Saturday, October 3, 2009

[USS Charon] SD:240910.03 || Joint Personal Log || CSEC Cmdr Dylan Marcus, AEO Lt. Lizzy Johnson.

=/\= Officers Quarters=/\=

Dylan was glad to nearly be back in his own quarters after the repairs were close to being completed on the effected decks. As much as he enjoyed Liz's company, it was good to sleep in his own bed again. He did however stop by her quarters on his way back from security to say hi and to ask her out for dinner.

Lizzy hadn't been expecting him this early from security. She quickly changed out of her uniform and into a green dress that hugged her figure to her hips then became loose to just above her knees. Pulling on black flat  sandles she made her way back out to him so they could go to dinner.
He smiled at the sight of her. He did miss having her next to him at night, it was the main reason that he had asked her to dinner. "You look beautiful." he said kissing her. "Hope your hungry." he smiled.

Lizzy smiled at him sweetly. She missed him as well. "Thank you," She said softly giving him a nod to his hoping she was hungry. But she had missed him, stepping closer she touched her lips to the corner of his mouth in greeting.
He smiled at her as he kissed her one more time. "Good. I have something special planned." he said. He took her arm and led her out of her quarters and down the corridor to the nearest turbo lift. "Eris deck." he called out to the computer.

Lizzy smiled softly and let him lead the way while holding her arm. She was enjoying this bit of time she had off. Curious as to his 'special plans' made her a bit frustrated and eager to see.
He took her to Eris deck, as the doors opened; they revealed the lounge to be completely empty. The lights had been dimmed and a single candle lit table stood in the center. He paused a second to let her take in the sight.

Lizzy stared around her in surprise. The darkened room made the stars seem even brighter and even closer through the portals. "How did you manage this?" She asked in awe.
"One of the joys of being chief of security." he smiled at her. He led her to the table and pulled the chair so she can sit. he sat down opposite her and nodded to the waiter, who promptly tabled two plates of Crab and fresh basil pasta. The other waiter had a bottle of wine in hand. He poured two glasses of Alsace Pinot Gris.

Lizzy thanked the waiters, she's never had crab before but she was open to knew experiences. She smiled at him and took a bite of the crab and fresh basil pasta. She liked the pasta, however wasn't so sure on the crab.
Dylan was enjoying the dinner, but he could see that Lizzy was not as convinced about the crab as he was. "Not a big fan of Seafood hun?" he asked. so far he had been pretty good at selecting dishes she would like. it seemed that tonight his luck was running out.

"I wouldn't say that. I love shrimp and cod, tuna and salmon I even like swordfish, I'm just not a huge fane of crab." She said with a soft smile. "But the mixture however isn't that bad."
"Good to know." Dylan smiled as he took a sip of his wine.

"So how's things in Security going? I don't have long before I Have to get back to repairing the decks. Calhoun has us on triple shifts until it's done.
"Security." he repeated with a slight smirk. "Well Aside from getting to meet all the new friends i've met during the Evacuation of decks two and three, I have the pleasure of having a new member of my staff, Farien M'Narth. He has been assigned as the Captian's new personal body guard."

"The captains personal body guard huh? does that mean her life is in danger?" She asked softly.
"Well it would seem that there are those who don't appreciate her command. The thing is I'm not so sure placing a Romulan as a personal guard is sending the right message. But then again I just work here." he said with a smile. "Seriously though, the situation is serious enough that starfleet security has sent an 'Observer' aboard. nothing  like being under the microscope."

"No one likes being under a microscope, but Ch'Tan had been XO when he was stabbed and there have been a few attempts on the CO's life already from what the rumors are going about. I'm surprised she doesn't have a body guard for her children." Lizzy said worriedly. She didn't like the thought that someone was trying to kill people on the ship... "Romulan or not she's still the commanding officer of this ship and I don't know about you but I'd rather not have my CO assassinated." Lizzy said softly.
"It's not common knowledge. Officially the Farien is Under Security as a guard. As for the Children, We have had some covert watch over them since the incident with the Mutiny. However, I am thinking of assigning an officer to their protection full time." he said not sure how far he wanted to get into security concerns. "And besides, since Alice has been given a clean bill of health, she can monitor all three around the clock. "

Lizzy listened chewing on the pasta and basil sauce. "That's good to know. how is Alice doing anyways?" She asked softly.
"She is doing well, though she is having some difficulty with her systems on decks 2 and 3, but other than that she is at top form. I was going to head up there later and start some repairs on her systems. Care to come along?" he asked with a smile.

"Sure I'd like to come help work on Alice." Lizzy said with a soft smile finishing her dinner.
He finished his pasta and his wine. "I'm sure she would be happy to see you again. I think you are as close to a best friend she has. She trusts you." he said with a gentle smile.

"That's because I don't treat her like a hologram. It's hard to do so when she looks and act so human." She said softly smiling at him as she sipped her wine.
{Thank You Elizabeth} Alice said, using the Comm system.
"Alice, have you been listening to our entire conversation. ?" Dylan asked.
{Not the 'entire' conversation Commander} she replied.

Lizzy jumped and gave a startled cry. her hand pressed over her heart she looked to her com badge. "Don't do that to me Alice, you nearly gave me a heart attack, how about showing yourself instead of just the voice." Lizzy's voice sounded slightly breathless.

The Avatar appeared next to the table. "My apologies. I did not wish to interrupt your dinner." she said. "But Commander, Lieutenant Tyrax has requested your assistance in repairing my command processors on deck three."

=/\=End Log=/\=

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon

Lieutenant Lizzy Johnson
Asst Engineering Officer
USS Charon

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