Saturday, October 3, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.02 - Duty Log - CHO | Lt. Sakarra Tyrax

[USS Charon, Deck 2]
"I'm NOT going in there."
"Well who's going to fix the nanny, then?"
"That's the Commodore's quarters!"
"Captain, actually." Sakarra stated as she walked up to the two arguing engineers. Correction, one engineer, one operations assistant.
"What seems to be the problem?"
"Mr Jones here," the Bolian female huffed indignantly "Can't seem to decide whether he finds our Commo … wait a minute. Captain? Did I miss something?"
"It would appear you did, Ensign Chorye." Raising a brow by 0.4 centimeters, Sakarra let her level gaze wander between the human who displayed an unusually red facial color and the somewhat agitated blue skinned woman.
"Typical. Just typical. Our commanding officer gets demoted and I'm the last one to hear about it. What did she do? Behead that cocky ambassador for looking at her the wrong way?"
"That's hardly the issue, Cho. But thanks for bringing up the beheading thing. Really." the human, who judging by the dark brown growth on his face was in dire need of a shave, ran a nervous hand through his equally stubbly hair.
"I concur that this is not the issue. The state of these quarters however is."
"Well," the Bolian squared her shoulders defensively "it's all up and running, Ma'am. Except for the holographic nanny. That one needs to be reinitialized from in there." she gestured through the open doors and then towards the toolkit at the human's feet.
"Only Jonesey here, although he's got a thing for Captain Rehu I don't care how much he denies it, is scared for his life she's going to throw a fit if he so much as looks at her stuff."
Slightly bemused, Sakarra looked through the open doors at the CO's quarters - some items appeared scattered across the floor, the inevitable result of repeated gravity failures - and then back at the human crewman.
"Since you obviously have already 'looked' , I cannot follow the logic of this statement."
"It's not about looking per se, it's .. can't we just ask first before, I mean…"
"Crewman." Sakarra glanced at her PADD and then decided this was a waste of time. Harassing the Captain with such a trivial matter was out of the question but so was not getting these quarters in order.
Turning on her heel, the young half-Vulcan strode into the spacious room with it's off-white walls and looked for the access panel.
"Over there, ma'am." the Bolian had followed her and pointed to a section adjacent to what appeared to be the children's room.
"Very well. Please proceed. Mr Jones, you may either complete repairs now or send me an engineer who is willing to do so."
Cautiously, the human stepped into the room and made a quick beeline for the panel. "Nice paintings. The lady got taste."
Chorye groaned and started running her tricorder over the exposed circuits.
"We got some replacement chips left? These look done for."
"Not necessarily. Lemme see."
Leaving the two to their work, Sakarra looked over her PADD again and then her gaze fell on some exotic potted plants which had weathered the climatic turbulences of the past few days astonishingly well.
She tilted her head thoughtfully before retrieving some water for the plants from the - thankfully - functional replicator. This one would recover nicely, this one however would require some attention…
"Hey, you want to blow that hologram to bits?"
"Trust me, Cho. Just cross-circuit over here and… see?"
"Engineers. Why make it simple if you can play, huh?"
Tucking a sickly plant under her arm, the dark haired Vulcan proceeded to pick up the few strewn about items in the otherwise immaculate room and placed them in likely looking spots before carefully lifting the table off the couch - how it had ended up perched against the wall like that was a rather interesting puzzle.
Everything else the Captain would certainly rearrange to her liking.
"You are not authorized to be here."
"Like hell we ain't"
Chorye glowered at the elderly Romulan woman who had just appeared in the middle of the room "We just repaired you AND we got the second officer to back us up, how's that for bein' authorized."
"I see." the hologram turned slowly, taking in the overall look of the quarters and frowned. "What a mess."
"Indeed." Sakarra nodded towards the beaming young engineer before turning back towards the door where a Sulamid's head (or equivalent of such) appeared to be peeking into the room, and a PADD was waved in her direction.
"Update from engineering, Lieutenant. Say two more people for you available if you want and quartermaster say your new home ready."
"New home?"
"Say quartermaster." The Sulamid waved his tentacles and Sakarra retrieved the PADD, raising a mildly puzzled brow. "Thank you, crewman. And please inform engineering…"  she looked over her shoulder to see the hologram dissipate and the Bolian woman give the 'thumbs up' sign "that we do not require more personnel as the repairs are completed."
"Aye aye Miss Lieutenant."
Sakarra resisted the urge to shake her head and watched the Sulamid scamper away. "Ensign, crewman, I believe your shifts ended two point four hours ago. Once you have finished retrieving your tools, you are dismissed. Good work."
All that was left to do was inform the crew they could return to their quarters two hours earlier than estimated. Quite satisfactory.
[End Log]
Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helms-Vulcan
USS Charon