Thursday, October 8, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.08 - Mission Log "Getting Underway" - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu

[USS Charon, Cargo Bay 1]

Unlike before the cargo bay was now stuffed to the brim with dozens of crates after having been resupplied by the Quantum Fury.  The crowded, spartan, and overstuffed look was exactly how Shiarrael wanted it to be.  Starfleet personnel were spoiled- making them uncomfortable at times was luxury she couldn't pass up, but in truth there was reason to her madness.  In such an isolated setting the crew would be forced to work together closely and like anything they would grow tired of each other, but in the end they would need to care for one another like siblings because that was the only way to survive in such a setting.  Letting them fester in that cramped cargo bay was the physical representation of the analogy she planned to use.

Shiarrael let an hour pass before finally gracing the senior staff with her presence.   In that period of time the cargo bay had become a sweltering cesspool.  The Vulcans looked comfortable, humans mildly at ease but sweating profusely, the Romulan contingent seemed generally discontent, and the Andorians in the crowd appeared downright pathetic.  It was hard not to notice the variety of offensive odors that wafted through the crowd, especially from the group of Klingons, but Shiarrael did her best to ignore it- even though a glance at young Tyrax made her wonder what thoughts were boiling beneath that subtle veneer of calmness.

"I apologize for making you wait" her tone was noticeably insincere as she accepted a PADD from one of her yeoman "I'm sure you're wondering if I am punishing you for some offense?"  Shiarrael smiled noting the unpleasant looks from several members of the crowd "I assure you that is not the case.  I wanted to you to stand amongst your peers- closely.  Because this is how things will be from now on.  You all will be expected to work closely.  There will be times when you grow tired of each other's presence, I am certain you all have grown tired of mine."  She smirked "but you must remember that we are a family.  We are one unit.  Through all our dislikes, through all our differences, we must work together because the mission is more important than any one individual."

"Many will say I have been hard on you.  Many will say that I have been unfair to you.  But let me say this clearly.  What part of life is not hard?  What part of life is fair?  How dry life would be if every answer was easy or if every journey was simple.   It is the challenges in life that give us reward.  You have saved two hundred and fifty million people from certain death.  It was no easy task!  In fact many would have said and many more would have believed that task to have been impossible!"  Shiarrael lifted her right arm into the air and slammed it down "but it was not impossible.  Together, you made it true!"

"It is this strength I wish to draw upon.  Yes, I have been hard on you.  I will continue to be hard on you since I expect nothing short of perfection- but I will be generous enough excuse blemishes every now and then."  She held her smirk "however do not doubt the truth in these forthcoming words.  The hardships you have faced under my command are nothing close to true hardships.  Don't let your spoiled sensibilities blind you.  There are many in this quadrant that starve so their children can eat.  Keep this well in mind."

"Along the way we have encountered many difficulties and many await us, however, I have no doubt in the talent of this group to meet any challenge as equals."  Shiarrael chuckled "forgive me; it seems I have grown fond of you all."  She held up her PADD "in thirty minutes we will depart this system and head to the Yy'a nebula to survey it's outer fringes.  It should interest you that Yy'a in the Rihannsu tongue means 'dead.'  I am not certain why my people gave it such a name.  They never bothered to explore it.  Perhaps the emerald and amber coloration reminded them of blood soaked fields- it is hard to tell sometimes where my people are concerned.  There are no records of its naming- only an obscure reference to its name.  Science will be in charge of all matters pertaining to the observation and recording of data.  Helm," Shiarrael looked at Tyrax and smiled "when you arrive on the bridge set course and engage."  She looked at everyone else "dismissed!"


Captain Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon