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[USS Charon] [Backlog] SD241101.27 | Joint Log | Crewman Morganth & Lhaetan tr'Valkar

=/\= Brig =/\=
Andrus moved around his cell in a circle, constantly walking.  His mind drifting in and out.  He had seen several guard rotations as it was, many of whom he had successfully agitated.
"What's wrong poppet, are you getting bored?" one of the guards asked him.  One that he had had the pleasantry of encountering already.
"Who me?  Never!"  He stated still pacing.  "Why would you ask such a foolish question?"
"You've been pacing in a circle now for an hour."
"Oh, I hadn't realized.  Exercise is good for the body, looks like you could use a bit yourself, starting to grow a bit round are we?" He heckled the guard.
"You little scum sucker!"  The guard responded phaser in hand.
The doors to the corridor beyond parted to admit a single figure, once again dressed in a standard Romulan duty uniform. Those who had managed to see him before his discussion with the vessel's commander would see a hint more self-pride in his stance; those who had not previously met him would most likely see it as arrogance.
Entering just in time to see the security officer draw his sidearm, Lhaetan tr'Valkar cleared his throat. Raising an eyebrow in a fashion not dissimilar from that of his Vulcan cousins, "Excuse me, but that might not be the wise course of action. I doubt highly that Starfleet would approve of such...aggressive actions taken against one of their prisoners."
Andrus laughed "Did da poor iddy biddy baby get caught again trying to kill me."  He glanced to see who the person was that was talking, "Oh that must hurt, being stopped by a Romulan none the less.  First a girl now a Romulan.  I keep telling you, I will win.  So give up."  Andrus antagonized the guard some more.
The guard turned to the Romulan, "What business is it of yours how I choose to deal with this child?" He quirked at the Romulan.
The Rihannsu took a calmed breath as he shook his head, his hands clasped at the small of his back, "The captain's business is my business, Ensign. Now you will leave us."
The guard looked at Lhaetan, "Fine.  You deal with him!  So far he's been an ass to everyone he meets.  You'll notice the wall with the blood and dents.  Thanks to that boy.  Enjoy him!"  The guard said setting his phaser on the desk, "Just in case you need it." The Guard winked and left the room.
"So, you come on behalf of the Queen of Hearts do you?"  Andrus asked having stopped walking in circles.
Lhaetan spared a glance at the phaser, his thoughts trailing momentarily to the nightmares visiting him regularly. Turning back towards the figure in the cell, the Rihannsu stepped just shy of the isolation field. "Where I come from, Crewman, an enlisted member of the crew with your 'rapier wit' could be killed for speaking like that to an officer."
"Well lucky I don't come from where you come from then aren't I?" He asked sarcastically. "My, how did you say it, oh yes that's right 'rapier wit' is what keeps me alive.  So again I asked a question, isn't it common practice to respond with said answer for the question hfai of the Captain."
tr'Valkar put effort into remaining a cool presence, something taught to him during his time on Coravus Prime. "I may be many things, and as indebted to your Captain I may be, I am no one's servant. I'm simply here to...return a favor."
"So you are a hfai, very well.  Then why are you here?" Andrus asked giving a half smile finding a weak point in the Romulans armor.
"I heard a little rumor," Lhaetan started, offering the slightest of shrugs as he turned away from the cell and stepped towards the brig's control console. "That the Riov wanted information about you. What better source than yourself?"
"Andrus shook his head, "You poor poor thing.  Why make things hard on yourself?  You realize that all the information you need is in my records.  Which if you are any type of hfai, you would have already done so.  So why are you really here?"  Andrus asked.
The Romulan kept himself from sighing. It would have been much easier if the mind reader had just answered the questions. Easier, perhaps, but not near as enjoyable. Should Morganth continue to be so combative and hostile, there were a number of other techniques Lhaetan could use, more courtesies of Coravus Prime. As for the computer records, as he thought about it he was not entirely certain how much access he would have, but knew that had he choosen that route it would not have been too difficult to find a way in.
His hand absently settled on the hilt of his dagger as he turned around, "Romulans repay their debts, something one of your kind might not understand."
"Hfai, do not threaten me with your dagger, a hegh'bat can be quite...stimulating!"  He laughed at the Romulan, "Oh my kind, as you put it you xenophobe, know all to well the stupidity of a Romulan's honor.  That is why most Romulan's are hfai.  Just like you!"
"And the humans have an excellent name for those like you," Lhaetan said, considering in silence for several seconds before his eyes widened. "A 'basket case' I believe they call you. A prime example of what will bring the Federation's downfall: they are forced to rely on simple-minded creatures such as yourself. The sort of people who bring no honor to their family, only shame."
