Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[USS Charon] SD 241101.26 | Personal/Backlog | Crewman Andrus Morganth, Yeoman

=/\= Brig, U.S.S. Charon 2411 =/\=
Andrus sat with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed.  His head propped in his hands.  Time had literally come to a standstill for him.  The flower Vae had given him was still safely secured in his pocket of his jacket.  He knew that the only way he was getting out of this brig was to put a mask over the mask he currently wore.  He had to figure out a way for people to believe that he had changed.  Yes, Savant had gotten under his skin.  He would never forgive that thing.  How could he?  That thing had no right doing what it did!  It was everywhere at once.  Absolutely no privacy for anyone.
Letting out a sigh, he laid back on the bed, his legs still hanging over the edge.  His hands remained over his face.  He hadn't touched a piece of food in who knows how long.  He kept himself on a water diet.  If they wouldn't let him out to do his job, then the other two options was to be put in sickbay or in a body bag.  He didn't like the sickbay idea, the body bag idea had crossed his minds several times but it only brought him to one question, 'Was it worth it?'.  A part of him thought it was, then he wouldn't be treated like dirt under their feet.  Yet this train of thought has happened before, and kept locked away.
Laying there he continued the memory from the first time he ran away...
=/\= Condar, Betazed 2407
"Why does it matter?" Andrus asked his face tear stained.
"Listen, I need to know if you are Andrus Morganth," the unfamiliar voice asked.
"Yes I am why?" Andrus asked, the bright light still shining in his face.
"You will come with me please."
"No, no I will not," he responded defiantly to the man quickly sliding the knife into his pocket.
"What did you just say to me?" the man asked.
"I told you, I will not come with you!"
"Look kid, we can do this the hard way or the easy way.  Which ever way you decide is on you."
"I am not coming with you!" Andrus responded, his voice raising an octave.  He heard another pair of feet approach where he was, as the other person came closer Andrus stood up and attempted to run but was detained by two sets of hands, "No! Let me go!" Andrus screamed again, his voice changing octaves.
They managed to get him on the ground face first, the knife dangerously close to stabbing his leg.  As they gripped one arm behind his back, they forcefully brought the other one back and noted the cuts.  Andrus was screaming at them to let him go, but it fell on deaf ears.  They used a restraining device on his wrists and brought up to a standing position.  Dirt, leaves, and other such decayed items adorned his frontside.
"You know boy, you could have made this easy.  Yet, you decided to make it hard.  So now look at you, dirty.  Hell might as well be the dirt that I walk on." The man teased Andrus before remembering the cuts, he leaned in closer to Andrus' ear and whispered, "Yes you will do the universe a favor.  Next time boy, cut deeper."
Andrus' body was shaking with fear, contempt, pain, and hurt as the two men escorted him back to his families house.   Once there they waited for Andrus' parents to answer the door.  Ironically neither of them looked like they had done much crying or worrying.
"Thank you Officer for bringing back my boy." Jemma said ignoring the fact her son was in restraints.
"Was my pleasure Miss Morganth, Mister Morganth." The officer said with a nod before removing the restraints he placed a hand on Andrus' shoulder and squeezed.  "Now, remember what I told you boy," he let go and released them.  Andrus shoved his hands into his pockets and ran into the house.
He knew what was coming and stood in foyer waiting on his parents to finish talking to the officer.  His wound had started to scab over.  Around ten minutes later both his parents came in, he didn't wait for them to talk.
"I heard what you said to Miss Hagen!" He yelled, and the next thing he felt was a powerful force connecting to his face before everything went dark.
=/\= Brig, U.S.S. Charon 2411 =/\=
Andrus woke with a start as he watched the guards leave and new ones come in.  He shook his head and tried to go back to sleep, turning to where his back was facing the guards, Andrus wept silently for the first time in years, since he was thirteen.  The scars on his wrist a constant and painful reminder.
Crewman Andrus Morganth
Captain's Yeoman
U.S.S. Charon