Thursday, January 6, 2011

[USS Charon] [Lakat, Cardassia] SD241101.06 | Red Dawn | Datapa Council Chambers

/||\ Datapa Council Chambers, Lakat, Cardassia /||\


"Good morning, councilors. I trust the morning has been kind to you?"


There was a mumbling of responses as Legate Talleni Galmar took his place at the head of the vast, rounded obsidian table. As he lowered his rotund body down into the thick stone chair the rest of the council follow suit with their attentions turned to their chairman.


Pouring himself a measure of rokassa juice from a pitcher on the table, Galmar continued with his normal morning announcements, "There is much we have to discuss today before we break for midday. Ambassador Kaylat has prepared a report on our current foreign relations, namely with the Federation and Klingon Empire, and Councilor Zathal has excellent news from the Gorra region regarding this year's crop yield of rulot seed."


As usual there was a brief round of applause at the news.


"And, after we return from midday we will hear from Vi-ria Gul Durel, whom I hear has even better news for the Union."


"Actually, Chairman," a voice spoke up from the far end of the table where the military leader and his contingent of assistants and advisors sat. "I believe I would like to share the news we have now, if I may."


Galmar was obviously ruffled by such nonstandard action, with their daily routine being so casually disrupted. He could not, however, ignore the request coming from someone with as much backing as Durel. He nodded, "Please, by all means."


A wide, toothy grin spread across the Vi-ria Gul's face as he bowed lowly from his seat, "Thank you, Chairman."


As he stood up and stepped out from behind his seat, the Overseer looked across the council members, "Today is a great day for Cardassia! For forty years we have had to bow to the wishes of every political body within two galactic quadrants, after being led into the duplicitous machinations of the Dominion by Gul Dukat. The war with the Federation and its allies broke our government, left out military defenseless, and our people without hope! For the last four decade the Cardassian people have seen the 'kindness' of the Federation's ways, casting doubt on our own customs and traditions!"


Durel was about halfway up the long table between his seat and the Chairman's own position.


"But that time has ended, my friends. You see, three days ago I ordered the construction of a vessel, a mighty warship as such has been unseen by our people! This new vessel will be the new standard for the Cardassian military, not only offering full service to our fleets, but capable of independently completing assignments as any other unit." Durel stopped to take a breath, and turned to look directly at Legate Galmar, "This vessel, which our engineers have classified as the Hutet after the ancient beast of legend, will be the instrument of our salvation, the key to our return of power! From this day forth, our might and glory shall return to that of elder days, before the Federation. Before the Dominion!"


Silence rang clear through the vaulted hall.


"Excuse me, Vi-ria Gul," spoke one of the junior councilors. "But I thought the Council had vetoed your efforts to divert funding to reconstructing the military beyond its current measures at this time."


"Indeed, Durel. In fact, I believe that we told you, in no unclear terms, that such funding would have to be postponed indefinitely, until the agricultural reconstitution of Cardassia was completed," said the Chairman, his smile having transformed into an agitated scowl.


The Overseer shrugged in his stiff uniform as he turned away from the head of the table, "There was definitely some…resistance to my proposals, yes. But, as the great philosopher Gardok always said, 'Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.'" His pleasant smile, which had remained unchanged during their criticisms, quickly molded itself into something garish and predatory, "And I assure you, Chairman, I have been dreaming big for the people of Cardassia, and I'm prepared to pay the price. Are you?"


Before any response could be made, the Vi-ria Gul's hand flashed to the grip of the disruptor pistol on his hip. In the span of a breath he had it pulled and aimed at the Legate, who was too old and too overweight to make any action quick enough to matter. The energy blast hit him square in the chest, draining the life from his body.


At the far end of the table, the assistants and advisors had all brandished their weapons as well, and within moments the entire Detapa Council sat slumped lifeless in their seats, their faces contorted in surprise and pain.


Heaving a heavy sigh, Durel turned to his fellows, "Well done. I know this task was not easy for you; it was difficult for me as well. But what we do, we do for the progression of the Cardassian people. In time you will all be heroes."


Holstering his weapon, the Vi-ria Gul shook his head at the corpse of the Union's former leader. "It's a shame. His body may have been feeble, but his mind was sharp. We could have used him…"


/||\ To Be Continued /||\
Vi-ria Gul Vinet Durel
Cardassian High Command