I do not require you to be my speech writer.  In the future it will be wise to remember that.  Dismissed!"  Shiarrael tightened her collar and then stormed into the transporter room.

Susan looked over quickly as she noticed the female Romulan enter the room. Raising a brow, the Colonel let out a crooked smile, "You must be Commodore t'Rehu…" Moving closer to the Commodore, Susan raised her right arm giving a stiff and formal salute.

"Welcome aboard the Charon Colonel."  Shiarrael returned the salute and hid her annoyance beneath a veneer of general disinterest "forgive my tardiness in welcome you aboard.  One of my yeomen got ahead of himself."  She looked at the crewman "I'm sure the crewman here can show you to your quarters?"  The young man looked at the Colonel who had earlier refused his request and nervously nodded his head.

Susan smiled. She knew coming onboard as an observer would give her some sort of stigma; this made her respect the restraint the Commodore was giving towards her. The Colonel could only place herself back in time, thinking about how she personally would react towards an observer onboard her ship. "That won't be necessary Commodore. Now that you're here, I believe it would be appropriate for us to have lunch, perhaps in these said quarters."

Shiarrael returned the smile but politely declined the gesture "another time perhaps?  I am increasingly busy and don't have time at present."

Susan looked the Commodore up and down, she turned to the second padd she was holding making a few brief notes. Direct eye contact with the Commodore was made as she continued to offer a pleasant smile, "But of course Commodore."

Shiarrael nodded to the crewman who led the Colonel out into the corridor.  Standing alone in the transporter room Shiarrael grimaced "what a burden."  She cursed and then left.

Susan smiled faded slightly as she walked a few metres down the corridor with the Crewman. "Crewman. You're dismissed. Go get yourself a donut or something." She waved him off as politely as possible and continued walking towards a turbolift.


Captain Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Colonel Susan Ivoniva
Starfleet Observer
USS Charon