Monday, January 17, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241101.17 - Joint Back Log "Prison Break" - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu & Amb Lhaerrh tr'Terik

Premise- When Shiarrael was kept in a cell on Earth, the occupant of the cell adjacent to her was also Romulan.

[Earth, San Francisco, Starfleet Security Compound]

A cold wind climbed over Shiarrael's shoulders and brushed her hair forward causing the raven strands to flutter wildly.  She frowned, casually pressed them back, and walked into the Starfleet security building.  As the doors closed behind her the thin hint of salt carried by the oceanic mist dulled into the sterilized atmosphere of the enclosed building.  She held up a PADD containing her credentials and handed it to the security officer manning the checkpoint.  Her ran her name- and then her bio-signature through the computer before allowing her to pass.

She casually strolled through the brightly lit corridor.  The polished white tiles echoing with each step.  Several personnel who passed by saluted her and she returned the gesture with a faint smile.  When she reached her destination she stopped and looked over her shoulder to be sure no one was in sight and then opened the door.  The brig was certainly much dimmer then the adjacent corridor but her eyes had little trouble adjusting as she approached the guard on duty "Greetings Lieutenant.  I am here to interrogate political prisoner 181- you have been ordered to allow me to do private."  She smiled again and pulled out a second PADD "orders, directly from Admiral Kauri."

"Uh..."  The young Lieutenant glanced over the PADD and then nodded his head "I understand Captain.  I'll just be outside the door if you need me."  He turned and walked out of the brig.

Shiarrael grinned widely and then frowned wondering how it had been so ridiculously easy.  She shrugged and then walked over to the forcefield of the noted cell.  "Jolan'tru- have you grown tired yet?"  She smirked and leaned against the frame just a centimeter away from the field "unfortunately I was unable to get you released.  However, I believe Starfleet will be forgiving of me just this once.  I may need you."  She slammed her palm into the security console and smashed the panel.  She reached in and fiddled with the wiring until the field fizzled off "let's go."  She held out her hand as alarms started to blare.

A small smile crossed the face belonging to Lhaerrh tr`Terik as he looked at the female Romulan Starfleet Captain.

"I must admit, Captain that I was quite bored sitting in that cell and talking with Starfleet Intelligence," Lhaerrh replied as he tired to stand up, but fell to his knees,"I don't remember SFI being so tough back in my days.":

Rather than look weak in front of person that was exiled, tr;Terik took a deep breath as stood up waiting for the Captain to lead the way.

Shiarrael reached down and grabbed Lhaerrh's arm.  She grinned and pulled him up as a commotion started outside of the brig door.  "It seems my welcome has been worn thin!  Let us go!"  She yanked him out of the cell and pressed her commbadge "lock onto my signal, two to beam up."  Her grin grew into a mischievous smirk as the doors opened and security personnel poured in.

[USS Quantum Fury]

Lhaerrh had to smirk as he watched the faces of the security officer as he disappeared from the cell, this was only his second third time on a Federation starshp, "I have to admit they never change your ships, it just so bland, Captain."

"It's not my ship."  Shiarrael commented with a wry grin as the transporter room doors opened.  Khiy Kanryth stood at the doorway wearing a rather vexed expression.  The short statured Romulan stepped forward, his eyes studying pair intensely before he spoke "apparently there has been a prison break" he frowned at Shiarrael "but we don't have time to investigate.  We are on our way to Vulcan right now.  Though, I do hope they find the criminal some day."  The vague comment was openly directed at Shiarrael who simply shrugged it off with a nonchalant expression.  "I have assigned a security escort to keep you safe."  Khiy gave her a curt nod before leaving, and leaving several security officers behind in his wake.

"He is very kind."  Shiarrael noted sarcastically as she looked at Lhaerrh "so, you never did tell me where you were from."  She smiled at the security 'escorts' and made her way into the adjacent corridor "my family's estate is in Nn'Verih."  A wave of anguish hit her at the mention of her family, but a smile was the only thing that registered on her face.  She needed this Romulan- some way she would have to convince him to help her seek revenge against the culprit of her parent's death.

"I was born in Ra'tleihfi just from the steps from the Senate Chamber," Lhaerrh replied as he followed her, "Of course it didn't help that my mother and I were banished in 2369, due to some backroom deal."

Lhaerrh looked at the 'escorts' as they took up a buffer zone and surrounded the two, "One would think they don't trust an ambassador, Captain."

"They don't care about you- it is me they don't trust."  A wily grin appeared on her face "but it is fine.  The distrust is mutual.  Many of them have tried to kill me- and obviously all have failed.  These people claim otherwise, but they can be quite violent at times.  In any case- my ship is heading to Romulus and will be able to deliver you back home."

"So I'm guessing that the Federation government didn't approve my release," he asked as he looked at her.

"Not yet."  Shiarrael said "but they will, eventually, or they will forget about it.  Either way, what is done, is done, and what will soon be done, will soon be done."

Lhaerrh nodded as he sized her up, "So, Captain, what do you want from me?"

"Nothing, for the moment at least- but when we arrive on Romulus there is something I need you to do, but that matter should not be discussed here, and now."  She glanced at the security officers flanking them "I will tell you when the time is best."

"Very Well, Captain," he said, "if there is nothing else I need to get checked out by Medical."

Shiarrael shook her head as they arrived at the entrance to her quarters.  She stopped and turned around to look at Lhaerrh "however, bear one thing in mind.  I do not hold well to treachery."  Her eyes narrowed "I hope we can have an air of trust between us- it would be shame if you...disappeared."  A smile predicated the threat.  When she finished she just nodded at him once, lightly, and passed through the doors followed by most of the security entourage.


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Lhaerhh tr'Terik
Romulan Ambassador
USS Charon