Saturday, October 3, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.03 Joint Personal Log Cmdr. Eithne Katris & Cmdr. Jade Falcon

=/\= SD240910.03 - Joint Log - USS-Charon =/\=

   Eithne had decided to get herself used to the new set up of the Charon. Since she would need to get around in a hurry, she figured it would benefit her if she knew the ship both inside and out. A soft sigh left her as she made her way through the halls, nodding to passing crew members as she did so.
    It had been long.  Too long, but it had to be done.  He remembered the day he left.  He remembered the words they spoke, the tears they shared and the hopes they clung to.  He remembered saying goodbye, and telling her he would return either alive with their daughter, or dead without her.  Now it was time to come home.

    Jade wasn't really sure how Jole had found him, but it had been the miracle at just the right time that he and his daughter Seraphim needed.  At the bleakest of moments came rescue sent by a man he could honestly call his friend.  Jade had made sure to be taken to Eithne as fast as possible.  Finally that had been realized.
   Continuing forwards her thoughts elsewhere she did not even notice the familiar face that walked towards her, even when she bumped shoulders with him she gave a polite apology and continued on. It had been too long since her thoughts had been on him, she didn't even think that that person she bumped would be him.
    Jade had been on his way to her quarters with Seraphim in tow.  She may not have noticed the surprise encounter, but he sure had.  She had never left his thoughts as he hunted for their daughter and, when he had found her, began the long trek back home.  He grabbed her arm to stop her.  "Eithne."  His voice was a whisper.  Its all he could say.

   Startled by the grab she started to struggle against him. " Excuse me but unhand me.." She stopped when she finally took the time to notice who it was that had a firm hold on her hand. One thing that helped her clue in was the wedding band, the other, was when she finally locked eyes with him.

   When her exotic eyes locked with his jade green eyes, she knew immediately who it was, and she nearly fainted. " J- Jade?!"   

    Jade nodded, expecting such a reaction from her.  He had prepared himself for it and smiled deeply.  "I was afraid I'd never find a way back to you," he said.  His embrace was slow, as though time had slowed.  He pulled her into his arms, kissing her passionately.  Seraphim probably thought the whole affair was rediculous.    

    She melted into the physical contact, the heat that was produced when they kissed pulled her back to reality and she broke the kiss. Looking deep into his eyes she spoke softly, tears forming. " I thought you were dead...." A fist pounded his chest lightly before she clenched the fabric as if to assure she was not dreaming.
    Guilt rocked his heart because of how long it took.  How long he was gone.  "I couldn't come back without her.  Not alone.  Not again.  I promised you I would come back with her."   

   Her eyes widdened when he mentioned her and the4 name rolled off her tongue. " Seraphim?" She gasped and spoke again. " You found her!?"   

    Jade nodded to her.  "Yes, Eithne.  I did.  I promised I would."  He stepped aside to review the thirteen year old teenager behind him.  Little Seraphim was finally home.   

   Shock consumed her as she looked at the now young girl before her. " Sera... Seraphim? Is that you!?" She locked eyes with the girl and her question was answered. " By god... It is you!" She gathered the girl in her arms and lt her tears flow. " My baby girl...
    "Home at last," he said softly, letting Eithne have her fill of embrace with Sera.  He had had his reunion with her already, but it hadn't felt as whole as this.  As complete.  "We're all home now, Eithne."   

   She looked at him as she kept the girl in her arms. " I am not letting you go anywhere again... You realize that..." she said in a joking tone. Her heart ached, she was happy, but still deep down, she was trying to believe this was all true.   

    "Not even off to the ice cream store?" he joked back.  It was his way, after all.  Jade by contrast had no problems accepting that this was all very real.  His life was nothing but him being forced to deal with harsh, emotional realities and as such he dealt with issues easily that would send others on an emotional roller coaster.

=/\= End =/\=

Commander Eithne Katris
Executive Officer


Commander Jade Falcon
Assistant Security Officer
" Live each day as if it were your last...Don't do anything you will regret later...Let it happen...It was meant to be...Don't fight it..It's your destiny"