Friday, October 2, 2009

[USS Charon] [Backlog] SD240908.20 | Joint Log | Commo Rehu, Cmdr King, & Lt Roberts

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=


As he had left the turbolift and moved around the periphery of the bridge, David looked around and admired the beauty of its design. It was not as large or as grand as some of the other bridge modules in use around the fleet, but it still had a very sleek and aesthetic feel. The officers on duty really didn't pay the pair any attention as they went about their duties.


Aubrey Robberts moved with David King twoard the door of the commander's ready room. She didn't give much attention to the design of the bridge as David did. She was not new to the sight of a Luna Class starship. It was indeed one of the styles she was more fond of in starfleet.


"Well, better just get this over with," sighed David as he reached out with a hand to tap the door chime. Confrontation was not such the issue, as he really didn't mind an occasional heated argument with someone, but arguing with a commanding officer (no matter what the cause) could result in a week's worth of headaches.


When the chime rang Shiarrael was listening to recent 'intercepts' from the Romulan communication network in the region.  As usual all transmissions seemed 'regular' or specifically that they appeared to hold nothing of significance.  However, she easily picked up on the tension and nuances in their communications and it seemed things in the area were a bit chaotic.  The revelation troubled her.  Of course things in the east were always a bit disorganized with so many governors vying for senate influence.  Even so, the Charon needed a stable Galae (Romulan fleet) presence to conduct its business safely.  Turning off the Romulan audio she looked at the door "enter."


Hearing the call to enter, she went in first with David following close behind her. As David was a Commander, she was going to let him speak first out of a respect for rank.


Under normal circumstances, an officer reporting in to a new commanding officer would have shot to attention and spouted off a litany of phrases and remarks regarding their rank and position and everything else from earth to the moon. Over the course of the years David, of course, had long since gotten over such enthusiasm. Instead he merely straightened up (though not near a position of attention), squared his shoulders, and said, "Doctor King reporting as ordered, Commodore."


"Doctor, it is nice to meet you.  Please sit down."  Shiarrael smiled even though it required a little effort on her part.  No fault of the doctor however- recent incidences had just left her tired and irritable.  She looked at the other woman "and this would be Counselor Robberts?"  Even with the mountainous workload Shiarrael had enough sense of mind to peruse the records of the new arrivals and memorize their images "I'm sure commander Jennings will especially relieved.  I believe he has been growing tired of playing the role of ship's counselor." 


"Yes, Lt Aubrey Robberts, at your service." She gave a slight nod, her tone seeming professional and personal at the same time- just how a counselor should be. "I hope to fulfill the position."


"I hope so too.  Counselor is no easy assignment on this ship."  Shiarrael smirked "but this is no easy ship."  She studied the pair for a moment- wondered about their relationship.  Both were coming from the Warrior.  Gossip is for old women; Shiarrael smirked at her thought and moved on "welcome aboard the Charon.  As I said, this is no easy ship.  I expect to be obeyed.  The regulations on this ship are paramount.  In such a turbid environment- perhaps even hostile at times it ensures order.  Something I enjoy and demand."


"Absolutely, ma'am," David replied as he lowered himself into a seat across from the Commodore. "Starfleet wouldn't be Starfleet without the list of regulations. But I'm sure we'll both fit in as easy as can be expected. Being so far out your crew has had to rely on each other a great deal more than even other starship crews, I'm sure."


Aubrey still stood, her hands softly clasped behind her back. She seemed at a respectable ease. "Regulations are important this far out." Aubrey knew that many ships that went into deep space got themselves into trouble when they started to ignore regulations.


"Good, as long as you both understand that.  Also, I expect the best from the people serving under me.  You both have exemplary records.  Do not disappoint- such things tire me."  Shiarrael nodded towards the door "you may go acquaint yourselves with the vessel."


Standing up, the David cleared his throat and started, "There' other thing, ma'am."


Shiarrael looked at King "yes?"


"Counselor Roberts and I," he continued, sparing a quick glance in Aubrey's direction. "We are rather...involved."


She chuckled "Commander, do you think I was oblivious to that fact?"  Shiarrael grinned "it is your business and not mine.  If you wish to share quarters you may take it up with the quartermaster.  However, it would be advisable to not" what was that Terran term?  Shiarrael leaned back in her chair and tried to wring the word free from her mind.  Sitting forward she finally recalled it "not to fornicate in any section of this ship other than in the privacy of your quarters."  She whispered the word again "fornicate" Shiarrael truly liked it- it sounded almost Rihannsu.


Aubrey couldn't help but give a soft smile at the word choice, and how it seemed very odd coming out of her mouth. "We understand completely." Aubrey said with a nod. "It's better not to let such things interfere with the workings of the ship."


"Absolutely, ma'am," added the Doctor with a nod, though he felt his face warming slightly at the CO's words. To be called out on something so personal had not been expected. "It won't interfere with our duties."


"I expect it won't, but if it does, well, that's why we have brigs isn't it?"  Shiarrael held her grin and motioned to the door again "I hope you both find Charon to be a suitable home.  Dismissed."


Aubrey gave one more nod before she turned to head out of Shiarrale's ready room, ready to go find the quatermaster and find her new quarters.
David followed closely behind, surprised at how easily that meeting had gone. Hopefully he and Aubrey could get settled wherever they would end up and then he could head down to his new Sickbay.
=/-\= End Log =/-\=
Commodore Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon
Commander David King, M.D.
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