Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[USS Charon] {Backlog} SD240908.01, Cdt Callistra Grey - Counselor - "Echoes"

=/\= Dalaria, Betazed – Two months ago =/\=

It was a sweltering night.  The sort of night where not a breeze stirred, when the entire world of Betazed seemed at rest.  It was a quiet and melancholy sort of night when barely anyone in the Vray family residence spoke a word either telepathically or normally in the way other sentient beings would.

"Mommy…" Bellona called for her.  Kallistra was curled up in her bed with the sheets pulled over head, just the way she did when she was a teenager.  She heaved a sigh as she opened her eyes and lowered the sheets until she could regard her daughter.  Bellona's dark eyes, Syrik's dark eyes stared back at her, haunting her completely.  The thought paralyzed her for a moment to the point where she couldn't move and was struck speechless but wore a smile on her lips.

"What is it young one? Another bad dream?" She inquired in a gentle motherly voice.  Without making a response, Bellona nodded, a frightened expression on her face.  It had already been a week since Kallistra's husband died and every night of the week, Bellona had such dreadful nightmares.

"All right, sweetie. Jump in bed." She lifted the coverlet and Bellona climbed in.  It took her several moments to settle but before she knew it, her daughter was sucking her thumb, fast asleep.  With pointed ears and a faint smattering of spots around her hairline, Bellona definitely seemed like a child of mixed species.  She took after Syrik appearance-wise and Kallistra liked it.

However, something had been haunting her for days now.  The Vulcan High Priestess that conducted the funeral ceremony pulled her aside the day after the funeral.  She made it clear to Kallistra that Bellona is half-Vulcan and that she ought to be trained in the Vulcan ways as Syrik was.  A biological scan was done of Bellona and it was discovered that her internal anatomy was more Vulcan-like rather than Kriosian or a Betazoid.  What the High Priestess said continued to linger in her mind for days on end.

"Bellona deserves to know the ways of her father's people." She had stated in an apparent manner. "I warn you that the path for a Vulcan or even a half-blooded Vulcan is not an easy one. But it nonetheless is a rewarding path. There may come a time when the plak-tau will ignite. One cannot tell with those of half-blood but it is a possibility. I entreat you to consider my offer. If you choose, I will see to her education. Syrik's parents were old family acquaintances and it is only logical that I look after his daughter. I was his guardian when he underwent the Kohlinahr, one of the most challenging paths of the Vulcan."  Kallistra was grateful for the offer but did not want her daughter to go through life without expressing emotions like her husband did.  The Betazoids were another emotional species just like the Vulcans but to her; it was the person's emotions that made him or her beautiful.  No matter how different and Syrik were, they seemed to hit it off well.  He never exhibited emotions whereas she was just an emotional creature who enjoyed life to its fullest.

Kallistra tucked Bellona in then slowly rose from the bed so as to not wake her from her slumber then slipped into her Andorian silk robe, shuffling quietly out of the room.  Bellona was a sensitive child and sometimes would immediately wake up when she departed from the room.  For a moment, she pressed her ear to the door but heard not a sound then tiptoed down the hall and into the kitchen.  Once she got to the kitchen, she fixed a nice cup of Jumja Tea straight from Bajor and strode outside onto the deck to watch the waves crash.  She smiled faintly, remembering her time on Bajor when she learned the language and about the culture.  She thought to herself about the beauty of the Bajoran culture as she slipped into the seat, gazing up at the star-speckled sky.  It was the first time in days that she was able to think of anything but the pain and anguish she felt.

=/\= Betazed =/\=

Cadet Callistra Grey


U.S.S. Charon