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[USS Charon] SD241101.24 || Joint Log "New Beginnings" Part II || Capt Shiarrael t`Rehu, LtCmdr Sakarra Tyrax

[Family Estate, Kir province, Vulcan]

3rd Day in the month of D'Ruh, YS 9023


As if on cue, little Sevel walked up and canted his head inquisitively at the funny woman, subjecting her to a long stare out of deep grey eyes. "Hahsũ. Ahndarr èshy'el S`ak-hára, ha."

"Yes, sweetheart, she is. Now run along before Warya decides to eat her for looking at you in a funny way. You know how he gets around Romulans the poor dear."

"Nydarr mend-hahs k'nây-veh."

"That was not good piloting, my sweet. I don't care what uncle Silek says."

The boy seemed unconvinced and stole one last glance at the violet eyed woman before the scent of honeycakes seemed to become a much more interesting matter to entertain.


Shiarrael's eyes darted to the chrono nestled tightly around her wrist and then glanced at the betazoid woman.  She had said 'my little one' so this woman is her mother?  No, she is too old.  Grandmother?  Fvadt!  I don't have time for this.  "Forgive me, but I am in quite a hurry."  She walked past the woman hitting the bottom tip of the parasol as she went by causing it fall back and smack the Sehlat on the head.  She stopped momentarily to look back at the vexed animal and then quickly continued on towards the house.


Reaching the heavy of set wood-carved doors she paused and stole a glance over her shoulder to see if the damn animal had decide to try and eat her- such silly things these Sehlat were.  But the creature appeared to be pondering its next move diligently.  As well it should, she doubted the fat thing could scale the side of the estate- with much, if any ease.  She smiled, slightly more relaxed, and pressed her hands firmly against each door.  With a heave she split the double doors simultaneously causing a loud clap of thunder to echo through the great hall beyond as the doors hit the wall.  What had been a chorus of whispers and chatter ceased suddenly as every head in the large hallway twisted to look at this not-so-Vulcan intruder.  Shiarrael let out a breath of annoyance upon noticing the large crowd of Vulcans "where is Commander Tyrax" she demanded.


"Forgive you?" the Lady Lhorexa almost chuckled and patted the grumbling Warya on his massive head. "I'm not the one who'll … you know, actually … I never knew how you could make guts into garters. Would be kind of sticky, don't you think?"

What a funny and interesting little pointy ear. Exchanging glances with the Sehlat, the Betazoid winked and then strode leisurely after the storming Romulan, her lavish dress swishing softly over the immaculate gravel. Of course Captain Yoohoo had not bothered with the path. You didn't need a Betazoid to figure out that girl meant business. And the way she tackled those old heavy doors was impressive. Four Deities, if ever there had been Vulcans almost jumping, this was it. How utterly delightful.


"R'lha paresh"    (What is it?)

"Rihan'ha rral."   (a loud Romulan female)

"Kes'helk."         (Naturally.)

A tall, fair haired male in robes that for a Vulcan looked outright travel-worn and seemed to have been chosen for comfort rather than elegance, was the first to step forward. Then again, it might have been the ton of cheerful rock nudging his knees that had done it.


Where was a senior female when you needed her? The last time anyone had stormed this hall in such a manner it had been a guard Lieutenant roughly three thousand, four hundred and twenty seven point six years ago who had subsequently lost his head – roughly one point two seconds later. Though that had been a bit of an accident.

"May I ask what the emergency is?"


"Now don't be silly, Silek dear." Lady Lhorexa strode through the tall, arched doorway and smiled beatifically at the mostly male crowd. They were worse than Betazoids, really, what with all their paternal instincts and only kept at bay by the very real trepidation of being turned into Sehlat-food by a disgruntled female about to give birth. "This is Captain Tea Yoohoo. She's looking for my little one. No need to tear her limb from limb, I'm sure she's got a reason for being in such a Gods-awful hurry."

Tapping her elegant parasol at the Romulan woman's shoulder, Lhorexa pointed towards the staircase "Ready to face the dragon? If you can stare down a green armada I'm sure a Vulcan about to have a baby is only a little bit more scary."

Somewhere close to ground level, a voder sounded suspiciously like a Horta snickering.

"They won't stop you, you know? Give you dirty looks and all, disapprove in that 'The only reason you're still alive is that T'Leia would give me a Look for making a mess' sort of way. Protective of their little ones, they are. And excited as a flock of Theocondts when the salad bar opens. Though they'd be horribly embarrassed if you found out, the poor things."


Her eyes shifted towards the floor at the talking rock "my, my, avilh (element of earth) speaks!  If one of your kind had not served aboard my ship before I might have been startled."  She looked up at the crowd of Vulcan men "even you Vulcans seem to keep such strange company."  She smirked at the expressive non-expressions that were directed her way.  When the parasol hit her back Shiarrael flinched and then nodded at the Betazoid.  Without much fanfare she pushed forward and sifted her way through the crowd until she reached the large staircase.  Wait, did she say a baby?  Shiarrael placed one foot on the first step remembering her own fit of labor with those two rascals she plopped out.  "Hopefully not half as much as my own."  She grimaced at the thought and started up.


