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[USS Charon] SD241101.30 CMDR Arcos Darye CSci, Sci Report and Duty Log


Arcos sat at his desk, his arm feeling back to the norm as it had been for a few months now.  He was happy to be aboard the ship again.  He had spent a few weeks at a science confrence.  Now it was time to see if he could implement some of the ideas presented at the confrence.  Paging through the notes collected on his handheld personal assistant device, he was interupted by his administrative assistant.

"Sir?" Ensign Vorn said rather calmly as if not wishing to abruptly come in.  It wasn't that he thought the commander would have been shaken up, but he wanted to allow the commander time to find a stopping place.

Commander Arcos smiled, set down the personal assistant then looked up.  He had quite the fondness for interuptions, especially with the good mood the confrence had put him in.  "What can I do for you, Mr. Vorn?"

"Oh, just stopping by to see how the confrence went..." Vorn said making conversation, but he didn't want to beat around the bush too much.  "that and I wanted to see if you had come up with the new Lab assignments."  It was Vorn's Job to do the final touches on the lab write-ups for the science crew.  Everything that was proposed would be submitted to Vorn, then turned over to Arcos for final aprroval, once that had occured Vorn would get them back and present them to the Lab managers.  After that occured they would be refined again and laid out in more detail and the approval process would move to the requirements of the other preperation reports. 

"Not Yet," he paused and breathed.  "I haven't had a chance to read the latest submittal of requests for lab changes.  I'll get to them soon, but..."  He grinned.  "I had a wonderful time at the confrence."

"Oh was it a wild time?" Vorn joked about the usuall after hours drinking festivities of confrences these days.

Arcos laughed.  He knew the man was joking.  Rank seemed less of an issue in his personnal matters.  "Yes, but I dare not speak the full truth... whats done at the science confrence, stays at the confrence." Joking back in a humorous notion about a city on Earth during the twentith century.  He paused and looked up.  "Well... some of it does.  I brought back alot of notes... and not much of a hangover."


"That's too bad." Vorn grinned. He had a bit of a quip to his remarks just as usual


"Eh.." Arcos shrugged.  then more seriously "I don't exactly hold my liquor well you know.  That's why I don't drink.  But... I did see a few orion girls at the beverage station." he said changing the mood.  "I also heard an interesting lecture on early space propulsion and the use of spectrometry during the yesteryear.  It was quite good,  I look forward discussing it with Mr. Yellin as well as Beindocoff."

"Well, let me know when you get to meeting with them, I'd love to hear about as well." He smiled having perked his interest a bit.  "I too.. did some work on astromony and spectroscopy senior year."

"That's right, I remember reading your disortation(academy), it was quite good."  Arcos commented... "As was your thesis(civilian bachelors), but then thats why I chose you for administration.  I won't lie to you, after your tour here, you could be in line for a department command position of your own."

"Well thanks sir... but my previous job was... nothing like what I've gained here."  Vorn grinned.

"I suppose so, its a shame you didn't join the fleet earlier... but I guess you had some family matters to attend to..." he sighed.  "Once your time requirement is up, I will see if I can get you another pip on your collar."

"Thank you.  But..." Vorn paused to pick out what he was saying,  "...I just don't want to..." he continued, "... I mean I want to serve here for awhile."

"I understand.  Don't think I won't try to promote you if I get the approval for an assistant department head. dismissed."


Commander Arcos Darye
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon


Ensign Sammuel Vorn
Administrative Assistant(Science)
USS Charon


//Science Report – USS CHARON – Star Date:241101.30//

I. Schedule of Science Command Staff
II. Lab summary Table
III. Lab projects summary
IV. Bridge Functions
V. Damage/repair/casualty Report
VI. Science Commanders Comments

I.   Schedule(daily)
Name| position||rank| assignment|
    |first shift |Second shift| third shift|
Arcos Darye| Chief Science Officer| Commander | Department head
    |1)Bridge|2)office hours|3)OFF|   
Y. Beindocoff| Stellar Cartography| Lieutenant J.G | Research/Lab Management | NPC
    1)Research/Office| 2)OFF| 3)Bridge
B. Roberts| Beindocoff's Assist| PO3|Research/office| NPC
    1)Research| 2)Office| 3)OFF
S. Vorn| Science Officer| Ensign | Admin Assistant| NPC
    1)OFF|2)Bridge|3)office hours
I. Castillo| Geo Science |Petty Officer 1st| Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1)office hours| 2)research| 3)OFF   
M. Blande| Bio Science| Ensign| Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1)Office hours| 2)OFF| 3)Research
T. Yin| Chem Science| Chief Petty Officer | Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1)Research| 2)office hours| 3)OFF
S. Ronsett| Phys Science| Lieutenant J.G | Research/Lab management| NPC
    1)OFF| 2)office hours| 3)Research
Ollanda| Cybernetics| Lieutenant J.G |Research/Lab Management| NPC
        1)OFF| 2)Research| 3)office hours
G. Yellin| Anthropology| Lieutenant J.G |Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1) Research|2) OFF| 3) office hours
Officers: 7|Enlisted: 16: 3 enlisted lab masters, 14 enlisted Lab assistants|

|Total Science Personnel: 24 (max 29/min 17/skeleton 3)|

II. Lab Summary Table

Labs | Lab master | Assigned assistants | Experiment
General Science | Department head charge | 1 | OPEN   
Biology | M. Blande | 2 |  
Chemistry | T. Yin | 2 | PENDING Approval
Geo Science | I. Castillo | 2 | PENDING Approval
Physics | S. Ronsett | 2 | PENDING Approval
Cybernetics | Ollanda | 2 | PENDING Approval
Anthropology| G. Yellin | 1 | PENDING Approval
Botany| (open lab) |    1 | On going Specimen Care
Stellar Cartography| Y. Beindocoff/B. Roberts | 1 | PENDING Approval

III. Lab Project Summary

A) Biology: Biology mixes with a lot of the other other fields, but the lab is utilized for a majority of the ships biological research including microbe study, cellar study, animal and space creature study, the study of Life, how it works, and how it continues to function today and in yester year.