The Romulans last comment stirred Andrus, he slammed his hands against the field, "I've no family you to'ba!" he screamed as he continued to push his hands against the field, "You have no idea what it is like!  Nor am I some simply minded creature.  Your weak pathetic mind is simple enough that a thirteen year old Betazoid could puncture it and bring all those nightmares to light.  So don't you talk about shame to me hfai!"  Andrus' body was pulsating with rage.
"At least my nightmares were well earned," Lhaetan spat back, now knowing just how much of him the Betazoid had been listening to. For the briefest of moments the Rihannsu officer could picture the smooth edge of his blade slicing across the man's throat. Lhaetan stepped up to the field again, just a breath of air separating his nose from its energy. "What I did I did for the lives of two innocent children, and while I may feel remorse for taking lives I may not have had to, I would do it again. What's your excuse, mind reader?"
Andrus looked at the Romulan, confused.  "Excuse of what hfai?  Excuse that I find your kind to be vile creatures, or at least the ones I have encountered.  Speak clearly hfai, I don't have time for your mind games.  Though you seem to have plenty of time for mine.  Perhaps I should brush your mind, just to see what other secrets lay in hiding.  Bring an end to your servitude to the veruul, what do you think of that hfai?"
 Lhaetan shook his head, "It would be most enjoyable to rend you from foot to crown, however I sense the Riov would be most displeased. Perhaps it would be best for her to send you away. Perhaps a nice, quiet cell on one of New Stellarton's facilities, a place where they keep the other...psychologically inept."
He had picked up on the Romulans desire to slit his throat he laughed, "Now my dear hfai, wouldn't cutting my throat be far more enjoyable than attempting to send me to some penal colony.  Oh how it must sting that a poor Romulan hfai has no sway in Starfleet," he smiled menacingly at the Romulan.  "You know all it takes is for you to lower this field, step in here and do it.  I will even help you out by removing my jacket as to give you more access." He teased.
The Rihannsu sneered through the energy barrier, "It has become quite obvious that you would not be worth my time."
"Well than hfai, you have failed your Riov.  How do you think that veruul will take that information?  Couldn't even get a Betazoid to answer your questions.  Oh wait, that's because you haven't asked any.  My how foolish you must feel hfai!"  Andrus retorted.
"All you seem capable of are shallow, sharp-tongued retorts," Lhaetan sighed and shook his head. "If only the Federation hadn't forbade the use of the Romulan mind probes; the chances of permanent damage are so very small. They would make this task so much simpler."
He smiled at the Romulan, "Poor hfai, get on with what you want to know.  You're wasting my time and yours hfai."  Andrus responded.
"What I want to know," the Rihannsu started, turning his back towards the cell once again. "Is why the Riov would deem it necessary to run a background check on you. What would make her suspicious enough not to trust one of her own in the service? What is it about you she loathes so much?"
"That is a good question hfai.  Perhaps it is because I stood up to that veruul and gave her a lecture in common courtesy, perhaps it is because I proved her wrong and dishonored her, oh wait from what I have heard she did that herself!  Maybe she loathes me because I am a mind reader.  A telepath.  An empath.  Maybe that's why."  He spat at the Romulan.
Without facing him Lhaetan shrugged thoughtfully, "Need she any other reason? Your kind are deceitful, treacherous kind."
"Perhaps you should refresh your memory on Betazoids, we've nothing to hide.  We don't lie.  I think you are confusing me for your kind hfai.  Your kind doesn't belong in Starfleet.  Never have, never will."  Andrus replied annoyed.
Lhaetan now turned back to the energy barrier, "You'll notice I do not wear your uniform, mind-reader. I am a loyal son of the Empire until death!" He stepped towards the cell again, "Why should you be allowed to remain on board this vessel? Why should you not be cast back into the filth? What have you done to deserve service under the Riov?"
Andrus sighed "Yet here you are, onboard a Federation Vessel.  Well for one hfai you don't hold that type of authority, and second if you want to know why I am on the Charon... you may want to get in contact with Starfleet.  I didn't request this assignment, I was assigned her.  And most importantly, 'your'" he emphasized the word, "Riov doesn't deserve the pips that adorn her neck.  They are after all Starfleet.  Which makes her a Captain not a Riov.  Riov is for your species hfai." 'Ignorant self center slave' he thought to himself.
"She may wear your uniform, Betazoid, but her heart beats like that of any other child of ch'Rihan." For reasons unknown even to him he felt a strong connection with t'Rehu. Perhaps it because of his newfound status within the Empire? "I am done with you, mind-reader. While I have not accomplished that which I had desired, regulations aboard this vessel prohibit me from taking the necessary action. Perhaps I can glean some manner of purpose from your words. Until then I hope you enjoy wilting away in this cell of yours."
"Enjoy being Captain veruuls hfai." He responded, as he returned to the bed.
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