Her boot steps echoed furiously as she marched up the staircase followed closely behind by the Betazoid woman.  Shiarrael was beginning to get a funny feel that the woman was actually enjoying her presence- especially the miserable Vulcan perplexity she was leaving in her wake.  When she reached the top of the staircase she called out "Commander Tyrax" her tone sharp, like a mother calling her child to dinner.


"That way, Miss Sherry. She's a bit busy right now, what with the little one about to come out and T'Para trying to wrench her arm off because she won't let her kill her mate, the poor bastard. But she knows you're here. For that matter, so does T'Leia."

Lady Lhorexa pointed her parasol at a set of doors, guarded by two suddenly very nervous looking V'Ket in full regalia. Splendid as they were with the deadly swords slung across their backs, they also recognized a senior female intent on walking straight past them and the fact Lhorexa was grinning like a Wanoni Tracehound with a new squeaky toy did not aid them in their predicament.

"Now wait a second there, I think there was something you were supposed to say … some ancient gabble. Sort of like … ah, sorry dears. Just be sweethearts and knock, will you? Say it's great auntie Lhorexa and friend."


"Dey'ahvel handõrh."

"That was the one. Come on Miss Tea, wouldn't want to miss the ... ohh, my…"

The Betazoid Lady had pushed past the bewildered males with the utter certainty of the well-bred that they had a right to go wherever they damn well pleased, not to mention a soon-to-be great-grand auntie's cheerful assurance that it would all be just fine. That is, until a heavy copper bowl that had at some point contained water sailed straight for them and bounced off the doorframe with a resounding clang before one of the V'Ket picked it out of the air with the expression of a butler who has not just seen her Ladyship toss a snail at a guest.

"Sa'vashu'u! Threshandarr!"

"Now, there's no need to call the sweet man names like that… Rel, will you please stop trying to soothe the woman and catch the babe? Little one, your friend is here. Now get T'Para's hand off the poor man's throat and say hello."

"That may be easier said than done, grandmother."


It wasn't that the dry comment went unnoticed. Or that no one noticed the new arrivals. It was just that the Vulcan female with her inky black hair and massive belly was snarling like a Le-Matya before the kill and seemed quite determined to rip out the throat she was clinging to. Seated in a massive chair like an ancient queen, T'Para was a splendid apparition, even while her cousin was carefully but insistently prying a poor male away from her vice-like grip and a steel-haired Betazoid knelt before her to make sure the little one would land even softer than on the heap of pillows.

"Ėshy'el Lhorexa! Get this imbecile out of my sight!"

"Now, dear, he is a doctor. And it would be a little mean to not let him be here when his daughter … oh, well aimed, my sweet." An unidentifiable object bounced off the stunned man's head but the smiling Betazoid seemed to calm the enraged woman just enough.

"Here she comes. Breathe, T'Para."

The curses following in ancient Vulcan were so colorful and heartfelt, Lhorexa almost applauded.


Shiarrael regarded the V'Ket wearily as she passed by.  Though she had to respect them- they certainly had killed quite a few of her people.  She wondered if these two were as skilled as the ones on the Temep-Shar. 


Ah, why is this familiar?  Shiarrael recalled almost killing Aiden also.  "Calm yourself Vulcan- this is a rather unsightly" her neck craned as she stole a glance between the woman's legs "elements" is this how I looked also?  She was nearly aghast "it appears she is, what is the term?  Ah, crowning... well push harder, and breath- at least I believe that is what they said?"  It was then, that the Vulcan's infant entered into the world with a literal splash. 


The Rihanha was rather fortunate that T'Para was too busy trying to give birth and baring her teeth at her mate to visit any harm upon her. Calm yourself indeed. Breathe. People would have trouble talking stupid to her again with a crushed throat. Or a broken neck. Perhaps a shattered spine would do?

"There you go, my sweet. Listen to the funny woman. Push. Ahhhh look, she is … oh, she is gorgeous, T'Para. She …" This time it was a parasol that went flying as the Lady Lhorexa discarded the pointless thing and Sutek managed to dodge the new missile just in time to get hit by his wife. The Betazoid for her part was a cooing whirlwind of blue brocade, nudging her son to steal a glance at the little one while Rel carefully wrapped the newborn in a warming Sha'amii blanket.



[To be continued...]


Captain Shiarrael t`Rehu

Commanding Officer


Commander Sakarra Tyrax

Executive Officer


USS Charon


Also starring:


Lady Lhorexa Tyrax

Rel Tyrax

T'Para & Sutek

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