Biology Officer in-charge:  M. Blande |OFFICE HOURS: 1st shift


Progress Update:  The team is preparing for new lab pending approval

B) Chemistry: Chemistry studies the physical nature of life, the study of chemicals and elements how they react and work together with each other.  Chemistry often works with biology and physics to come to a closer understanding of what we explore on the ship.

Chemistry Officer in-Charge: T. Yin |OFFICE HOURS: 2nd Shift


Status update: The team is preparing for new lab pending approval

C) Geo-sciences:  The Geo Sciences department works with anthropology, Stellar Cartography, biology and other fields of science to grab a basis of the physical relationship of ecosystems, glaciations, gravitational pulls, tectonics, and seismic behavior of planets, moons, asteroids, and planetoids.

Geo-Sciences Officer in-Charge: I. Castillo |OFFICE HOURS: 1st Shift


Status Update: The team is preparing for new lab pending approval

D) Physics: Physics assists in astrophysics, quantum physics, bio-physics, standard physics.  The Physics team answers question in gravitational effects, trajectory, and other physics challenges.  Often Physics will work with geology or stellar cartography.

Physics Officer in-Charge: S. Ronsett|OFFICE HOURS: 2nd Shift


Status Update: The team is preparing for new lab pending approval

E) Stellar Cartography: Stellar Cartography works with Astro-metrics to provide maps of the galaxy and studies the stars themselves mapping inner corona and outer solar system alike.


Stellar Cartography Officer in-Charge: Y. Beindocoff/B. Roberts |OFFICE HOURS: 1st shift/2nd shift

SUMMATION OF CURRENT RESEARCH: The team is preparing for new lab pending approval.

Status Update:  The team is preparing for new lab pending approval

F) Cybernetics: The team plays a part in science cybernetics and robotics.  Together the team assists in probe assembly, repair, research, and equipment programming.  These guys play a major role in research set up, and develop new ways to keep us busy and tooling our research.

Cybernetics Officer in-charge: Ollanda |OFFICE HOURS: 3rd shift


Status Update: The team is preparing for new lab pending approval

G) Anthropology: Part of the anthropologies job is to find out what humanoid life is like in surrounding solar systems.  They are basically a historian, but also provide an in-depth analysis in to cultures, societies and the way people live now, then… and on many worlds flourishing, dying, or since perished.  A lot of the teams focus is providing a guide for officers to use when approaching a world on or off duty.

Anthropology in-charge: G. Yellin |OFFICE HOURS: 3rd shift


Status Update:  The team is preparing for new lab pending approval

H) Botany: The botany team, made up of volunteers and lab assistant Crewman Chris A. Smith are continuing to care for the planet current in the lab.  Since the team has no samples yet of Gamma quadrant plants, the focus have been on bordering sectors to the gamma quadrant.

SUMMATION OF CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Production of edible food for ships mess hall, and continuing care for samples and specimens from ships travel.

Status Update: Smith continues to care for specimens and prepare samples for other labs.  Edible plants continue to be harvested by the team for use on the ships cafeteria.

I) General Science Lab: The General Science lab will be available at request, but is currently on standby for mission specific research.  The lab has holo-emitters for research and is shared with other departments as per request; departments can make use of the lab if unused by the science team.  The General Science lab is the ships state of the art science laboratory capable of housing six differing experimentations from any science department.  The lab assistant is charged with set up and preparing the lab for each team utilizing the lab.  Additional assistants can be utilized if necessary from other labs.






IV.  Bridge Operations

Science Bridge Crew:

     Commander Arcos Darye| Chief Science Officer| 1st Shift
     Lieutenant J.G Yuri Beindocoff| Stellar Cartography|3rd shift
     Ensign Samuel Vorn| Administrative Assistant|2nd shift

NOTE: The Bridge team is charged with gathering scans for the science department, requesting launch of science probes, and monitoring data for bridge operations.  All scans and data can be made available to other departments and teams on request.   The science lab teams may also monitor their portion of the scans from the bridge at their request, but is limited to lab masters and the science department officers.
V. Damage/repair/Personnel Report:

 +Science Labs

All labs are functioning.

+Science Stations

All Stations functioning

     +Science sensors/Deflector

All Sensors/Deflectors Operational


Commander Arcos| Returns to duty| SD241101.30

Officer injured:  0 (0 major – 0 minor – 0 Severe)

Enlisted injured: 0 (0 major – 0 minor – 0 Severe)

Promotion Request:
Personnel: Rank|PersonnelName|
à New Rank|Name

Cwm Chris A Smith to Tch Chris A Smith





Training Requested:





VI. Science Commanders comments

+Lab Requests: New Lab assignments pending approval.

+Confrence:  Commander Arcos returns from science confrence.  Arcos plans to lecture to team about what he's learned and plans to implement in the future of the science team. 

+Training(FYI – Will leave this here for refrence): Petty Officer Rank is required to lead a research team.  Science Crew wishing to run a lab should be trained in on lab functions of two differing labs and have gone through lab command training.  Once this training is complete rank advancement to Petty Officer 3rd class will be given.  (In character is fine)  Once lab functions have been mastered a rank advancement to specialist will be given.  If you're looking for training approach the science command team and training will begin.