Monday, January 3, 2011

[USS Charon] SD241101.02 - "The Desolate Queen" Part II - Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu

[USS Charon, Sickbay]

Shiarrael stared at the metallic canisters that sat on the biobed.  She let out a casual breath to prepare herself and then dipped her head in a half nod at the security officer standing next to them  "open them".  He acknowledged her request by nodding in return before reaching out and activating the unlocking mechanisms on both stasis canisters.  The outer frame slid upward releasing a thin stream of mist- her heart fluttered as the faces slowly became visible.  Those eyes...those faces...she knew them, ever since the first day she was born and opened her eyes, she knew them.  Shiarrael took a step back bracing herself against the biobed behind her as the wind escaped her lungs.

"Captain."  The security office looked at her with a curious expression "do you know them?"

"They are..."  Shiarrael's lips quivered as she stared at the cold lifeless eyes staring back at her- the horrifically contorted expressions frozen on their faces.  Her nails dug into the biobed's fabric "they are my... my... parents..." her voice trailed off as she took in a deep breath.  Anger began to ferment as she stared at the severed heads.  "Who did this?"  

"My apologies sir.  We don't quite know.  We are working with Vulcan security to locate the Ferengi who delivered the canisters and should get word soon."  All the security officers fidgeted nervously at her revelation.  "Maybe you should retire to your quarters sir...I can call the counselor for you..."

She turned her head and glared at the security officer- "I don't need the counselor Lieutenant.  What I need is to find the ones who did this!"  Shiarrael slammed her fist into a nearby medical tray knocking the contents all over the floor.  

The security officer's commbadge chirped suddenly "Lieutenant- Vulcan security has located the Ferengi.  They are currently in Docking Ring C.  Vulcan Security has informed us they will apprehend them and begin interrogating immediately.  They have informed me that we will be allowed one observer."

"Okay..."  The Security officer's reply trailed off as Shiarrael shoved him out of the way and stormed past.  He looked after her "Captain!  Wait- don't do anything rash!  Captain!  Captain!"  He hissed "damn-it, follow her!"

Shiarrael felt the world around her slow to a crawl as she sprinted down the corridor.  Behind her security personnel tried to keep pace.  Her fingers danced on the hilt of her honor blade as she ran- murder flickered in her eyes.  Her heart throbbed- revenge, retribution- she wanted it all.


The commotion was loud enough that Khiy broke his attention away from the PADD in his hands to glance up.  What his saw piqued his curiosity.  Captain Rehu was running down the concourse followed by a crowd of yellow shirted security officers.  He cocked his head and then slipped his PADD into his pocket and stood up...

Meanwhile on the other side of the Vulcan station the two Ferengi were slowly making their way towards the airlock to their ship.  Their casual strides betraying the urgency they felt.  They needed to get off the station.  Seeg was quietly fermenting inside- he should have known better then to trust a Romulan!  A quick slap to his skull betrayed the feeling.  A commotion behind them caused the pair to stop- Seeg turned around to find  a Starfleet Captain running towards him.  He gasped but his legs froze and remained still in shock as her pace slowed.  He looked into her eyes and nearly fainted- her frightening glare burrowed into his chest.

"Are these the Ferengi?"  Shiarrael asked?  Behind her the security officers were slowing.  The Lieutenant step forward still panting from trying to keep pace.  It took him a few seconds to catch his breath and examine the pair of Ferengi.  

"Yes...yes sir.  They are."

"What is the meaning of this!"  Seeg found courage and hissed at the woman.  "How dare you...ah" he stared at her for a moment and then swallowed "run up to me so presumptuously!  I don't know who you are woman but this is an outrage!"  Indignation saturated his tone and expression.

Shiarrael reached out and wrapped her fingers around his collar lifting the vile creature off the deck and slamming him into an adjacent wall.  He squealed and the security personnel around her tried to calm their Captain- but their effort was to no avail as her grip tightened around the Ferengi's collar "who do you work for?  You see that bunch of fools behind me?  Do you think they will be able to stop me from popping your head off?"

"He was a Romulan!  That is all I know!"  Seeg felt the pressure around his neck tighten as the fabric dug into his flesh "he was Romulan..."  He struggled but she suddenly released her grip allowing him to fall to the floor.  He massaged his collar bone and neck "I will report you!"  He hissed but then fell back as her hand went to her belt and pulled out a long thin sword.  The sharp metal glinted in the corridor's lighting as she lifted it up.  "Wha..wha...what are you doing?!"  

"Captain!  Stop!"  One of the security officers shouted in vain.

"It would be inappropriate not to reciprocate such generosity.  In return I shall send them your head."  Shiarrael's eye's flared as she swung towards the Ferengi's neck.  

Seeg squinted and screamed but the sound of clashing metal echoed through the corridor.  When he opened his eyes he found the sharp edge of dagger nestled against his flesh.  He looked through the corner of his eyes to find a young man holding that dagger barely keeping the sharp end of the crazy woman's sword from lopping off his head.  "Who...who are you?"  

Khiy jerked his Kalen and pushed Shiarrael's blade away as he stood up.  He eyed the Romulan woman and sighed motioning to the security officer's flanking her "how can you let your Captain be so reckless?  Apprehend her and take her to your brig.  I will deal with the mess here."  He frowned at the shivering Ferengi hugging the deck.

"I am not finished here!"  Shiarrael lifted her blade again but several hands gripped her arm and ripped the sword from her grasp causing the blade to slam into the deck.  It loudly bounced a few feet before coming to a rest at Khiy's feet.  She bit her lip and closed her eyes as tears tried to escape.  

"Sorry Captain...come...let's go back to the ship"  The security officers slowly were able to pull her away and down the corridor.  

Kniy knelt down and leaned towards the Ferengi  whispering "nothing happened here.  Do you understand?  If anything happened here- your life may end up shorter then you would like."

Seeg nodded his head as several Vulcan security personnel filtered in.  The leader of the group studied the scene and then looked at Khiy "who will take responsibility for this commander?"

"I will."  Khiy responded standing up.

[To be continued]