Monday, January 3, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241101.02 - "The Desolate Queen" Part III - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu

Several hours after the incident on the Vulcan station...

[USS Charon, Brig]

She stared at the wall but it would not move.  Shiarrael had calmed, slightly, after the initial shock had passed.  Now her mind was ablaze with questions- the primary one being: who?  Who was responsible for their deaths?  She had plenty of enemies but to move against such a house was quite brazen.  The agency?  The thought had occurred to her but it was not like them.  They would have killed her before her family.

The force field fizzled and Shiarrael looked through the frame to find the short statured Khiy Kanryth standing in front of her.  The thin framed Romulan-in-denial stepped into the cell and appeared to casually study her.  She was irritated enough to reach out and snap that twig like wrist of his but held the urge at bay.  He had done her a favor after all- killing that Ferengi would have certainly made short work of her Starfleet career- brought joy to many a fool and put her in some Federation prisoner camp.  Not that she found such a thought distressing.  They were a resort compared to even the most lightly secured Romulan and Klingon dungeons.  No, the distress would have been the separation from her children.  She sighed and frowned at him "what do I owe the pleasure?"

"You can keep your sarcasm to yourself."  Khiy stated bluntly and sat down on the bench across from her "your lack of self-control will do you in one day Captain.  Not that I should care.  Either way,  I was present during the interrogation- the Ferengi do not know who solicited them and an attempt to locate the source of transmissions between their employer has turned up nothing."  His stiff expression softened "from sources within the Empire we have learned that your parents were killed over a month ago- a week after the events over Vulcan.  It appears the culprits have yet to be located.  I am sorry Captain."

Shiarrael waved it off.  "On the day I accepted that Trill's proposition I knew that such a thing was a possibility...but I never believed they would have fallen.  We may have disagreed on the course of my life but they were strong people."  She sighed and threw her head back staring up at the ceiling lights "this is another burden I must carry for my sins" she looked down and stared at Khiy "but there will be revenge.  One way- I will have it."

"That is your business."   Khiy said "however- there is another reason why I have come here.  You have been recalled to face an inquiry headed by  Vice Admiral Ni'res Kauri.  I have been ordered to escort you there and act as a witness." 

"An inquiry?"  Shiarrael shook her head- these fools had such terrible timing.  She stood up "and what exactly is this inquiry about?"

"Your conduct."  Khiy stated bluntly "this is not the Imperial Navy- your behavior has been questionable.  Though you can feel a bit at ease.  I have insured that your latest incident will remain unknown.  We are to leave immediately."

"Wait- I must make arrangements for my children..."

"Their father is here.  They will be fine."  Khiy cut her off and stepped out of the cell turning around to face her "Captain.  This will be easier if you cooperate."

"Aiden?"  Shiarrael bit her lip and nodded at Khiy "very well."

[Earth, San Francisco]

The bay glowed a translucent blue as the moon's white reflected on its shimmering surface.  Framing the dark horizon the towering golden gate bridge's normal red was now a pale violet as the strobe lights flickered above its highest supports.  Admiral Ni'res Kauri stood on the edge of his terrace, his large paws gripped the wooding railing as he watched a shuttle pass over the bay towards the brightly illuminated Starfleet command building.  He let out a soft purr which amounted to a Caitian sigh "I have given the order to recall Rehu.  She is being escorted here as we speak."

"Good."  General Parker held out his glass causing the amber liquid that filled it to swish and tumble over the rocks of ice splashing a few droplets over the rim.  The old human grinned which caused a scar that ran the length of his face from his left temple down to the bottom right edge of chin to tighten "she's been allowed to run loose long enough.  Let's reel her in and get rid of her.  There's no place in Starfleet for a damn Romulan."

Kauri's grip tightened on the railing "while I agree with your sentiments General- when Enor finds out about this he will protest.  The Admiral has considerable clout.  He can easily undermine what we're trying to do."

"Enor, damn that Trill!"  Parker coughed and then cleared his throat "if it wasn't for him we wouldn't be in this position."  He grunted "don't worry about Enor.  I heard a rumor he has been sent to Romulus.  The president chose him as the military advisor.  As long as he is away cavorting with those slimy bastards we can deal with Rehu."

Ni'res nodded, still uncertain about the entire affair.  "I have already written the list of officers who will be presiding with us.  Captain Lamina Baker and Rear Admiral Jason Cartwright.  I have spoken to both of them- they also agree that having Rehu in the fleet is a problem.  If we are swift we can forward her to court martial- in either case her career will be over."

[To be continued]