Sunday, October 4, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.04 Duty log MCaptain Harry Tatlock assistant security officer temp

Harry had got his assignment as an assistant security officer, he had kind of wondered why he had not been assigned a marine unit to bring with him to the Charon, but after a few days he realised that some heavy stuff had happened , like the attempted mutiny by the last marines that were there.
Harry went back to his quarters and took a nap, he had met several crew members but still had not met the CO yet but he knew that she was extremly busy and would eventually get around to interviewing him.
After his nap , Harry went through several reports about how to conduct himself when on a body guard assignment, after an hour Tatlock was almost laughing at the reports, The body guard was almost a personel servant , who would take a hit for his charge, The officer wished that he wouldnt have to do that.
Harry went to the lounge where he found lunch was being served, all kinds if different dishes were being offered so Harry ordered deep fried fish and fries, not very intresting but it was one of Harrys favourites. for dessert he had chocolate cake .
After his meal Harry went to the holodeck and tried a programme for swimming in a lake, very relaxing he thought. no noise just water lapping and a few birds chirping.

From The Tatlocks:)

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