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[USS Charon] SD240910.03 | BACKLOG | JL Between LtCmdr Calhoun and Lt Xavier and Lt Katryis (NPC by D'Vana) | CEng and AEng's

<<Takes place before my log with Captain Rehu>>

~ Chief Engineer's Office ~


Lieutenant Robin Katryis made her way into the chief's office. Pushing her short brown hair out of her eyes the half Klingon smiled as she saw him. She had been thankful that he was safe since the Omega Molecules had been destroyed. She walked up to the desk and crossed her arms "Hey stranger, hard at work?" She asked softly...


It was his first day back at work after his confinement to sickbay and his first time in engineering since being on the planet. He had pretty much kept himself to himself and tried to avoid people, he could hear them whispering something about miracles and not wanting the fuss he had handed over most of the operational duties to Sarik while he recovered and got back into the swing of things and since then had been sat, peacefully in his office catching up on reports including the arrival of a new assistant engineer.


He looked up as the half-Klingon entered and forced a smile; while it was nothing to do with her he still wasn't really in the mood for being social. "Well if I don't do it, they'll just stack up" he said indicating to the pile of PADDs. "Congratulations for the harmonic resonance chamber; pass that on to the rest of the team also… I'm proud of all of you" he said.


Robin was quite for a little bit. Before the omega molecule he had at least laughed with her, talked with her. Now he had a forced smile on his lips that didn't reach his eyes. "I will pass it on to the rest of the team." She said softly trying to think of away to reach him help him to get passed what ever he's going through. "...How..." She started but trailed off not sure how to even broach the subject...


"How…?" he asked looking up at the woman parched on his desk. He didn't know what to say or even how to say it. He didn't really want to either. "What is the current status of the deck 2 and 3 repairs?" he asked wanting to focus purely on work so he didn't think about the other thing… the nightmare.


"I was only going to ask how your doing." She said in a small voice then turned her attention to the report in her hand. "Decks 2 and 3 have been evacuated and repairs have been started. There's a worker bee attached to the hull where Lizzy is working on structural repairs." Robin said looking down at the PADD which she held out to him having the feeling he was going to tell her he was fine and shut her out.


"As well as can be expected" he said trying to brush over the truth of the situation. "A little sore but I'll live" he said ironically. "Now as to these repairs, we need to increase the productivity of the staff; it appears that in my absence things have been a little slack ship-side after the mission was completed. To compensate everyone will be pulling double-shifts to finish the repairs, anyone who hasn't finished their sectioned after a double-shift will be required to work an extra third shift. I've already posted the schedule and I doubt anyone will be happy with it but that's life; sometimes we just have to deal with it" he said matter-of-factly returning to his PADDs. He had so much work and luckily for him it appeared that keeping his mind busy, off the truth was a good way to compensate. Especially in public.


Robin stiffened slightly. She couldn't remember him ever scheduling double or triple shifts like that. It made her wonder if something was seriously wrong and he was both pissed and not trying to think of it, so instead he'd take it out on his engineers. "I'm..."


She didn't get a chance to voice her concerns because someone brushed into the chief Engineer's officer. "Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize there was anyone else in here already." D'Vana said having come to check in with the Head of department...


Quentin looked up again. "You're?" he asked looking at Robin almost apologetically. "Hopefully take a team of engineers to the Commodore's quarters and repair them" he said not wanting the good CO to come knocking and demanding things from an already overstretched engineering team. With the conversation effectively over between himself and Robin he turned and looked to the Klingon that had just walked into his office. "Not a problem… you are?" he asked quizzically.


"I'll get the teams on that now." She said knowing she'd been effectively dismissed. after all she couldn't exactly yell at him with someone else in the office. She turned to leave hurt that he wouldn't talk to her, but had this all worked out for himself. She didn't know why, but she cared what happened to him and the idiot was keeping it all bottled in as if She didn't matter... That thought made her pause just outside his office realizing she probably didn't matter to him. she was just another engineer...


Robin signed and looked to Erin. Motioning with her head to tell Erin they had work to do the half vulcan grabbed her tool box and started to fall a very upset Half Klingon out the door... they'd get Evelyn from her office and call for Lizzy soon as they go to the commodore's quarters to continue repairs. The team working on the damage to the haul should be done by now...


"I'm Lt D'Vana Xavier, I'm the new transfer from the USS Atlantia-A just arrived on the Quantum Fury. I would have come sooner, but I had permission from the CO to see Ch'Tan before checking in." She said in way of greeting...


Feeling slightly guilty he watched Robin leave the office and then turned to the attention of the new member to his team. "Welcome aboard Lieutenant, I'm Quentin Calhoun, the Chief Engineer. So Lieutenant… what experience do you have in Engineering?" he asked having not had a chance to read her personnel file.


"Well to be honest Most of my engineering is centered around mainly the Academy. My last posting was Assistant Security officer. I worked under Lt Cmdr Ch'Tan." She said softly knowing her experience in engineering was rusty, but she did plan to work the rust out of her skills. "There a little rusty, but I was able to get in some simulations on the QF before my late arrival.


"So what makes a security officer want to be an Engineer?" he asked quizzically looking at the woman standing before him. "As long as you're up to academy standard then we'll get along just fine, otherwise I'd like you to do some holo-training before I let you loose with the Charon" he said with a smile. "If however you're up to speed then I do have some work for you, once you're settled in of course" he said leaning back into his chair.


"Extra holo-training. that I can do no problem." She said with a smile. "Well my mate is Ch'Tan." She said with a grin, "And I sent my application a head though one of the only positions left was Engineering." She said slightly puzzled by that.


"Good enough reason for me Lieutenant" he said with a smile. "If you're happy with your aptitude then I'd like you to lead the deck's 2 and 3 repairs" he added. "Lots to do to get it back in shape but the experience would be good to see a whole range of duties" he added.


"Sure, want me to report back after the holo-training, or just head over to the damaged decks?" She asked softly...


"I think it would better for you to meet the other engineers around and get straight to work, we can have a progress meeting following the completion of the repairs when things have quietened down a little" he said with a smile. "Welcome to the USS Charon by the way" he added.


"Thank you, I'm glad to be here Cmdr Calhoun." She said softly smiling at him.


"Glad to hear it Lieutenant, dismissed" he said watching the Klingon woman leave his office. He wondered just why a security officer wanted to be an engineer but was happy for the new staff to the department.


Lieutenant Commander Quentin Calhoun

Chief Engineer

USS Charon




Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier

Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon




Lieutenant Robin Katryis (NPC by D'Vana)

Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon