Sunday, October 4, 2009

[USS Charon] [Backlog] SD240906.16 | Joint Log | Dr. D. King & LT A. Roberts | Part 1

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=


Location: Deep Space Nine, Bajoran Sector

Timeline: After David's meeting with Admiral Jones


Aubrey started to stir; it was close to a good hour and a half after David had left her quarters. Stretching, she rolled over to feel that he wasn't in the bed. Opening her eyes she looked around the quarters, not seeing him in the bedroom or hearing him in any other part of the quarters. She figured he had gone to do whatever he said he was going to. She just didn't expect him to get up so early because of the exhausting night before. Giving one more stretch Aubrey got out of bed heading to the bathroom. After taking care of herself, she went back into the bedroom area...laying over one of the dressers she saw the black dress that David had bought her. He must have brought it into the bedroom area before he left.


Taking the dress up, she slid it onto her body. Zipping it up, she gave a glance into the mirror. She didn't know how long they were going to be in between assignments so in case it was short she wanted to use all the time she could.


Walking into her quarters from the corridor beyond, David looked around for a moment and called out for her softly, "Aubrey? Are you up?"


"I am..." She said walking out of the bedroom area after hearing his voice. She had a smile on her face as she appeared.


Noticing that she was wearing her new dress his smile turned into a wide grin, "Don't you look beautiful this morning?"


"I want to take every chance I can get to not wear my uniform." She said as she moved to him, giving him a soft kiss on his cheek.


David softly nuzzled her as she kissed him, and shrugged, "Well, then you might want to consider wearing that for the next few days." He took her hand and looked at her, "I've got some news. Good news, I think."
She wrapped her arms around him, a curious look on her face. "Well tell me then..." she said, honestly interested in what he was so happy about.

"Well," he began, moving her towards the sofa in the room. He gently directed her to sit down, following her to the cushion, as he continued, "If you're interested, I've got us a new assignment."

"Already?" she asked very surprised. Personally Aubrey didn't care much if she got a new assignment with Starfleet or not. She could always return home. Although returning home without David would be the issue. He was the only reason she hadn't gone straight home after she left the Warrior. "Where?" she asked, obviously interested.

"The starship Charon," David replied with a hopeful look on his face. "They're looking for a new Chief Medical and a new Counselor."

"When do we leave?" She asked an obvious answer to where she was going to go.

"Tomorrow, if we're to meet up with the transport ship that can take us out there," he answered, joy in his eyes that she was agreeing to go with him. "It'll take six weeks to get to Charon from here."

"Six weeks... Where is the Charon now?" She was guessing it would be taking her even farther away from home.

With a shrug David said, "I'm not sure of its exact location. I know it's on long-term deep space assignment in the Beta Quadrant."

"So not much time left to enjoy DS Nine," She said with a smile, still wanting to commit to going.

David shook his head, "Maybe not, but we'll have a month a half to enjoy each other's company before we report in."

"But being stuck on a charter ship won't be what I'm looking forward to." She did frown somewhat to this.

"It's not a charter, beautiful," he refuted with another slight shake of his head. "It's a Starfleet vessel, the USS Quantum Fury. She'll carry us out from Starbase Versailles. We can probably hitch a ride to Versailles on any number of vessels."


"No, the Quantum Fury is fine." She said with a smile, giving his hand a squeeze. "I've actually never been to Versailles, so I would defiantly like get there anyway."


He leaned forward and wrapped his arms tightly around her in a joyous hug, "I'm so glad you'll go with me, Aubrey. I had to pull some strings to get this posting, but I think it'll work out nicely for us both."


"I know you don't like having down time with nowhere to go and be productive." She said with a warm smile.


"But to be productive -and- get down time with you is a win-win scenario!" he exclaimed, still hugging her tightly.


Her arms were wrapped around him, resting on top of his shoulders, then she gasped some..."A little too tight David...."

=/-\= To Be Continued =/-\=


Commander David King, M.D.

Replacement Officer

USS Charon NCC-80111


Lieutenant Aubrey Roberts

Replacement Officer

USS Charon NCC-80111